My Lemon Scented Friends..

Being a mere $2.49 per packet from Aldi, may I introduce to you my Lemon Scented friends, of whom I recently brought home 8 packets..

Lemon Scented Power Force from Aldi

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, right? A germophobe has to do what a germophobe has to do. These packets generally last me a month or so.

I have been trying to buy these for some months now. Each time I would go to Aldi I would look for them and when I did not find them I would put on the sad face. It seems that they are not a regularly stocked item but something that appears from time to time. I didn’t know when I would see them again, so I stocked up.

This is one way you can really save money by shopping at Aldi – the cheapest I have ever seen the equivalent thing in Coles and Woolworths is $4.99 and that is on special.

They smell amazing – much better than the ones I used to use – I can’t even remember the brand name of those now.

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3 thoughts on “My Lemon Scented Friends..

  1. “These packets generally last me a month or so” That seems like a really good deal. I’m a fan of stocking up too. You should see my detergent supply. Laundry and kitchen about two years worth.

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