Delivery Time


Supervisor cat will supervise any deliveries. :)

Ordered on Boxing Day AKA 26th of December, this was my last purchase for myself before The Year Of Buying Nothing began. However it did not arrive until the 3rd of January which made it a nice New Year treat for me.


There were three new mesh tops from Boo Radley in white, soft pink and raspberry. This item is still on clearance but at the time of writing there is only one size left. What might happen is folks get it home, try it on, don’t like it or it does not fit, then they send it back with the 30 day moneyback guarantee. Mine are most certainly staying here.


There were 42 items from Yankee Candle. This item can no longer be found on the website. I fear they are not going to restock this brand. I got 18 mini votive candles and 24 melts.


There was one more purchase we bought for the Delicate Nirvana on New Year’s Eve which I will tell you about next Wednesday.

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4 thoughts on “Delivery Time

  1. Sage and Citrus is one of my favorite scents at Yankee Candle! I also love Bay Leaf Wreath and November Rain, although I haven’t seen November Rain in awhile.

  2. Lovely haul! There is always that delay between ordering online during the sales and then finally getting your stuff. But it is nice to receive parcels a little after the Christmas flurry. Just received my Boxing Day sale stuff too.

    SSG xxx

  3. There are some unusual fragrance names there, Cozy Sweater is one I’ve never heard of. I like most things vanilla scented, but Paradise Spice sounds like it might be nice.

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