And so it rained.

And the chickens said, bloody good thing this rain, because the ground in here was getting so hard to scratch lately. See all those marks in the ground?


Those are chicken scratch marks! Bugs live under things on the ground and the girls know they can sometimes dig them out – when I tipped out the water and flipped over this container the chickens went WILD. And there was a lovely colony of slugs on the bottom of the container which was cause for much trumpeting and bagerking!


The kitties were unwilling to leave the dry ground to gain wet paws. Sorry for the blurry pic!

This was the second ever time Happy has experienced rain. She does not understand the concept of it. The first time was so hilarious, I wish I had filmed it so I could share it with you.


The girls got busy laying up a storm.


When actually raining the girls will either be inside the coop and run, or directly underneath it. This was a huge unexpected bonus of our coop and run design.

Initially the girls were going to be inside the coop and run most of the time due to our drainage problem here, which is why we designed things to be so high up off the ground.

In summer, under the coop and run is the coolest place to dirt-bathe. In winter, it is mostly dry even when it rains, so they can still dirt bathe. Chickens *love* to dirt bathe.

In the mood to read more about chickens? Frogdancer recently got a new coop for her girls. And more here – Yesterday was a full on chicken day.

You want to actually watch chickens live on the web? Then you should visit Hencam. Not only are there chickens, but there is a bunny *and* sometimes bonus goats in the background. If it is night time when you visit the cams, bookmark the link for later and have a read of the Hencam blog. :)

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So, it has been a while.

Almost a year. Is anyone still out there?

You can thank Jocelyn from Mama’s Style for my return. :)


Our Big Kitty
Lots to update – our big kitty went to Rainbow Bridge in December 2013 – she is greatly missed. Vale Big Kitty.

We nearly lost the other kitty as well to kidney failure but after a long time at the vet she returned home to us. She’s not the same kitty as she was. She’s super grumpy. We thought this would fade with time but it has been over 6 months so this seems like a permanent new thing. So her name here on the blog is now officially Grumpy.


We got a new small kitty who is probably the sweetest disposition cat I have ever met – Lets call her Happy.


You see how there are little nubs in the rug she is lying on? She thinks these are teats and will slobber all over them when she is doing her kneading and purring you are my mother love me routine. Loopy just like her owner, lol.


More Happy
Previously small kitty but now middle aged Grumpy kitty is not a fan of the new kitty *at all* but Happy is not giving up. There have been many times when the grumpy kitty would be fast asleep and the little kitty would sneak up, creep up, and all she wants is to lick her. But the minute she puts her nose close enough the long hair furs of Grumpy alert her to the presence of Happy, and the jig is up, there will be hissing, perhaps a paw swipe.


She is a regular domestic short hair but she has some secret tabby hidden within her.


Your request to use the internet is DENIED.
Happy has taken on some of the habits of Big Kitty – I’ve had cats do this before – Big Kitty took on aspects of my childhood kitty when we got her. It almost feels like Big Kitty is being channeled through the new kitty. The most hilarious channelment has been this –


Big Kitty had a penguin which she would always bring us at night, with plenty of miaowing. Happy has this mouse on a stick. She picks up the mouse in her mouth and the string and stick trail along dragging on the ground making this somewhat terrifying yet always funny sound.


Synchronised Eating.

Anyway, I’m sort of back – in a place where I have a bit more free time than I used to, some bad stuff going on I can’t type about but looks like I will be jobless very shortly – while this sounds like a bad thing the bullying and harassment going on is a lot worse than being jobless so it is actually a good thing even though it sounds bad and wow what a run on sentence that one was, lol.

I’ve scheduled a couple of posts for this week, and we’ll see how it goes from there.

So what happens with you?

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A New Bed.

Today we created a new garden bed! It was an absolutely gorgeous day out there today..

We began with this –


We put in the side piece, which is 60cm long.


While the other half dug out the trench, I started turning the dirt over. Not very far below the surface, maybe two shovels deep, we struck clay. So we decided to lay in some sand and chook poop we’d had fermenting since the rains after we changed from sand to Zeolite & rice husks for the chook pen flooring. Boy, did it stink. That is how you know it is the good stuff. ;)


And this is how it ended.


Those are hibiscus which I’ve had for a few years now in pots and they have been waiting to be planted in the ground, so they are happy now. I’ve still got a couple more to plant, we need to get some fresh dirt in for the other end which was grass.

There are also some pansys which I bought the other day. I planted some poppys in the other garden bed today because they needed to get planted quick, they were in very tiny seedling trays.


Big kitty spent some time wandering outside today sniffing about. She is an indoor kitty and to go outside we keep right by her so she feels safe and comfortable, and so no native animals meet their makers. We have a bit of cat traffic in our yard who leave interesting smells plus some mice. But then a large cockatoo flew over making a heck of a noise and she bolted back to the safety of inside.

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