Shopping in the country.

The other half and I are now spoilt as far as shopping is concerned. But not in the way you might think.

During the day here, it is virtually impossible to go shopping. Cars arrive from all the outlying towns which are say 15km-30kms away in order to shop here, and there simply isn’t enough car parking. Plus, who wants to go in there when there is 50 zillion people all trying to get their groceries? There are long queues for checkouts. It’s pretty much a nightmare.

On Thursday we had to go shopping. We drove to the supermarket, took one look at the carpark and said no way. We’ll make do with what we have, thanks. Unfortunately what we were about to run out of was toilet paper, and that’s kind of a deal breaker. We had enough to survive until the crowds went home, and if we’d been really desperate we probably could have borrowed some from my parents up the street. The Other Half waited until about 8:30 and then he ran to the shops.

See, we have a Coles and a Woolworths. Woolworths is open till 9pm. Coles is open till midnight, and somehow we’d ended up going shopping about 10pm one night. Absolute bliss. Almost no people around, the shelves are being re-stocked so there’s staff in the way a bit but who cares, the place is virtually empty otherwise. So we were shopping at Coles once a week, always after 10pm. Then one night we went to Woolworths at 8:30pm and found they had roast chickens on extreme special. $3 when they are normally over $10. We bought one and I made the other half chicken sammiches. He was thrilled. I was happy because there were nice chicken bits in the fridge to eat. We were both happy because woolworths shopping was a lot cheaper.

But like anything, there is no perfection in this world. Woolworths do not stock some of my favourite items. Coles do not stock some things that Woolworths stock. So we generally have to go to both to get what we really want.

So the truth is, we’re spoilt for daytime shopping. I’d rather eat tinned food out of the cupboard than be forced to go when every man and his dog is there.

Last night I got a sorbet of magnificence. It is stunning. :)

There may be an art post coming up. Maybe.

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