Scam Jobs Update Cekicy Pty Ltd


There was another scam job posting today for Cekicy Group Pty Ltd and thus many people have arrived here searching for that company name.

This job is a work from home scam. You can read more about this kind of scam via SCAMwatch and more specifically fake cheque – check or bank draft – scams via my own post – Snoskred made 5 million dollars online this year!.

I listed some of the reasons why this job is a scam on yesterdays post which you can read here – Three more job scams – Cekicy Group PTY LTD, Healthfirst, Real Online Jobs. Also I have these posts re Manheimy PTY LTD and More About Manheimy Pty LTD..

I also have postings regarding the Car Wrap Scam which is very popular at the moment. Companies names like Rockstar and Pepsico are being used in an effort to legitimize these scams.

There was also this connectedsky scam. I did a more thorough breakdown of the connectedsky scam here.

Jobseeker Update

The team at Jobseeker have been in contact re yesterdays post and have advised they will be making this issue a high priority. For anyone at other websites who might be reading this, it is important to know the following fact –

Once you put some hurdles in their way, scammers will stop using your site as a place to advertise their scams. Other sites have been there and done this. However if you do not act quickly and decisively, these scammers will spread the word to their scammer friends and you will be inundated with scammer postings.

Reach Out –

You can contact me via email – or comment on this post. I strongly suggest you to do this if you have any questions. You do not have to use your real name but I do ask that you use a real email address so that I can reply to your question personally via email.

If you arrived here searching for companies or text in these scam job postings, it is important to know – you are not the only one who arrived here this way and you are not alone.

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