Kitty VS Chooky


Little Kitty is still a chaser of chooks if she gets the opportunity. When the chooks are free ranging she will watch them intently and hope someone opens the door.

You can see Red Comb is giving her the evil eye. And her proximity to the cat grass pot with the freshly raised sunflower seeds is why that particular plant pot now resides on the table out of reach of the chookys.

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15 thoughts on “Kitty VS Chooky

  1. My neighbor, when I loved at my other house, could sometimes put dry cat food out on my patio for my cats. My cats used to watch the raccoons eat their dry food. It was very cute to see them use their paws to stuff kibble into their little faces. I put a stop to the dry food outside, though, because I was worried the raccoons would attack my cats. Raccoons are cute, but they can be mean and sometimes carry diseases.

    • Ours are indoors only unless supervised by us out in the fenced backyard. Sometimes we let both the kitties and the chooks out at the same time. For the most part little kitty will just follow them around and stalk not very well – but she has twice run towards them not getting anywhere near them because we are in between her and the chooks – which causes a lot of wing flapping and trumpeting. The chooks know about her and they keep a close eye on her. :)

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