Every Waking Moment

My current work in progress. I did not know it would be radioactive! :)

I had absolutely no idea how much my new venture would take over my life. This is crazy time, folks, but I am loving every minute of it. I’ve already got a small group of dedicated regulars and we are having so much fun.

Part of the venture is selling things I am importing from overseas. I can’t keep up with the demand – or I should say, the postal services can’t keep up with the demand.

As I type this I have 18 packages in transit AKA not at my house yet, and I have three packages containing 20 items already reserved for customers seemingly stuck in Melbourne which I have fast begun to comprehend is a black hole for packages – they can spend up to a week there going nowhere. I mean really, is it that hard to put things on the truck to Sydney?

I’ve already sent two poster rolls to customers – one in Canberra, one in Sydney, these get there overnight. I’m paying a pretty penny for that to happen so it darn well should. I make it pretty with this duct tape that Sephyroth sent me some years ago.

Sydney transit is much better – things usually arrive within 24-48 hours of landing in the country. But not this week, apparently Melbourne is contagious and I’ve had a package sitting there since Monday which hasn’t turned up here.

Our package tracking is abysmal in this country. When I’ve had packages stuck before they sometimes don’t update that they are being delivered until they get scanned on my doorstep.

There is no shortage of glamour and sparkle in this household presently, even though I did NOT buy these sprinkles. ;) Things are getting very sparkly up in here.

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