9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Tree

  1. We spent 3 months on Oahu this past winter (for hubby’s work) and it was wonderful! I can’t wait to go back! That’s a lovely photo! Is that from the Lyon Arboretum? I took a tree climbing workshop at the Lyon Arboretum in April and we scaled (with much help from ropes and pulleys) a venerable banyan tree…. AMAZING!

  2. Yes, and I love it! We have friends who have a rental house there and they have invited us to come along many times. This is on the island of Lahaina. In January we’re going to the island of Hawaii for my birthday – I’m looking forward to seeing lots of volcano stuff and maybe actual lava.

    In the town of Lahaina there’s a famous, giant banyan tree. At sunset mynah birds come there to roost and they all call to each other. It’s a cacophony!

  3. Lucky to go to Oahu w/my folks & my boy (age 8) in ’06…
    Definitely want to go back although I let Hubby off the hook for “10th anniv trip” 2 yrs ago!

  4. I’ve never been to Hawaii. When I got married the first time around, my ex and I had a choice of Hawaii or London. My ex had been to both while I’d been to neither. She chose London, and I went along because she was the expert. It was a great honeymoon. It wasn’t a good marriage. Next time I have that choice, I’m going to Hawaii.

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