The Comfort Zone

We’re pretty used to our favourite little river now.. It is our comfort zone. We know what to expect – calm, clear waters, occasional boat wakes which are not too scary, sometimes a little bit of a wave, but for the most part it looks like this –

comfort1We’ve talked about going out into the bay a few times – which contains sharks and dolphins and at certain times of the year even whales – but this time the water looked fairly calm so we decided to have a go at it. This is taken from out in the bay looking back towards our comfort zone.

comfort2Note to self – it always looks calmer than it actually is, even in photos. Once we got out there it was a bit scary. I didn’t take too many photos because we were concentrating on what we were doing.

comfort3Both the dolphin boats were out, packed full of people as it was a gorgeous day. They did not seem very far away when we were out there, but they were a long way away as you can see in this photo. :) It almost seemed like we could paddle out to them in a few minutes.

comfort4Hey, what’s my boat doing out here? ;)

We ventured out a couple of kilometres and it seemed like we were out there for ages but that was the fear making time go very slowly.

I had a sad that no dolphins approached us. Maybe next time we venture out of our comfort zone, they will. It certainly is a good reason to get out there and get used to it. :)

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Kayak Trip & Jellyfish

After taking several weeks off due to holidays, we finally got back on the kayak yesterday. It was an absolutely stunning day – almost like summer but hello, this is autumn now. Here’s hoping we get many more days like this in the next few months And look, it’s my toe! ;) YAY TOE.

16032When we got in the water, we noticed there were many tiny jellyfish. They were difficult to see for the most part, but you could see their shadows on the sand. Apparently these ones do not sting – if they did we would certainly know about it.

16030We decided to head down to the mouth of the creek and back, a shorter version of our usual trip.

16031When we got down to the mouth we discovered both the Dolphin Watch boats were out in the bay and the wharf was completely empty. We spotted one of the boats out in the bay. You can just see it in this pic.

16034This is the first time we have ever got there at the right moment with both boats out, so we decided to do a paddle along the wharf.

16035As we paddled along the other, newer Dolphin Watch boat appeared and headed back to the wharf. This one is usually moored in the river, the bigger boat stays tied up at the wharf.


On the way back we spent some time trying to photograph the jellyfish. On closer inspection we found that they had amazing colors which would run down their bodies. Some were green, some were pink or red. We thought we would try and get some photos of them while we were out but I was worried we would not be able to capture the colors.

We spent quite a lot of time using the Hobie Stake Out stick to keep us in the shadow of this tree, trying to get a picture. The stake out stick is a brilliant invention which enables a kayak to anchor in the sand. This does make it easier to eat a snack.

16039The camera would not focus on the jellyfish which was very frustrating. We were lucky to find a jellyfish with an air bubble in it so we could finally get a decent shot – and we did manage to capture some of the colors.


On the way back to the boat ramp The Other Half said that we had not seen any stingrays today.. and the next thing you know one appeared. He seemed to be quite curious about the Kayak, and he followed us for about 10 minutes. The water was a bit murky by this time so underwater shots did not turn out well.. here is a shot of the dark blob in the water it makes.. ;)

16037The ray was heading towards one of the boat ramps. Word on the street is these guys like hang out at boat ramps. I wonder if it is like the cool place to be, because we spotted another one also heading there – this one is known to us because it does not have a tail at all and we’ve seen it many times in the creek. Also hanging out near the boat ramp were these guys.

16038On the way back there is an amazing dead tree. It fell backwards exposing a huge root structure.

