Losing My Memory..

The other night when we were in Sydney we went to dinner at The Rowers – Me, The Other Half, Mum and Dad. As we were going there Mum was saying “I’ve never been to the Rowers before” and the rest of us were swearing that she had been there.  She’s known to be a little forgetful at times so we all thought it was her and she’d remember it when she got in there..

But she didn’t, and for the entire time we were there all of us were trying to work out when we could possibly have been there without her. Because it isn’t quite normal for us to go anywhere without her.

I’ve been there so many times that I honestly was getting the different times confused. But I am starting to wonder if maybe my middle term memory has gone on vacation.

I remember things from a *long* time ago, and I remember things from a short time ago. There seems to be a huge chunk of time in the middle where everything is just cloudy. In fact I can’t remember being a smoker, which I was for about 8 years or so.

I guess it’s ok, as long as I live a little longer, the middle term memory stuff will become long term memory stuff, and I’ll remember it again.. ;) But I’ll have forgotten that I forgot it, and I will certainly have forgotten writing this post. :)

Maybe I’ll have forgotten having this blog as well!

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7 thoughts on “Losing My Memory..

  1. Yikes. I always forget that I have a bad memory. ;) But if you do remember having been at that restaurant without your mom, I hope you’ll remember to post about it because I find it odd that she didn’t remember being there once she was inside and saw the place.

  2. It’s possible this blog will still be going, so you’ll only have to scroll through your archives and there will be your memories.

  3. The distance between your past and present elongates, ever so rapidly, as you “be” during presence and projected in your “becoming”. The phenomenon of every instance fights back to attract you towards itself. To make you accept the seconds, the smallest hand at hand and reject any projection at all. The reason being, you ought no rights, no say in the matter of the next moments to come.

    The process above happens to all realms of life, ever so once again rapidly. The experience of beautiful worships, the sudden change of beats, is called emotions. Doubts that come in and then gone are called thoughts. The emergence of any lucky hint to the light, you wish it to come from sources that you may not admire so much. For sometimes the emergence of this attraction has consequences. For this reason we hope that things maintain their presence in which case there’ll be no collateral damage.

    In respect to forgetting the “middle term” of our projected history, there exits a duel between our presence and your past. Intuition’s functions are purely momentarily; dealing only with presence. Reminiscence pays its small dues to to the past. So the fight persists between this duality, yet to assume that there is a tall wall of separation. They coordinate spontaneous merging of the two, while we sit ignorantly in its darkness. Morbidly value the ever strengthening past, the presence is at a disadvantage for the only guarantee is the end. There are no guarantees in our view of things, nonetheless, we must become fluently hopeful.

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