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So. I liked the movie. I saw New Moon, and I liked that too.

The first time I read the books, I skim-read them – as in I did not spend a lot of time absorbing the deeper meanings of what I was reading. I just wanted to know what happened and how it happened. Reading them that way, I thought that I liked the books.

On second read.. turns out I actually don’t like them so much. In the books, I am not a fan of Jacob at all. Actually all the characters as written in the books are pretty sucky. Bella is whiny and needy, Edward is stalkerish and overprotective, even the high school friends become awful – other than Angela, who just may be the sanest person in the books other than Charlie, and he even lost his mind in the last book – as if he’s just gonna pretend like there are things he shouldn’t know! He is a police officer, fer chrissake! The only characters in the books who are not sucky are the Cullens – other than Edward.

I know that by typing this out loud I run the risk of many screaming twi-hards arriving here and commenting nastily. So be it.

Twilight is not really about vampires or werewolves. At the heart of the story is a love story and as far as love stories go, it is an ok one. But the vampires and werewolves get in the way of the love story in the books in a way they do not get in the way in the movies – at least in the two I have seen so far.

So, that is my overall thoughts on the books. Does anyone else have any thoughts? ;)

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