A Quick WordPress Note

To those of you moving over to WordPress, you’ll often get an email from me describing how to do something. I prefer to give instructions on how to do it instead of just doing it for you, so you can learn. ;) An email might contain instructions like this –

Go to –
options (light blue)
permalinks (dark blue)

What is the light blue and dark blue all about? It’s about the menu at the top of the screen – it looks like this, click for a larger image.

Wordpress Menu

So you see there are three colors I might refer to – Medium Blue which is at the top, Light Blue which is in the middle, and Dark Blue which is at the bottom. When you move to different places in the light blue menu, you see different things appear in the dark blue menu. For example – the options menu, which you will see me refer to often as it is where the majority of the plugins live. See how there’s a lot more things in the dark blue bar in this image? Click for a bigger view.

The WordPress Options Menu

Coming up soon – comments, spam and moderation.

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