Merry Christmas To My Readers

Merry Christmas To You!
I sincerely hope that your friends and family did not rush out to purchase you some of this motor oil, which apparently Supercheap Auto thinks is such a great present they have been advertising it to me several times a day for the past week. If you find this under your tree, I am deeply sorry!

Every time I have seen it while The Other Half is home, I have asked him if he wants this for Christmas and the answer has always been NO.

Given a choice between socks and jocks, and motor oil, Imma always gonna pick the socks and jocks! Unfortunately I could not find the ad on Youtube for you. I did find a couple – one I dislike, one I deeply love.

I find this ad annoying but I also enjoy the extreme hilariousness of Johnny Depp burying all his elderly gay windchime jewelery.

I could watch this ad over and over forever. I do not know why. Maybe I just like sparkly gold things. :)

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8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas To My Readers

  1. Merry Christmas. I tire of this targeted but misplaced advertising. I still see ads for holidays we have already taken and I am not looking to buy a new digital recorder. I just wanted some information about our existing one. Oil has a very long shelf life, so it will get used eventually.

  2. Clearly Supercheap are focussing on the “everything auto” portion of their business and not so much the “and much much more” ;)

    Though, when I think Christmas gifts, I do think motor oil.. :p

    Happy Christmas to everyone :-)

  3. I ignore most ads when they come on, so I’ve never seen the bit where Johnny Depp buries the jewellery, and the other one I haven’t seen at all. I don’t think it’s here in SA yet.

  4. Urgh that Johnny Depp ad!! So grateful for watching a lot of stuff that is recorded via Series Link on Foxtel so I can FFx30 away from it! The Dior one is less annoying but they have absolutely flogged it to death lately.

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