Ground Control To….

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Diamond Head at Sunset.

Since February I have been using a service called Quickflix. And no, they’re not paying me to say this. I’m saying this because I like it.

You can hire DVDs over the internet and they post them to you. My DVD purchasing was getting a bit on the high side and there was a two month free trial for $1 voucher on one of those group buying websites so I decided to give it a try.

Just quietly, I enjoy it enormously. There are so many good parts to it I needed to make a list for you..

– Making your personal queue of movies that you want to see. You can choose regular movies or box sets of TV shows. I have a good mix of both on my list.

– The email from Quickflix saying we have sent you XX.

– The anticipation of waiting for XX to arrive in your mailbox.

– XX actually arriving in your letterbox.

– Watching XX at your leisure.

– Putting XX back in the envelope & returning it.

– Marking that DVD as returned on the website.

– Getting an email from Quickflix that same day saying we have sent you XX.

– Repeating the above, over and over!

Another good thing about it is because you are not buying the DVDs you can put titles on your list that you would never pick up in a DVD store. I found a great little fun show called Drop Dead Diva which I never would have bought but it turned out to be a blast, it reminds me a bit of Ally Mcbeal only the main star is not a stick thin plank.

Currently I am in the midst of The House Of Elliott Season one & In Treatment Season two. Loving both of them. The House Of Elliott is one I always wanted to see but over here it is on the Ovation channel and it costs extra money on the Austar, and to buy the DVD set was hugely expensive!

I put a few titles on my list for the other half and I loved both of them. How to train your dragon.. wow was that dragon cute. Brilliant movie.

The second choice forced me to sit through one of the most dodgy movies of all time in order to be able to watch it – the original Tron movie. That explains a lot about my other half and his brain stem. That movie I pretty much hated, but the Tron Legacy movie was a different story. I was surprised to find I loved it.

On the non-rental movie front, I went to see Water for Elephants recently. I’d read the book and the movie did an excellent job of bringing the book to life. However bookending it with the old guy made it mildly depressing – I kind of wish they hadn’t done that. I loved the rest of the movie and the circus was especially great but the real star was 100% the elephant. And RPattz was excellent too. :)

So what have you been watching?

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2 thoughts on “Ground Control To….

  1. Hey Frogdancer,

    Big Love is in my queue – it is also on Showcase but I haven’t got my act together to watch it in order so I thought I’d get the dvds.

    I love your blog, it is one of my favourite reads. The chickens are so beautiful and the awesome! ;)

    We’re planning our chicken coop right now, and I am going to go to a chicken auction and pick up some chickens once it is built, and then for sure I’ll be blogging about them also too.

    In the meantime I am researching chickens like crazy because I want to make sure they survive life with me.

    Thanks for posting a comment! :)

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