Photo a day / week

It’s not long now, you guys. Sephy blogged about it today too. Looking for a new year’s resolution?

How many of you reading this are happy to commit to taking one photo a week? If that’s you, better go sign up here.

If you are a little more prepared to commit, how about a photo a day?

And just so you know, the pics do not have to be looking like they need to be in a magazine somewhere. You can use it as a diary, a reminder of days and weeks gone past. They can be pictures you took with a camera phone, if you want. The idea is just to participate, be a part of things.

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This movie may come to you as a surprise..

The other half and I don’t have the same taste in movies at all. I like to watch movies with him from time to time but it’s a big exercise in compromise for the most part. I have no desire to spend a couple of hours watching cartoons (ie anime) and most of the stuff he likes I just can’t stand. And vice versa. So tonight it came to me as a great surprise that a movie he chose turned out to be utterly fantastic – Gattaca.

I have never understood all the fuss about Jude Law, but I do now. Ethan Hawke was as always incredible. Uma Thurman was gorgeous and tall. The surprise for me was Loren Dean – who I recognised from somewhere but could not put my finger on where from – he played John Aaron in Apollo 13, one of my favourite movies. If you have not seen Gattaca, make sure to check it out. I really enjoyed it.

Oh, you remember the 10 things about me we did a while back? Sephy, I’m Not Craig, Ms Batville, Watershedd (with two d’s) and me all did it, and now Meva who has just returned from two weeks of snorkelling has done it too.. :)

If you are reading this and you are not one of the above named people, consider yourself obliged to post 10 things we don’t know about you, and then say you did it in the comments here. I’ll link to you. And for the NaBloPoMo people, this gives you something to blog about tomorrow/today!

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NaBloPoMo Commenting Challenge.

I am having an absolute ball here, you guys. There’s so many great blogs out there. Almost every one I read I am touched by in some way. And finding something to comment on with every blog I visit actually helps find that connection.

Sephy will tell you, he used to not feel comfortable commenting on blogs. I talked him into trying this, challenged him really. Now he’s setting himself goals of reading so many blogs a day and commenting on all that he can, and he’s enjoying it as much as I am, I can tell.

Thank you NaBloPoMo bloggers, for signing up, and blogging. And thanks to all my usual read bloggers, who inspire me regularly. You make me laugh, you make me cry, and you’ve snuck your way into my life somehow. I hope this post inspires you to comment on the blogs you read in future. It’s like blogging every day – once it becomes a habit, you just do it automatically.

The only problem is, I have bookmarked so many blogs to go back to, when I get around to putting them in the sidebar it’s going to be 10 times bigger than it is now.. ;) I started at the bottom of the alphabet, and Sephy started at the top, by the way.

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It’s all too much..

Not the best of days today. Sephy and I had plans to read 100 blogs. About 5 blogs in, I found something which inspired me to make the one photo a day project. And while making that blog, I found that blogger the new version has a kick ass way of changing colors and fonts, so I decided to switch this blog over to the new style. You may have noticed, it looks a bit different. I almost deleted it entirely at one point, I was so frustrated with trying to get it to work right.

So after about an hour of freaking out, I think I’ve worked out that anything that involves working with computers would not be a good job for me. However, I did enjoy making the graphic at the top of the new blog page.

But it kinda put a damper on the reading blogs, in fact took a huge chunk of time out of my day. I managed 25 in the end. I was going to keep going but then I got to a blog where some woman had commented she couldn’t wait for her husband’s cat to die so they don’t have to have a litterbox anymore, and I kinda got a bit mad. Like hello, selfish bitch. I can’t wait for you to die so you can quit taking up space here on our planet. I stopped myself from commenting on her blog and I won’t post a link to her blog here so ya’all can show her the kind of love I know you all want to.

So what does one do when it all turns to shyte? There’s only one thing to do.. watch William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet with Leonardo Dicaprio and Claire Danes. I haven’t done it in ages but I’m off to do that now.

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