With One Click

In this room on my personal computer, I am always just one click away from being able to log into Facebook. I never ever have done it on this computer, and I never, ever will.

This room is my private sanctuary away from work. As much as I hate it, my personal Facebook has become completely wrapped together with work. There is no way to separate the two from each other.

Thus the only place I will log into Facebook is on the work computer. And when I am on the work computer, I do not have time to be scrolling through my newsfeed looking for updates from friends and family, as few and far between as they would be.

If I get up from this chair now and go into the other room to look at my Facebook, what will I see?

I will see a lot of posts from local businesses. I will see a lot of posts involving Hawaii. I will see posts from zoos. I will see photos of landscapes and animals and flowers. I will sometimes see a post from family or friends.


If family or friends post something I don’t like, I will snooze them for 30 days. If when they are un-snoozed they post another thing I don’t like.. I will click “the button” to stop seeing posts from them in future.

I won’t see any conspiracy theories because every person/business I know who has ever posted one, I have clicked “the button” to stop seeing posts from them.

I won’t see any political posts because every person/business I know who has ever posted one, I have clicked “the button” to stop seeing posts from them.

My Question Is –

Why haven’t Facebook come up with a way to separate out business from personal? Probably because they don’t care or they don’t see how much of a problem it can be.

Until they fix this, I’ve had to take what I consider to be pretty extreme measures – separate laptops, separate phones, without Facebook on any of the personal devices – to separate work from personal.

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5 thoughts on “With One Click

  1. I would say because it’s ad revenue for them but I’m not sure of that. I ignore a lot and scroll past. However, I do feel compelled to know what’s going on with the theories and in that world, so it won’t bite me in the butt later.

  2. Ad revenue. As for “stop seeing posts,” you’re kinder than I. When I’m “Facebook friends” with someone and they post completely ignorant info, I don’t just “stop seeing posts,” I unfriend them. Sometimes I even block them.

  3. I think as a business you can have a separate account. I have two different FB identities and FB makes it easy enough to switch between the two. I think the idea of FB being a personal account for one verified person has passed.

  4. I have vowed to never ever open Facebook on any device at work. I have a personal account and a blog account using different usernames and email addresses. I am also a secondary admin of my workplace Facebook page. But I won’t open it at work because (a) I don’t want to be seen using Facebook at work, and (b) I’m afraid I could go down a “rabbit hole” and spend too much time there! So I do a tiny bit of work Facebook admin at home 😆

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