Things I Know Now


I have been on this eat less move more journey for almost a year and a half now.

Every human body is different, and we are not issued with instruction manuals for our bodies. What works for me will not always work for someone else. Some of the things I have learned only apply to me, but there are a couple of lessons which will be of interest and possibly work for most people. I’m putting those up front. :)

1. My portion size was too big.

I remember the days when I used to eat a whole pizza in one sitting. My pizza is 170 calories per slice and there are 6 slices. Eat all six, and that right there is 1020 calories. I now aim for 1200 calories a day spread out over 3 meals and one snack. I still have my pizza, but I have three slices which is 510 calories. The remaining slices go in the fridge for dinner the next night.

2. Protein shakes are important for me.

My lunchtime protein shake is so simple. I have updated the recipe as I now use almond milk and more protein. It removes thought from the equation and for me that is quite important and useful. I know what I’ll be having for lunch if I am at home, every day, forever.

I now buy my unflavoured protein online in bulk and I have switched to the Whey Protein Isolate from Bulk Nutrients. I buy 4kg at a time and it lasts me between 4-6 months depending on whether I am cooking other things with it. They do have some awesome treats you can create.

My protein shake tastes like a great milkshake that I would get from somewhere like Max Brenner or an upscale cafe. Who wouldn’t enjoy one of those every single day especially if one knows that it is giving you vital nutrients for your body? :)

3. Eating is the key.

If I eat right, I can do less and sometimes even no exercise and still lose or maintain my weight. I can still have the occasional calorific meal and it makes no difference in the long run. With that said, I have grown to love our new diet and generally prefer it to take away or eating out.

4. Some foods & medicines slow down my digestion.

This one might apply only to my body but I add it because it is worth trying to work out which foods work best for you. The one thing I really do not want to do above all other things is end up getting diverticulitis again. I’ve noticed that when I eat some foods my digestion slows to a crawl and I am bloated, gassy, and generally feel Not Great. Those foods are – potatoes – bread – pasta – anything containing a lot of flour.

I also know that codeine has a similar effect. This is a problem for me as that is my main heavy duty pain killer. It is ok if I have a once off headache, but I can no longer take cold and flu tablets with codeine in, as I take those for 4 days at a time.

5. I struggle with the cold weather.

This is likely related to my thyroid issues. I have antibodies which are attacking my thyroid and have to take a small dose of thyroxine daily to compensate. In summer I am fine but when the cool weather hits, I’ll be the one layering up to sometimes hilarious levels. Scarves, gloves, beanies, all the jackets, plus those super warm Ghanda hoodies are my best friends on a cold night now.

You might think I mean when going outside, but I have taken to wearing gloves and the occasional beanie in the house now. It just helps keep me warm without needing to put the gas heater on all the time.

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12 thoughts on “Things I Know Now

    • We are getting a lot of sunshine here right now but it is just super cold and the lack of clouds at night means any warmth from the sun vanishes the moment it goes away.. Gloves and beanies are the order of the day at present. :)

  1. I’ve thought about protein shakes as a way to get extra protein, but they’re basically powdered milk and too much milk is a problem for me. Any other suggestions? I’m eating more meat and eggs instead, but I really do need to get moving more. I seem to have misplaced my motivation.

    • Absolutely River – Bulk Nutrients have many different forms of protein which do not involve milk at all. They have pea, rice, egg, soy and beef protein. Out of those probably the vegan option might be a good one to try first, which is a mix of rice and peas.

      I always buy the raw flavour rather than the flavoured options because I want to add my own flavours and sweeteners – if any. I never add sweetener to my shakes but I guess one could count the frozen banana as a sweetener. :)

  2. You know, it’s so important to learn what works for us. And you’re right, we can’t follow any kind of instruction sheet based on general advice. For me, the high flour items slow my digestion too, as does meat of any kind. Fish is fine, and I can eat smaller portions of chicken, but beef is out, and pork only goes on my plate rarely now. I love my morning shakes with yogurt, strawberries and orange juice. I need to move every day too, but it’s not just for physical health, it’s also for mental health in my case!

    I often wear a hoodie with the hood up at home, I get cold too. I knitted some fingerless gloves that I wear, even during the summer months, because my hands need to always stay warm or I can’t function!

    Congratulations for the lessons you’ve learned!! :)

    • I bought several pairs of gloves with the ability to use touch screens this year, and I am cycling between them. We don’t eat much pork here – the other half is not a fan but I love it roasted.

      We do tend to have one red meat meal each week, the rest is mainly chicken and fish. I’ve learned to make my own chicken kievs which have been a huge hit here, I don’t crumb them, we don’t need the extra calories but they are still delicious. ;)

  3. It’s so important to know what’s right for you. I’ve just started Slimming World, it’s a UK based slimming club. It’s really interesting because you can eat almost any fruit, veg, protein and grains but anything with flour and sugar is heavily weighted (excuse the pun.) I love bread and sugar but I don’t think it loves me! Your post is a good reminder to get my portion sizes under control!

    • I just tried a new thing yesterday which might be my occasional bread replacement – Sandwich Thins which are less than 100 calories a serve and very low carb at just 15g per serving. They are definitely going to be a thing for The Other Half as they are quite low in sodium. I can do without bread but he loves a sandwich. :) The protein shakes have been a key element in my success so I highly recommend finding one that you love. ;)

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