So, last weekend we went for a little drive with some people who happened to own identical vehicles to ours. There were 18 XR-5’s on the cruise and it was a lot of fun. Here’s a pic of the cars arriving in a small town. :)

Car Cruise

You might imagine that keeping so many cars together was a challenge, and it was. Many times other vehicles unworthy of driving on the same road as an XR-5 let alone in the middle of a large pack of them got in the way. From time to time we had to stop and try to regroup.

Car Cruise
The most popular color seemed to be Orange. Which is unusual considering that particular color tends to cost about 3 grand extra than the other colors. You certainly can’t miss them!


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  1. Wow! That looks like HEAPS of fun. Have to admit I’m really NOT a fan of orange cars. Actually, I’m not a huge orange fan full-stop I guess. It would have been quite a sight to see all those cars touring together.

  2. Orange is so much more because it is a special paint job which takes a lot more work and there are orange highlights throughout the car in the interior on the seats etc. :) The paint job is amazing when the sun hits it.

    Gerry the XR-5 is a 5 cylinder Volvo motor and it has a turbo which chews up a bit of gas. We use litres here so it may not make much sense – on the cruise we got 10.6 kms per litre. It has a nifty little gauge that gives you mileage in real time and that can sometimes be scary (28.4 is a figure that I recall seeing on there from time to time) but it averages out ok in the end. ;)

  3. I’ve seen people doing such things with vintage cars. :) Would be weird to see a parade of new cars in such a thing. Must have been very fun!

    Do you have a pet? I have a new blog and am running a series called Bloggers Pets?

  4. Who in their right mind would let a P-plater drive a performance vehicle like an XR-5?? :shock:

    Also – that fuel mileage figure – that’s 10.6km/L, and not 10.6L/100km, right? Because I know that in my car, it gives me the option of reporting in either miles per gallon or L/100km, not km/L (which would be a more logical benchmark).

    If it were in km/L, I’d think that you’d love seeing a 28.4 figure – that’d be 67 miles per gallon or 3.5L/100km, which I’d expect if you’re going down a hill braking – if you were seeing that under acceleration, then it’s definitely in L/100km. ;)

    Plus, I love all the colors, but blue is definitely my favorite, with orange probably a close second. ;)

  5. How fun! I’ve never been part of an organized drive like that. It’d be pretty neat to see a line of identical cars going down the road, well, so long as it didn’t cause traffic! Does yellow also cost extra like orange?

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