Flying By..

Is it just me, or are the days going by so fast now?

So much happening with the business, very little time for myself. Where did I leave you last?

Thursday –

Many customers to the studio in the morning. Delivery run to Shellharbour in the afternoon. Dropped into Warrawong to get potatoes – purchased 15kg will be set for a while. They were $5.98 a 5kg bag which is a bargain here at the moment. Dropped one bag into parents. Picked up our Empanada kit the farmers market was absolutely packed. Returned here to more customers

In the evening we had our ZOOM chat – no Silvertiger, I was not aware of the security issues. I only use it to run chats and don’t give it email addresses,I don’t use Apple so I think it will be ok. But I’ll have the other half investigate further. By the time this chat was over, I was so tired I went right to bed.

Friday – Easter Friday. We were open, had a few customers. I made a large vat of vegetable soup. Friday afternoon I worked on sorting through all my work related photos and putting all the inventory photos into one folder all together, listed by price and product name. I finished this by the end of the afternoon and DAYUM it feels great to have that organised finally.

Whatever happens we will be a much better organised business at the end of COVID-19.

Saturday – On this day we were delivered some Hot Cross Bun doughnuts from a local business. They were amazing. We then made empanadas for dinner. Also amazing. I couldn’t really say what else I did, everything is blurring together now. Lesson learned, write these days daily into this post! :)

Sunday – Leftover empanadas for lunch, long day of business related works started off by a home delivery to a customer at 8:50am then organising a delivery run for Easter Monday. Home made pizza for dinner.

Monday – 5 home deliveries done before 10am, back home to open the shop, work work work, leftover pizza for dinner. And here I sit while it cooks writing this post.

Goal Posts Moving

New goals kind of overtook the goals I had already set.

The photo sorting was the start of a bigger job. This is a part of getting our Square system ready for integration into a new business website. The next task involved going through each individual item of inventory, adding photos and a description and a category, and deleting anything no longer needed. I’m getting there. One more 25 minute pomodoro and I think I will have this finished.

So these goals still remain –

2. Dust my bookshelf – personal – Still not achieved.

3. Sort out the studio shelves – business – Still not achieved.

Bonus goal –

4. Have one uninterrupted afternoon coffee – personal/business – YAY I did this. :)

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COVID-19 2020

Trying To Keep Up

I would love to say I’ve put myself on a no-news diet but the truth is, I simply don’t have the time for watching any news at the moment. I’m only managing a maximum of an hour and a half, sometimes two hours, of television a day and I prefer it to be quality viewing.

A big surprise delivery on Monday of work stock plus a couple of runs to the post office cancelled out most of Monday.

Tuesday was meant to be a stay at home day but suddenly I had three packages that needed to be posted. I got my home delivery of food this day but they forgot a couple of things.

Why yes, that is a 5 KILO bag of pasta. We will not run out anytime soon.

There was also a moment on Tuesday that had me bolt out of my chair like a horse scared by a snake and literally run to get my credit card. I got this email –

The lady in the store had told me to order it quickly and I took her quite literally. Turns out I could have taken my time because I checked again at the end of the day and they still had 55 rolls left in stock.

I ordered 4 rolls for us and 4 rolls for them. I thought I was maybe pushing the limits there and I didn’t know if they had an amount you were allowed to order but to be fair these 4 rolls would last us about a month so I thought that was a good amount. When I went to pick up the rolls, the person before me had TWO BOXES of 18 rolls. Dude, you’re part of the problem.

So this morning I had to run to the delivery store to get my missing items and then to Centaur to get the TEEPEE then drop half of that to the parents then back here where I discover more people want things posted so I make that happen then back to the post office again, then return here to await customers.

Tomorrow we do another delivery run and also grab our Empanadas on our way home. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday HAPPY DAYS WE GO NOWHERE. I am quite determined.

Pretty much an epic fail on the goals front. I achieved just one of the goals though it is the one I think will make the most difference at the moment –

The desktop is clear. Yay! My mind feels better.

So these goals remain –

2. Dust my bookshelf – personal

3. Sort out the studio shelves – business

Bonus goal –

4. Have one uninterrupted afternoon coffee – personal/business – Still not achieved.

I’ll check in on Sunday, hope you are all doing well. :)

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COVID-19 2020

Smart Thinking

I’m so excited about this Empanada box. Even Mitchell could make these. :) I ordered two as soon as I saw it because I like the traditional beef but it has olives in there, The Other Half will not like those. He got pulled pork. This will be a tasty dinner for us next week plus there is enough there for me to take the parents half the batch.

This is smart thinking – Ola Chola tend to do a lot of food markets many of which are now cancelled but this way their customers can make their food at home. I wish a lot more food stalls would do this.. it would be awesome.

My parents are a bit cuckoo also. Dad called me Thursday morning and said hey, the reject shop are advertising toilet rolls for $7.50 for a 24 pack. It starts today, he said. Can you go and see if they have any? Well I did need to go to the post office so I said I would do a loop of the shops just to see if they had any. I asked one of the staff – did the toilet rolls come in? Yes, they were here at 8:30 and gone by 8:31. Don’t know if we are getting any more.

