This will not come as a surprise.

Ms Rein has made the decision to sell the Australian part of her business, because her husband wants to be Prime Minister more than he wants to back her up as a husband. Oh, she probably wants to redecorate the Lodge herself, so it’s not an entirely selfless choice, however it shows that an ambitious man can be the downfall of a highly successful woman. It was predictable and we all saw this one coming a mile off, but I cannot disguise my disgust.

As yet there seems to be no outcry of outraged women, which is highly surprising to me. Could it be all the feminists vote Labor and they don’t want to say anything for fear of losing yet another in a long string of elections to a man who honestly looks like he should be on the muppet show?

What is right is what is right, regardless of which party you support. The fact that Kevin has not said – she made a mistake but her business concerns have nothing to do with me as a politician and we’ll put whatever procedures in place to make sure everything is 100% above board and nobody can have any complaints of favoritism or whatever. She’s my wife, this is her business, and I don’t give a shit how politically damaging her mistakes in business can be to me, because I’m a man with a set of balls who can stand up for himself and say hey, leave my wife alone. You want to pick on someone? Pick on me.

However, he did not do that, and what he’s saying to everyone by the course he is taking is – you win. You want to pick on anyone else in my family? I’ll convince them to give up whatever you want if it means I can have the top job. Bully me some more, it’s fine. It’s perfectly ok, because I’m going to cave whenever I have to just to shut you people up.

Ms Rein, this choice you have made is absolutely a backward step for women in this country.

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What not to wear.

I’m sure many of you heard of todays plane crash in Indonesia.


It’s an unpleasant fact of life that sometimes, planes do fall out of the sky. Which is why anytime I go to get on one, I am constantly amazed at how unprepared people are for the possibility of what might happen. They ignore the safety briefing, don’t even bother to look for the nearest exit, and *worst* of all, wear things which are not appropriate for the occasion.

The reason I mention this is, I just saw footage of the crash scene with a woman clearly injured, trying to walk in heels and a mini-skirt. Not a good idea!

So, a few fashion don’ts for when you next fly..


This outfit will mean you have trouble getting to the exit door, which will mean those behind you might not make it to the door at all. Nice for street-walking (literally perhaps) but no good for flying. Heels will hinder your progress. Put them in the suitcase, don’t wear them in flight.


Pantihose! OH NO! Major plane fashion faux pas! The fibers will melt in a fire and stick to your skin, which is not a good look and certainly would cause a lot of pain. Just say no to pantyhose when flying.


Going on a beach holiday? Save the beach dressing for when you arrive. Wearing something like this on a plane will get you talked about, and more than likely a large percentage of burns to much of your body in the event of a crash. Not a wise choice.

Leave your flip flops in your luggage, because in the *very rare but occasionally it does happen* instance that you have to traverse broken metal and things on fire, your feet will appreciate that you chose to wear a real pair of shoes.

So what should you wear?

Covered, closed, comfortable shoes, preferably leather. I like Doc Martens myself.

Comfortable pants which are easy to move in.

No flammable fabrics – though all fabrics will become flammable in the kinds of fires you will see in planes, some fabrics are more likely to catch fire than others.

Denim jeans (not too tight, don’t restrict your movement) is the better choice.

A long sleeve shirt to protect your arms from burns. Wool is one of the least flammable materials. Cotton is a good choice too.

The idea is, to get out of the plane before you have to deal with the fire. If you are wearing sensible clothes which you can move in, its more likely you’ll be able to manage this task. Knowing where the nearest exits are will also help. But if you are injured and can’t move, wearing clothes that will protect you will be a good idea too.

Anyway, that’s just a few thoughts you might want to consider when next choosing what to wear when you fly.

Save the fashion for the catwalk, put it in your suitcase.

When you fly, dress to survive.

Even though 99.9% of flights make it safely to their destination, if your flight happens to be one where you do need to evacuate, you will appreciate dressing to survive instead of dressing for fashion.

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I wonder..

Is it not known all over the world that smuggling drugs into or out of particular countries in Asia will get you a death penalty?

Because it struck me while I was watching a show on the crime channel here about some poor woman who “accidentally” swallowed a few packets of heroin and then was surprised when she was arrested and narrowly escaped the death penalty somehow, that maybe I should actually be feeling sorry for these people like I feel sorry for the victims of scams?

The reason people fall for scams is a lack of education, I believe. I don’t think anyone could swallow packets of heroin without knowing that this isn’t a good idea, but maybe they just weren’t educated, maybe they didn’t know any better, maybe they didn’t check the situation out before they acted. Or not. I have known drug smuggling would result in the death penalty since Bangkok Hilton was on here, many years ago, with Nicole Kidman. Maybe that wasn’t played in other countries around the world.

I’ve been watching a fair bit of the crime channel lately. They have episodes of Cops on there, which I enjoy, and they now have a new show about the cops in New Zealand, which is actually hilarious – those Kiwi Police have an incredible sense of humour.

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Oh my god..

It’s much worse than I suspected.. Britney flashes the entire world for a second time, and this time you get at least as good a view as K-fed ever did. Ouch, did I just type that out loud?

I just can’t believe she would do this. WHY Britney, WHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY? You wore Mickey Mouse ears. You were a pop sensation. You had it all. Now you have two kids, no lowlife scumbag husband hanging off you spending all your money and shagging every girl in sight, you had every chance of getting back to the good life, but you choose to hang out with Ms I’m Famous For No Good Reason Paris, and Miss The Next Elizabeth Taylor Minus The Class Factor.

These people are not your friends, and you should not be flashing your crotch at the world.

In other news, a slight scare in the enormous evil creature area. Anyone who said cockroaches would survive nuclear war clearly have not met my cats. While I was jumping around screaming and generally freaking out, they saved me, again.. ;)


Yay Kitties! See, pussys can be used for something OTHER than evil! ;)

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Buy these girls some taste?


She’s been seen >*in* her underw3ar

And she’s been seen without it so many times that it’s impossible to find on the internet now, searching for the pictures gets you – 1 – 10 of about 972,000 results, all of which mention the photos but nobody puts them anywhere, probably because people want to keep their lunch on the inside. Trust me, there’s plenty of Paris nak3d cr0tch shots. Thank me for not giving you links to them ;)


The first time could have been a mistake. The second time looks like carelessness. The third time was sheer stupidity, in more ways than one, because her stylist figures – if she’s wearing leggings, maybe nobody can tell if she’s not wearing underw3ar.

However, the stylist forgot to check if the leggings were not see through. Fortunately for us we did not see any cr0tch shots but the pics were still pretty ugly

I am still trying to work out who the heck this chick is, and what she has to do with anything, and why she’s famous at all. Apparently she’s been in some movies. I have not seen any of them, thank god for that. But clearly she’s good papparazzi fodder. Girl, put some f*cking underw3ar on, we don’t want or need to see your ugly cr0tch!


Then Britney was hanging around with Paris a bit too much, and oops! She made every teenage boy who’s fantasised about her wonder why the heck they ever cared. Britney, you have two children, and I guarantee you this will haunt them all their life. This is pure nastiness.

And now, the really bad news.. ;( All three of these chicks are hanging together now.


Deities, please save us from a future generation of underw3ar-less women (or even worse, underw3ar less teenage girls) and make these women have a major fall out, at which time they regain their brains and put on underwear again?

I’ve edited this post to make it harder for search engines to pick up, but it may be too late. :(

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