160310My usual exercise routine has been completely thrown out by our trip, and by this time the muscles in the backs of my thighs were starting to hurt a bit. We decided to call it a day, having been out for 2 hours and 40 minutes according to the i-phone tracking system. Usually those muscles don’t hurt until we’ve been out for four hours, so looks like I have some work to do to get them back into shape. ;)

We do seem to have got our act together when it comes to getting ready to go kayaking and putting together our gear. We also have found the perfect kayak snack – nutrigrain bars. Yes this *sounds* awful, I know. However they are absolutely spectacular, my favourite flavor is honeycomb. I also like to take a banana and a couple of bottles of water.

feeshWe use the Olympus 850SW waterproof and shockproof camera to take photos on the kayak and when snorkelling. We chose the pink one in case it were to fall off the kayak or get dropped when we were snorkelling, so that we would be able to see it. :) The above shot is from the Marriott Lagoon Pool we visited while on holiday, it gives you an idea of the kind of shots you can get with this camera.

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Kayak Time

We finally picked up the kayak today. As such I am a little tired so I will just post a quick pic of it next to the car. Of course it is black and white because I’ve never put a color pic of the car here. ;) Click on the picture for a larger image.

The new Kayak

Tomorrow if I get a chance I will write about lessons learned from the first trip out. But we might be making our second trip out, so we’ll see. ;)

I will mention – it is more fun and even better than I expected. And we saw a huge stingray swim right under us.  I mean huge, it was bigger than me. We got a pic of it though the pic is a little dodgy you can clearly see the massive sting in the tail. I put an arrow to where the sting is.

stingray in the water

Up the top right hand corner of the pic you can see some of the body of the ray (not all of it, like I say it was huge) and near the white dot in the middle (which is an air bubble stuck on the lens from putting the camera in the water too quick but the thing was moving!) the blurry green section is some of the sand it is kicking up.

We’ll need to get the hang of using this camera – but someone was a little freaked out by the stingray. And for once it wasn’t me! ;) Some of the underwater pics are just plain odd to look at.


A Day Out.

As mentioned yesterday today we took the kayak we want to buy for a test drive. Unlike the one we rented previously, this one was easily controlled and went where we asked it to go – even when using the paddles instead of the pedals. We managed to do some circles – a complete 360 – twice. The pedals take a little getting used to and sure work the leg muscles. I expect we will be much fitter in a few months. ;)

For those of you thinking a kayak is a cheap thing that you can pick up for a couple of hundred bucks, think again. You won’t get much change from $3,000. We placed our order and also got some other bits and pieces from the shop. By mid-day we were picking up the roof racks and hopefully we will be able to get the kayak before the weekend. It is a thing of beauty I might add.

It was an absolutely stunning day here – more like summer than autumn – and when we finished the kayaking we thought we would go snorkelling. Check out the stunning place that we like to snorkel in – Honeymoon Bay in Jervis Bay. Today I managed to get the camera out of the car afterwards. You can click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Honeymoon Bay in Jervis BayHoneymoon Bay in Jervis Bay.


A Paddle Boat

When I lived back in Adelaide, we were living within a short distance of West Lakes. I always used to love seeing the (manmade) water there. My dream at the time was to live in a house with a little pier and to have a paddle boat to paddle around the lakes with.

So a few years later, a completely different state, a completely new life that I did not anticipate, and I still want a paddle boat. Though not quite the same kind. I want me a Kayak. To be specific, a Hobie Mirage Outfitter.

This from the girl who never swam in the sea until a year ago for fear of sharks. This from the girl who went kayaking for the first time about a week ago and was utterly terrified by it because we couldn’t get the kayak to go where we wanted it to go. It wasn’t a Hobie, it was a cheap crappy double kayak that we hired and the darn thing was like a shopping trolley that refused to go straight.

Did you know you can get kayaks with pedals as well as “paddles”? Seriously there is some amazing kayak technology going on from Hobie.

Tomorrow we test drive the one we intend to buy, and hopefully will have it by the weekend. w00t! Of course I’ll post pics. :)

There is much going on in my life at present, much of which cannot be blogged about. Community volunteer work,  the other half on holidays and actually smiling for a change, an exercise bike, roast chickens, kitties being cute, blog design, and filing cabinets. There is much I want to tell you and I hope to have some time to do that soon!

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