Give A Cat A Box..

And chances are, they will decide to sleep in it.

Kitty in a box

It has been a long day here, with a quick trip to Wollongong. If you can call 5 hours to do a two hour drive (there and back) quick! The annual migration south for Christmas has begun and traffic is terrible. It is time to burrow at home and keep off the roads. Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to write more in the WordPress Training Wheels series.

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4 thoughts on “Give A Cat A Box..

  1. My cats do this quite a bit. They even love it when I come home for grocery shopping because they love the paper bags. Now I mostly use reusable fabric bags but every so often will get paper ones because I like to recycle them by lining my trash bags or litter boxes with them. The cats love jumping in and out of paper bags as soon as they are emptied of the food items (and sometimes before they are emptied). Curious little critters! They are fun to watch though. ;)

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