Spring Cleaning Time


It is that time of year again. The art room has somehow got very messy. I want to create art again, so work must be done. It turns out I needed to do some preparatory work in various other rooms before I could start working on this one. I started out with the hanging racks – this one you are about to see was covered in jackets, hoodies, ponchos, and tote bags. And now, not.


The scarf bar has been rejigged to give me space to hang beanies and hats if necessary.


The next job to tackle is the hanging rack of bags. This is going to be a tough job and one I have put off a few too many times. I will tackle this. I WILL. :)


This space in my bedroom will soon become the Jewelry Bar. Watch this – and all these – spaces! There may not be much in the way of movie or tv watching happening for a while, until I get all this sorted.


I have a supervisor helper cat. She’s watching the spaces closely!


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4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Time

  1. That’s a LOT of bags! When I noticed I was only using my large or small backpack, I got rid of the rest which wasn’t many anyway, then bought a largeish bag with a strap long enough to go across the body. Those are all I use most of the time, plus I have a classic style smaller handbag in a cream colour that I use for special occasions like weddings etc.It lives wrapped in tissue in a box far away from the dust and cat fluff.

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