A pitiful excuse for a movie

I just flicked past the new version of Pride and Prejudice, and I thought I would watch it, to see if it was as bad as I thought it was. What a true horror it turned out to be. Terrible! I don’t like to be nasty but I have to be honest, what the heck were these people thinking, trying to remake something that was already done perfectly! And who would have chosen these idiotic actors to be in the main roles? Keira Knightley, the apparent darling saviour of British acting who has far too many teeth and there’s something just wrong about her! I cannot express how much I dislike her and the truth of it is, the real reason I cannot stand her is that she had the hide to take this role in the first place and ever since I knew she was playing Elizabeth Bennet I have been disliking her just on principle. There’s only one Elizabeth Bennet! And there’s only one version of it worth watching.

And the rest of the cast were equally silly to think they could pretend to be any of these characters at all. The whole production was a terrible idea. And there’s nobody who can play Mr Darcy as well as Colin Firth did. Even Dame Judi Dench was a disappointment and proof that nobody could play these characters as well as the actors in the mini-series, because her performance was a carbon copy of the original Lady Catherine. And between Lizzy and Mr Darcy there existed not a single spark of chemistry at all.

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