Painting day


So this one I started about 2am this morning, painting the base canvas all the same shade of green. Green seems to keep coming back to me as a surprise. The reason I painted this is actually for Mother’s Day, I did another painting which Mum liked a similar color, and this really is her favourite color.

But what happened after that pretty much came as a surprise. I knew I wanted to try painting by cardboard dragging – you basically use cardboard as the brush. Two episodes of the West Wing played in the background from about 4pm-5:30pm, while this painting magically happened.

The yellow, orange and red, which I just can’t stop looking at, was a last minute decision. I was going to stick to all greens, blues and grays (which was silver mixed with white, I was hoping it would be more silver than it turned out) but I’d done some sponge painting with the orange and decided to try a little bit of it, then the lighter orange and yellow happened, and I love it. For now.

I may not love it once it’s dry, but I think Mum will like it.

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