should have remembered to open window before sealing painting.. now I know why teenage boys sniff glue.. wooooooooooooo I’s high.. yet on the bottle it says this stuff is non-toxic? Maybe if you’re eating it, but if you’re smelling it I think it might be a different matter.. I painted four different highlighting stripes – gold, antique copper, the two mixed together, and bronze. If you click on the picture you’ll see a bigger version, and also one of my cats sneaking into the pic.. she’s acting odd today, all sooky.

Went down the main street earlier with the parents to collect the lobster and prawns for lunch/dinner tomorrow. Also we are going to have roast pork which we won in a meat raffle and froze some weeks ago now. Saw many interstate numberplates which was scary. Considering locking doors and staying inside for at least the next month given they will all be holidaying around here.

I hope kitties are not getting high. They are sitting on the sill of the open window and the smell is somewhat strong there.

Next paintings are going to be more not straight lines, like just stripes that don’t really care where their edges are. I want to do a black background and flower painting too. I found a red cow painting in a magazine, which I liked but do not think I have the talent to recreate. :(

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