I did the full loop of all the supermarkets, I did not find any toilet roll. Insert Fail Whale here.

I had to do a second run to the post office late Thursday, we had to take the parents car to be serviced on Friday, Saturday we went nowhere at all for an entire day and it was sheer bliss except for the fact that I spent the entire day doing business admin work plus uploading photos to our website and listing products.

Sunday we had to do some deliveries for my business which turned out to be a 4 hour round trip with multiple stops along the way but not a single toilet stop yay me! On the way home I called the parents, they needed juice and bread so I dropped the other half home – he is finishing a Uni assignment – and I ran off to get those things.

I think now is a good time to do some goal setting. I’m making use of to-do lists for business admin related things but Saturday marked the last of those tasks at least for the time being, so it is a good time to set some personal and also business goals. We will check in on these on Wednesday!

1. Clean up my computer desktop – personal

Clearly this job needs doing, I am a couple of files from having no space left!

2. Dust my bookshelf – personal

No photo maybe once it is dusted because it really needs it!

3. Sort out the studio shelves – business

Also no photo and boy does this job need doing as a matter of urgency. If everything has a home it is much easier to put it back home each time.

That is three tasks for three days, I think fair to keep it small to begin with. Plus I do not know – I have some stock that has landed in Sydney and if that rocks up here it could eat into my time somewhat, plus customers. But let me add a bonus goal –

4. Have one uninterrupted afternoon coffee – personal/business

This past week we’ve not had one afternoon coffee time that was sacred. People called or popped in or suddenly ordered something which needed to be packed and posted – that was Thursday because one lesson I have learned – never post something on a Friday or Saturday.

In coming weeks I would like to –

Clean & sort the store room – business

Clean the bathrooms & toilets – part business part personal – the business has a toilet and bathroom, we have one just for us.

Reorganise the wardrobes

Empty the drawers out to rescue my earrings that fell down the back & clean off the top of the drawers.

Hang the acrylic pourings (this is an Other Half task)

Put up a picture rail in the studio (also an Other Half task)

If you want to set some goals on your blog I will be excited to read them and encourage you to reach for them. :)

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COVID-19 2020

Exponential Growth

Seems Scomo can’t go a day without saying something quite stupid but in this case he really put my cat among the chickens.. what I sell are not puzzles but they are pretty dang close. This has been our busiest week ever. I now sit here with paper and a pen so I can write down what people are ordering then go and put everything ordered aside once an hour or so, otherwise I’m just up and down all day and I don’t get much actual work done.

Plus I have been waiting on stock which comes from China, so all of that is thoroughly sprayed with anti bac spray once it arrives here. Not much of it has been, because there are not a lot of planes flying at the moment. I did get a big delivery in yesterday and much of it is already gone. Great for the business, great for the people being kept amused, it is keeping me very busy and I need to make sure I take actual breaks. People can just message me, arrive in my driveway, I’ll bring their stuff out, they tap their card and away they go.

I actually hit tilt today though.. There is only one of me and only so many trains I can keep running on the tracks at any one moment. I’m going to get an early night and start again tomorrow. I might need to aim for a day off and a day out soon, too.

The parents needed some items today plus I had to go post some things to customers so armed with my trusty facemask, hand sanitiser and anti-bac spray, I was off. The only thing I could not get was sultana cake mix – the shops here have completely sold out of cake mix.

I found toilet rolls! My parents think I am a superhero lol. I was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time, but I know there are folks doing a loop of the local shops several times a day – they go to Aldi, little Woolworths, Big Woolworths, Coles, IGA, and then they do it all over again.

We have everything we need here already – though I did grab some extra milk and green capsicum enough for 3 weeks of pizza today – but it was a lot of hard work to make it so, and who knows how much risk was involved in that.

For some idiotic reason the supermarkets here turned off online shopping very early on when online shopping could actually be the answer to this whole problem – stop the people endlessly going to stores, stop those who are bulk buying toilet paper because you only deliver once a week to each address, and stop the risk of having to go out in the world among the other people. Protect the supermarket staff from all the germs, remove the cash from the equation..

But I guess the big brains in charge aren’t thinking outside the box.. :)

I do not have to leave the house again until Friday morning when I have to drop the parents car off to be serviced, but then it will be back here pretty quickly until we have to go and collect it later that day. I will update you again on the weekend!

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COVID-19 2020

Life Is Somewhat Different Now.

This week I focused on the pantry, fridge and freezer. First we did a stocktake of these places on Tuesday..

Tuesday night Scomo (our useless-in-my-opinion Prime Minister) announced that nail salons would close midnight Wednesday. I immediately messaged my nail lady and booked in for first thing the next morning. Look, there are very few things I do for myself when it comes to health and beauty and nails is the top of my list. I don’t do them for other people, I do them for me. I love to look down and see good healthy strong nails with a nice manicure. It is good for my mental health.

BUUUUT The Other Half was very unhappy that I was going to the nail salon. Every time he has been past there people are packed in like sardines. The only way he would agree that I could go was if I would wear a mask. I did already have fabric masks on order from a lady I know who does Markets – Besgrove Embroidery – they were due to arrive on Wednesday but it was only Tuesday. You can still order them via her Facebook page if you want one.

