Allowed VS Aloud part 4


~ Image credit to David Pache on Flickr~

Now let us clear out a few of these and wrap up our Allowed VS Aloud series, at least until some more of these appear to me as a surprise in my facebook feed.


There is a new holiday in town! Hollerween! Where kids holler at each other aloud for hours on end while going around knocking on doors and hoping they will open. No candy involved, by the end of it you’ll need headache tablets. Sorry bout that!


Yeah my cat gets real aloud making those miow sounds. So help me, I can’t even with the rest of this. I get irrationally angry when cats are involved.


I don’t know the difference between no or know, nor do I know the difference between there or their, nor do I know or care if I am allowed to post these complicated instructions for the rest of you to follow in order for you to like a photo of some kid you never met and never will meet, nor am I going to bother telling you *why* you should do this. Like Nike said, Just Do It. Kthx.

Plus, above that, let me spam your group with a link to my new group without bothering to check the rules to see if you’ll be fine with it.

I weep for the future. Aloud. And I know I’m allowed to.

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Allowed VS Aloud part 3

~ Image credit to Neoyume on Deviant Art ~

Is that the most beautiful Fail Whale you have ever seen? I love this Fail Whale so much I am going to put it on my desktop. :) Unfortunately not as pretty are the fails I have to share today.


So once again can’t be bothered working out if there are group rules or if this fits within them, imma gonna let you have your classifieds group but just let me post this kthx. Someone stole something from me, not that I really care about that, but can you give it back for the sake of my poor sad child. Aww..


Hmm. Let me try and answer this. If your hubby does not know the rules for having the license *and* it means so little to him that he totally forgot to renew it for a number of months, maybe this license is not for him. Best save the boat licenses for those who actually want and need them. :)

Fail Whale, wrong world

Allowed VS Aloud Part 2

~ Image credit to DoodleWithGlueGun on Deviant Art ~

Perhaps you have noticed our Fail Whale art has taken an angry turn. That is because the following post makes me see red. Allow me to rage momentarily..


So, you got a kitten and loved it all through the cute kitten stage, and now you are going to turn the life of this poor kitty completely upside down, take it away from the home it knows and send it.. who knows where as long as they pay you $200.

Perhaps you were not *allowed* a cat to begin with and now you have been found out, the poor cat is the one who has to suffer.

I wish the best to the poor kitty. I truly hope you found a home in which you will be loved the way you deserve.

To the owner, I wish you never, ever have another pet. Plus, I wish some other bad things for you which cannot be printed out loud on the inter webs or even spoken *aloud* in the world. :( Typing Aloud instead of Allowed is the least of the bads you have done here.

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Allowed VS Aloud Part 1

~ Image credit to KA-92 on Deviant Art ~

In our continuing series of despair for the world, over the coming weeks I will present to you multiple Fail Whales – To begin with, we will devour a few occasions on Facebook where aloud has been used in the place of allowed..


So, let us analyse this little piece of awesomeness.

1. I do not know the rules of this group, nor can I be bothered trying to find them out, I’m just going to post this kthx.

2. I’m graciously giving you permission to delete my post if it happens to break the group rules.

3. I do not know when I should use too instead of to. If you my dear readers are confused on this, click here to be enlightened.

4. I also do not know when I should use allowed instead of aloud. Dear readers, when you read the above image text, did you hear it spoken out loud? Of course not. Allowed is the one that should be used here. If you wish for more info on this, click here.

5. Finally, to add insult to injury, I am going to spam you with this link where you can vote for someone you do not know and have never met to win $10,000.

That my friends is 5 levels of Fail Whale.

Of course it is clear this poor little man is going to NEED $10,000 of education given he has a parent who has no clue on oh so many things. :)

Fail Whale, wrong world

Spelling Bee

~ Image credit to KA-92 on Deviant Art ~

I despair for the future of our world, with all the mis-spellings I see on a daily basis now..

Earlier today on Facebook someone was giving away some items. They said, and I quote –

“Must go or off to the tip such a waist”

Seriously? I think it will come as an enormous surprise to those at the tip when you drop off your “waist”. In fact, they might consider that a crime scene.

Who knew those trucks driving around emptying your bins were full of waist?

Fail Whale, wrong world

The Wedding Grinch

There is a girl at work who is getting married. Everywhere she goes, she takes her wedding planning diary with her! There are no words. I do my best to avoid rolling my eyes.

There are plenty of wedding shows on the teevee, some funny, some quite tragic. As in spending thousands upon thousands on just one day tragic. It is *one* day, people. Some people spend years planning and looking forward to this one day.. and then what? What’s next?

My favourite wedding show without any doubt is “Don’t tell the bride”. The wedding planning is handed over to the groom. The show gives them money towards the wedding. He has 3 weeks to plan it and he must choose everything, including the dress for the bride. She does not get to see the dress until the day before the wedding.

