What does this button do?

Orders yet another cat tower, I think. Two more arrived since the first one. They have a dedicated cat tower out in the Nirvana now, though we will probably rotate them around regularly. There is nothing cats like more than furniture moved to a new place, except more cardboard boxes.

Or perhaps this button plays the next episode of Bridgerton on Netflix. I have seen them all now but certainly would not mind watching it again, that was just delightful.

Christmas was fine, we bought a new table especially so we would have enough room for everyone. Here you see the new table joined to the old table. We were 8 in the Nirvana this year and it was a big day of eating and drinking. Perhaps too much so.

My bestie and her daughter and I were at Aldi on Boxing Day first thing – masked of course – to attempt getting new teevees. There was a 55 inch smart teevee on special. We were successful and I have to say this is the best Christmas present I can remember in recent times – except of course my Lego version of Bunnings which I am to put together soonest. I have gone from three remotes to one and it is a lot easier to use.

The business is still very busy but we have started to put some things in place that free us up a little bit more, and hopefully we can tweak and fine tune that in 2021 to give us more time back.

We got solar installed a couple of weeks ago. If I had known that would be as fascinating as television to The Other Half I would have suggested we do it a long time ago.

The cats and chickens are all well and happy. Both very spoiled as always, of course.

We have been watching The Mandalorian and I love it which is weird as I do not like Star Wars at all. Maybe because it is shorter, maybe because of Baby Yoda, but whatever it is I am fully on board.

Looking Forward –

What is with everyone who seems to think New Years Eve will magically fix everything 2020 related? Do the fireworks in Sydney Harbour contain some magical virus killing properties we are presently unaware of? Do all the people who died this year magically return to life? It isn’t like a new (possibly – probably – more sane) president gets sworn in at midnight in the US, nor does midnight on NYE instantly solve world hunger or remove any of the things that vex us currently. I think a lot of people are setting themselves up to be very disappointed.

I will simply expect more of the same and I think that will continue for quite a lot of 2021. Hope is a fine thing to have but delusional thinking is another thing entirely and haven’t we seen more than enough of that in 2020?

The delusional thinking of those who think their freedoms (freedumbs perhaps) are more important than the freedoms of others, for those who think they are magically immune to things and thus do not need to mask, for those stuck in a country where the only safe plan is to hunker down inside ones own house because the people outside are determined to do whatever it is they want and f**k everyone else’s wants.. for those who think the colour of their skin entitles them to berate, belittle and outright murder those with differently coloured skin, none of that is going to magically vanish on New Year’s Eve either.

I can’t fix the world. I truly begin to think nobody can. All I can do is focus in on what exists within my own four walls and make that better. So my plan for 2021 is simply that – Home.

Unlike a lot of others home for me includes work, I am very lucky in that respect.

In these next few days between Christmas and New Year I am going to tackle some things at home which have been annoying me for a while. A pantry clean out and reorganize, a fixing of some shelves that have become a dumping place for things which need homes.. those kinds of small jobs that we put off till later but later never appears.

My New Year Wish For You –

I wish you all the best in 2021

If by chance (reality) we get the same kind of shyte we got in 2020 I wish you all the patience in the world to deal with it.

Now I press this button and we’ll see what happens next! ;)

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7 thoughts on “What does this button do?

  1. Speaking of which, our cats are currently inspecting a new cardboard box delivered this morning. I love the title of this post. It made me smile before I even read the rest. 2021 is going to be a slog I think, but unless something new and awful surprises us, it should end better than 2020.

  2. Well, hello you. This is a nice surprise.

    We can’t have solar but I study both my sister’s and brother’s solar system metres intently. I just realised today that my brother is mean with electricity not because he is paying for consumption but is making money from his system and the less he uses, the more he gets paid.

    Good to hear you business is still doing so well.

    It will be good to write a line under 2020 but it is just one day. Nothing will dramatically change. Roll on the vaccine but is it really effective?

    Great post!

  3. Nice to see you back and find that you are all well.

    You are right that the problems we face will not disappear overnight, magically or otherwise. We will continue to need patience, fortitude and courage to face old and new challenges.

    I wish you and yours the happiest possible New Year 2021.

  4. I tell people, don’t get too excited for 2021. Look where that got us with 2020. There will be nothing Magic about January 1. Probably just more of the same here in California where not only did people travel like crazy over Thanksgiving, but did more of the same for Christmas and we are paying the price in overloaded hospitals and morgue trucks in their parking lots.

  5. I’m glad that all is well. I figured you were busy, but got a bit worried. That is quite a cat tower! My cat is very jealous. I agree with you on 2021; there will be no magic fixes. I am resigned to spending most of the year at home like I have been. I’d like to get vaccinated so that I can visit my grandson in New York; unfortunately, I’m a bit too young to be first in line for the shots. :(

  6. It’s good to hear from you and I’m glad all is well with you and in your part of the world. Like you, I know most of 2021 will require restrictions and feel like more of the same, but I’m hoping there will be more safe public activities by the end of the year.

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