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Do you really want to vacuum?

Would it surprise you to know that for the last hour and a half, I have been sitting here, reading blogs, but at the same time vacuuming my bathroom and bedroom? How is this possible? Am I a witch? Is it a kind of magic? Oh yes. Roomba magic. Click on any of these images for a larger view. To some this might seem like the ultimate in laziness, but if you stop and think for a minute nobody likes to vacuum and there are those among us who are physically not able. When I used to work in retail I sold a lot of these to people with arthritis, people in wheelchairs and elderly people. I also sold several to local businesses who wanted to be able to keep on top of their vacuuming without having to be a slave to the vacuum.
Me, I have two cats. Until you have lived in a house with two cats you really have no idea just how much hair they leave around. Roomba is my salvation, especially at moulting time. Many people with pets bought these and came back to let me know how much they love their Roomba. You can work it however you want. How it works here is every morning I put Roomba in a room, hit the “max” button and shut the door. Max means, he cleans until he runs out of power. When he’s done, he makes this sad little beep, it sounds sort of like an electronic “uh oh”. When I hear it I go clean him and put him back on the base station so he can get recharged. He leaves little trails so you can see where he has been. Over the course of an hour in a room, he generally hits every spot on the floor and cleans it. These pics are from a room he was in for about half that time, he’s not done there yet, but I wanted you to be able to see the trails. When he’s done, I usually take him to where the large vacuum cleaner is sitting (always plugged into the wall) and give him a quick clean out. You only need to clean two spots – the little dust chamber, and the pull out filter. It’s easy and painless. This is what he picked up this morning. He generally picks up this much each day from whatever room I put him into. So you can imagine how much dirtier the house would be without him. I refer to Roomba as a he, The Other Half calls him a She. How interesting! ;) If you don’t have doors, Roomba comes with two “virtual walls” where a signal is transmitted to him and he thinks there’s a wall there, so he won’t go past the doorway. He works on tiled floors and carpets as well as lino/vinyl and wood floors – without scratching. He does carpets especially well because he has the little carpet brush on the bottom. I adore him. The kitties are not so sure, after an unfortunate incident where he stole their tuna. And put it all over the kitchen floor. Note to all – make sure any cat or dog or other animal food is NOT left on the floor while Roomba-ing. Just a handy tip to prevent you having tuna all over the place. As apparent by the tuna incident, Roomba is not perfect. You will still need a normal vacuum to make it easier to clean Roomba when he comes back to base. Once every 4 weeks or so you’ll have to drag the unwieldy big vacuum out to do the corners and skirting boards. You need to roomba-proof your rooms, make sure he can’t suck up any cords.

On the other hand there are so many good things about Roomba that outweigh the not good. He is also quite short so he can clean under things you wouldn’t normally get to with your vacuum. Roomba is not cheap – in Australia you can generally pick one up for between $350-400. You can pick one up in the US from Best Buy for just under $190. Do you need one? That depends. How much is your time worth? Would your house be cleaner if you vacuumed it for an hour a day? Do you want to spend that kind of time vacuuming or would you like a robot to do it for you? Do you ever wish for a genie to do your housework for you? ;)

I should mention, this is NOT a sponsored post, this is just me telling you about something I love. If and when I ever do write a sponsored post, I will make that VERY clear to ya’all. ;)

I leave you with a lovely piece of music which was often played on Saturday housework mornings in the house I grew up in.

The spiderman is always hungry..

The kitties have killed a few spiders over the last couple of days. It’s been raining a lot and these spiders, which I call lawn spiders because they live in the lawn currently can’t live in the lawn due to its being flooded. It’s a bit like a swimming pool in our backyard. The spiders aren’t poisonous but they are freaky and they jump around a lot. The little kitty likes to trap them under her paw.

Yesterday morning we got up early and went to get the kitty kibble. It’s the older cat who I’m not about to deny food to because she was a bit stick thin back in summer and ever since then I have been tempting her with bacon and various other treats. Her favorite is roast chicken skin. If we go shopping on a Wednesday night we usually bring home a hot roast chicken because the supermarket sells them cheap. Now, if the big kitty sees shopping bags she assumes there’s going to be a chicken and she gets all excited. You can’t just take the skin off the chicken and put it in a bowl, she wants to be hand fed a little piece at a time. Yep, she has us trained.

Over the past week or so I’ve watched all of season 5 of the West Wing in preparation for season 6. Sephy is also up to season 6 now and we’re going to watch it together and blog about it on a testing blog we made a while back. It’ll be cool to be able to discuss the episodes having both seen them fresh, for the first time. ;)

Today we did a bit of cooking and reorganized the kitchen, all to the sounds of The Cure, who are touring Australia soon. I’m tempted to go see them. But for now I leave you with one of my favorite Cure songs..

The road not taken

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

I often wonder about the choices I have made during my lifetime. I am pondering on a few different topics at the moment, but I have a cat here who thinks someone has cut her throat because there’s none of her favorite kibble in the house. She’s going around giving me the evil eye. The Other Half has two days off and is fast asleep in bed. I wanted to get up and going early today – to get the kibble which is apparently desperately needed! before the shops get over-run with zillions of people looking to get out of the rain by going shopping – but he had a long day at work yesterday. So today I leave you with a couple of kitty photos from The Other Half’s phone – I like to take pictures of the kitties with it when he’s not looking – while I try to get The Other Half out of bed and to the shops to satisfy a very upset kitty. I may be back later today with something I’ve been writing, if it comes to me as a surprise. In the meantime, after our discussion the other day re swearing, I have a little video by the Doug Anthony AllStars, a very offensive Australian comedy group from years ago. Don’t watch it if you can’t handle the F word – but the question is, which F word? What are they really singing? ;)

Note, the song is very catchy.. you have been warned.. :)

Housekeeping for today 23 June

I’m about to go on a cleaning spree here in the home office, as well as on the blog. One thing I am wanting to do this weekend is go back and label old posts. Sometimes when I have done that in the past they have turned up on the RSS feed as a new post. I’m hoping they won’t but if they do, I’m sorry. It shouldn’t last too long.

Those of you who know me well know that I am one of the world’s most disorganized people. Even my computer desktop ends up with a zillion files on it that I have to go through and sort out every so often. But I think I’ve finally cracked the blogging organization jackpot.

When I add a blog to my google reader now, it sets off a chain of events that include – adding that blog to the sidebar, pasting the URL into the blogs I added to the sidebar this week text file and adding that blog to my Technorati favourites. I do this all at once and all on the spot, or else I might forget.

I have a massive weekly wrap up coming to you as a surprise this Sunday so look out for that.

For those who are fans of Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones, filming has started on part 4 at long last. It is still a long wait before the movie arrives on screens but check out The Man With The Hat Is Back over at for a pic of Indy today.

Also, what does a cat really do when let loose all on their own? Mr Lee’s CatCam delves into the world of cats through technology.. ;) I loved it!

It’s not cold..

or is it.. ;)

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