Usually the groom does quite a good job. There are occasionally dress issues where the bride refuses to wear the dress and the groom has to work something out last minute which usually busts the budget and means he has to drop something else he had planned.

There was one occasion where the groom decided to have the wedding in Vegas. His bride was expecting 100-200 people at the wedding. He could only afford to take the parents and the best man and bridesmaid. The brides sister and brother were left at home. The wedding nearly got canceled by the bride who was disgusted and very unhappy. It probably should have been cancelled – if he can get it that wrong he must not know her very well!

Maybe I am just getting old.. I don’t like to see such a focus on one day when there are so many days.. I think it potentially leads to depression once that day is over and the bride is left thinking.. well that is over.. what now?

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Olympics VS Commonwealth Games

An absolutely disgraceful display of nastiness is present over at Fox Sports slash re the Beijing Olympics. Some people are having a go at two Aussie swimmers who won silver.

Because Australia gets to compete in the Commonwealth Games every 4 years, there are some people who have very high expectations of Aussie athletes. The last Commonwealth Games were held on Australian soil in Melbourne, and we won a total of 221 medals, 84 of those gold. Previous to that, we won 207 total (82 gold) in Manchester in 2002.

We had the best ever medal tally for Australia at the Olympics when we hosted the games in Sydney, and there we won a total of 58 medals – only 16 of those were gold. In 2004 we came home with only 49 medals, 17 of those were gold which was our best ever gold medal tally for an Olympics..

As far as I am concerned just showing up at an Olympic games is a massive achievement. It represents years of training and hard work. Winning a medal regardless of the colour of that medal is something to be incredibly proud of.

The coverage of the games is terrible this year – so Aussie biased, and when the Aussies don’t qualify or get a medal, they barely get another mention. I suspect this is a large part of the problem – the commentators are giving people the wrong idea about what it means to get to the games.

I have managed to catch one entire competition which was the mens 77kg weightlifting. I don’t know if we had anyone from Australia competing, I never saw anyone from here. Even so, I greatly enjoyed watching the competition because I got to see a lot of what was going on and the commentators seemed intelligent and told me a fair bit of the backstory of the people involved.

This was one highlight of a pretty awful coverage otherwise – usually Channel 7 flick from one sport to another often not even returning to the sport you were just getting into, stuff is cut to pieces, it is just bad form. Oh, and enough swimming already. We don’t need to see every single heat of every single race, and please don’t replay one medal win 20 times a day instead of showing us live goings on.

I also did get to see some of the synchronised diving but unfortunately it wasn’t the full competition. I love diving, gymnastics, the synchronised swimming and diving, things like the hammer and the javelin. I wish they would have synchronised weightlifting across some of the classes, that would be cool to see, don’t you think? Especially seeing the various sizes of the different weight classes on the same stage.

I have to say the Chinese are putting on an impressive show! The water cube is wicked with the changing colour LED’s. The opening ceremony was very impressive even though nobody watches that kind of thing. It is a shame about the pollution – I am hopeful this will start them thinking about what they are doing to their environment and how unhealthy it is for the people who live there let alone anyone who would like to visit.

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Weeds – Watch Your Plants.

In one of the local reserves here someone has planted a Maiden Hair Fern. I know this plant fairly well. My Mother tried to grow many of them in our bathroom as I was growing up but no matter what she tried they always died. I think they are gorgeous and beautiful plants but these plants have no place in a local reserve. They are actually weeds there, and some of us are going to have to spend some valuable time pulling them out.

Maiden Hair Fern

It may have started as just one maiden hair fern, but it has spread out over large areas now. This is not a garden escapee, this is a case where someone has deliberately put them there. However plants which might be good in your garden can escape and be a weed in the local environment.  We all need to be careful what we are planting and check to make sure it isn’t a plant which can cause issues for local wildlife if it does manage to escape our own garden.

Maiden Hair Fern

Please, don’t ever put your garden waste in a local reserve. It does not belong there, and it may cause serious havoc for our native animals, not to mention the people who take care of the reserves..

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Take Note.


If you see naked children in the driveway of their home, this is not a usual or normal thing. It’s not ok. It means that someone isn’t paying attention to those kids, or that someone doesn’t care enough to make sure they have clothes on.

Why do I mention this? 18 month old twins were found dead in a house in Brisbane this week. And in the story linked to back there appears this comment –

Although two of the boys had appeared naked in his driveway from time to time, Mr Zammit said they looked quite healthy and he never suspected their parents might have been neglecting them.
“They’re kids, they run around and do these things,” he said.

In this day and age, no kids run around naked.

Unless you’re living in some kind of nudist camp, if you see this in your neighbourhood, get on the telephone. Even if they “appear healthy”. You might not know who to call, but the police would probably be a good start. There’s also usually some kind of child protective services.

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