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You probably all know about NaBloPoMo – I got in too late and by the time I found out about it I’d already missed a day. However, I’ve decided to set myself a personal challenge of visiting every blog on the NaBloPoMo list, and leaving a comment, if I can. Want to join in the challenge? Say AYE in the comments.. I’ve already found a few great new blogs to read.

I’ve done a bit of moving stuff around on the sidebar today – the about me stuff has been moved to the top for a little while so you can read all about me if you like. Or ignore it, if not. ;) I’ve also added a bunch of new blogs I am reading. I don’t know if anyone uses the sidebar or finds it useful or looks at it, let me know if you think there’s too much there.

In other news

– A man in Adelaide said to his relatives that he thought he may have been bitten by a snake while gardening, and that he would go to the doctor “tomorrow” – he did not live to see tomorrow. Yet more evidence that some men would rather die than see a doctor.

– Britney Spears has dumped Kevin Federline. YAY! Good on you Brit. And ladies, let us not judge too harshly, we all have at least one K-fed in our past – as in a man who used you for money but you put up with it as long as he satisfied your needs.

– A young driver who was the only survivor in a nasty car crash has now been charged. Nothing the police can do to him will stop him from blaming himself for the rest of his life. Kids should not be allowed to load up a car with their mates and go driving. They need to focus on what they are doing. I feel sorry for this kid, his family and the families of the kids who were killed.

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