For the past week my goal has been to make it to the gym every. single. day. I have managed it.

My second goal was 100 sit-ups each day. Done. I tend to do them in sets of 10 with a rest until I get to 50.

I also had a mini goal in the back of my head – that if I ever found myself alone at the gym, I would do 3x 1 minute sprints on the treadmill in a 10 minute walk/run.

I am not a treadmill fan – I find it difficult and it usually hurts my shins way more than it should. But I still wanted to have a crack at it, though not with anyone else around in case things go horribly wrong. Like I fall off the treadmill, or something.

And yet every time I would go there – later and later each time as my shifts at work ended later – I would find more and more people! This was quite surprising to me – there is a large group of late night gym attendees.

But tonight – Friday at just after 10pm – I arrived to find the carpark completely empty. YAY! At last, I had the place to myself.

And I did it. I managed the sprints.. MORE YAY!

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