Blingtastic Bling!


So yesterday we were talking about one of my favourite things – Bling. Let us take a closer look..


Watches, brooches, bracelets, oh my!


It occurs to me I have quite a few reptile brooches – here you see one lizard, and two turtles. Obviously the turtles originated in Hawaii, turtles are a bit of a Thing over there.

You also see my favourite Peacock Crystal Flower Pin which you can read more about on my Headless Fashion post, and there is a dragonfly brooch, and the Heaviest Brooch Of All Time. I never met a brooch I did not love, they are my kryptonite.


My ring collection.


My blingy watches.

Do you wear any jewellery?

If yes, what kind?

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3 thoughts on “Blingtastic Bling!

  1. Good question. I love jewelry and yet I don’t wear a lot.

    I love your brooches. They are beautiful. I understand the fascination, they can make any boring outfit spectacular. Even when you don’t want to wear anything else, a good, bold brooch would make the outfit pop.

    I also have a thing for men’s watches. Lucky for me, I have a man in the house I can kidnap them from.

    Keep enjoying your treasures.

    Roxana the Aviddiva

  2. You’ve got some really pretty things there!

    I usually keep my jewelry pretty simple, partly because I have small children with grabby hands, and partly because I’m just a simple kind of girl. But I do usually wear my wedding and engagement rings and a pair of earrings, and sometimes a necklace. My husband is usually great at adding a little bit of jewelry to my collection for Christmas and birthdays, which I really love. He has great taste, so I am more than happy to let him choose things for me.

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