A Not Good Surprise.

So I’m in hospital. Hopefully going to get out Wednesday afternoon been here since Monday. Writing this on my uncooperative tablet. It is a long story which i will type out once back at the home keyboard. The short story is diverticulitis. IV antibiotics is the reason i am not at home with a cat purring on me.

Good thing my goal was to get more healthy this year, and i will be ramping that up bigtime once back home.

I want to take a second to say thanks for reading my blog. I know I am a sucky blog friend this year and i apologize. Right now i need to focus on me, but i am still reading you all loud and clear. :) I will try to comment more soon.

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14 thoughts on “A Not Good Surprise.

  1. oh ouch! I know what diverticulitis is and know it can be painful. Thankfully I don’t have it and I’m very sorry to hear that you do.
    Is it treatable or will you need surgery?
    I hope you are well and home again very soon. You may have some diet restrictions from this.

  2. Your poor thing – hubster has had it too though he didn’t end up in hospital. His brother got it so bad he actually perforated his bowel and had to wear a colostomy bag for several months. So I am always reminding my hubby to drink more water! Especially when he eats peanuts or cashews which were the culprit last time!

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