An art moment.

We interrupt this internet security series to bring you this art moment.

Recently at art class, we had a life model come in to pose. Yes, naked. I spent two hours looking at a naked woman. But she wasn’t a woman, she was a confusing mess of shapes and lines which somehow would not translate to my page very well.

I found it extremely frustrating actually. I ended up throwing out *all* of my sketches, I didn’t like any of them. In fact I only kept one thing from the session which was an experimental paint thing we did. I like it so much I am going to frame it, but it made her look like just a blob. That’s because it was the best way I found to actually get across what I was seeing in the short space of time we had for each pose. It was even worse because I am actually in the middle of a canvas painting at art class right now, and that is what was in my head, that is what I wanted to be working on, but I had to put it aside for this life model instead.

It was a very odd experience. I’d like to try it again when I’m not in the middle of a painting, but I really didn’t enjoy this session, I just felt limited by my lack of talent. Most of the others in the class have had a full year of art class and I have only had one term.

So, as long as you promise not to mock, here is my painting.. and remember it was done in less than 20 minutes. Yes, she has no face, no hands, no feet, but those things are extremely difficult to capture in a short time, and now that it is the way it is I’m not inclined to add them, I just like it as it is.


Of course when I look at this, I see the model and where the details *should* go.

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