The Queen Is Unhappy

In case you missed the news, The Queen is not very thrilled that photographs of a wedding she attended turned into 100 page wedding special in Hello magazine. And neither are the Princes Harry and William, even though William was not there. I would suspect that making such a deal with a magazine and not letting the Queen and family know about it could equal being on the shit list for many years. However, if I were the Queen, I would have been pretty happy because the outfit she was wearing was nothing short of FIERCE!

Queen wearing a fierce outfit.

Aww, isn’t that sweet. Harry is so cute. On the other hand, I would not have been so happy that Camilla Parker Bowles was wearing very similar headgear, though Camilla’s was less pretty due to being all one color.

Camilla and The Queen match hats

But then again, could it be possible that the two ladies shopped together and bought similar hats intentionally? Could it be that Her Majesty and Camilla actually like each other? I would hope so, because it is clear that Camilla makes Charles happy and she has done for many years.

I wonder what it says about me that I quite like the outfit that the Queen is wearing. Some people would probably say it looks a bit like a set of curtains but I love the colors and the concept of a large long coat over the top of a dress. Classy!

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6 thoughts on “The Queen Is Unhappy

  1. It’s a shame they’re upset with Peter Philips for making this deal. Apparently, he gets nothing from the public purse, unlike William and Harry etc, so who could blame him for wanting to sell photos of his lovely wedding to make a million pounds or so?

    Tis easy for W & H to take the high moral ground here when they are ‘paid’ by virtue of being royal.

    And you’re right, the Queen looked great!

  2. I like her outfit too. Wouldn’t wear it myself but still really like it. Camilla’s headpiece though…..????? I think she always tends to take this just a tiny bit too far. The Queen’s headpiece looks very regal. I think Camilla’s looks ridiculous. But maybe I’m biased. I’ve always been (and always will be) a Diana fan.

  3. The Queen always manages to look very elegant – and she seems to do it effortlessly too. She just is elegant. Camilla on the other hand just seems to take things a bit over the top and looses the elegance.

    And I love the Queen’s outfit in that picture. It looks lovely. And I am sure that the Royals will get over being in the photos.

  4. I think she should seek some council from George Bush. He is the ultimate royalty. I don’t think he has any understanding that voters might influence what he does. And he certainly operates under a veil of secrecy.

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