She had put a post up late last week and boy did the keyboard warriors give her a scolding. So much so she took the post down, but I had already ordered mine and also told everyone I knew, some of whom wanted to order them. We ended up doing one package to me and I gave them out to the folks when they got here. We’ve added some copper wire to ours to keep them in place over the nose.

But my Mother had told me, she had some old not used surgical masks from when Dad was unwell in 2011, and I figured those would still work just fine. So I dropped over to pick one up first thing Wednesday.

It turned out three of the five people in the nail bar were people I am in regular contact with through my business and I had spent two and a half hours in their company on Monday night, so that certainly eased his mind somewhat. I also had brought along spare masks for them to keep and use in the coming days, at least until our fabric ones arrived.

I already had a haircut booked in for Wednesday- my normal “chop it all off before it begins to get too cold and I have to use the hairdryer” appointment. My hairdresser and her daughter are both customers of my business and they were also here on Monday night. They were the only other people in the salon, which eased The Other Half’s mind a little. I was in and out of there in 45 minutes.

While I was sitting there I realised.. The Other Half isn’t going to let me back out to do anything else, so I better run all the errands I can before I go back home. I went to one supermarket for milk, bread and potatoes. Milk was limited to 2×2 litres. I went to a cash and carry bulk buy place for beef mince, chicken breast, more milk and calamari. I managed to get eggs there too. Then I dropped all of these groceries at my front door for The Other Half to de-germ, while I headed out to one last supermarket.

All three of the supermarkets I went to, there were other people wearing masks, some of them quite elaborate and fancy and in one case like a genuine wartime gas mask.

You cannot smile at others while wearing a mask, because they cannot see your mouth. You have to learn to SMIZE as Tyra Banks would say. Smile with your eyes.

When I got to the final supermarket a fellow mask wearer congratulated me on my wearing a mask – finally another sane person she said. Is it sane? I’m not sure, but I’m not taking any chances here. I will err on the side of caution. I will sanitize and disinfect and take off all my clothes and wash them right away in the laundry – which I did as soon as I got back from the final supermarket. I will not go to Bunnings on the weekend unless it is a true hardware emergency. I will only go to the supermarket if I must.

Speaking of supermarket musts, that same Wednesday at 6pm the pair of us headed to Aldi for one final shop. There wasn’t much left in the way of meat but we did manage to get almost everything we wanted with the exception of tissues and green capsicum (peppers) – they did have some but they were Not Great.. I think we are good here for at least two possibly four weeks now.

We did use the hand sanitizer a lot, and I am lucky because I love Bath and Body Works so much, I have a very good supply of that and hand wash here at home. I stocked up on our last visit.

Thursday, I had to post something to a customer, so while I was out I sourced tissues and also grabbed bread and milk for the parents. I dropped that in to them plus a “mighty roll” of paper towel.

Thursday afternoon I went to the Berry Farmers Market. It was like a big chess game, with boxes drawn on the ground and you could move to the next box when it was empty. I got more eggs, some more mince meat and steaks, and then some incredible veggies, really enormous carrots and scored some brussel sprouts yay. Here is a photo from the Kiama one which was set out the same –

The fridge is now completely full. The freezer has a little space left but not much.

Friday was a day at home. Saturday we had deliveries to do, and these went from here all the way to Campbelltown. The one rule I made for myself at the start of this – NO public toilets at all. I will not go into one. And while we were out for almost 5 hours, I did manage to adhere to this rule. That brings us to today, another stay at home day..

So anyway since I wrote the above there have been developments. We are now supposed to stay at home.

Now all the days will be stay at home days. In many ways this is a good thing. I guess we’ll see what happens next. But we certainly were prepared for this announcement. Do I think it will stop the folks endlessly traipsing from shop to shop looking for toilet paper? No, I don’t.

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COVID-19 2020

The Long Weekend

Our Easter long weekend was mostly a lot of lazing around. This year so far has been go go go for both of us, a lot of family outings, quite a bit of work for me, work and uni for the other half, just busy-ness in general.

Living in an area where a lot of tourists – referred to by some locals as another T word much less flattering – visit on long weekends, public holidays and school holidays, a staycation is your best way to avoid long queues, busy restaurants, sometimes badly cooked meals or meals you had to wait a very long time to arrive, and much traffic.

Once I left work on Thursday, we did not go near another shop and I will not until I go back to the shop tomorrow. Part of that is thanks to getting back into meal planning and a fortnightly shop.

We did go out for one long walk down to our former neighbourhood Callala Bay / Beach. We chose that instead of Huskisson as they were having a rather large event. They do have quite a good network of walking and cycling paths down that way now, so it is always a more peaceful option we can use if Husky/Vincentia is crazy busy.

We are never quite sure if a decision will be a good one until we are on our way there. In this case we feared the worst because the traffic was quite heavy on the way down but once we got there the people all went different ways and the walking paths were mostly free of insanity.

We did a 10km run/walk. I like to split my 10kms into two halves because the first 5km is where I usually run – in this case it was the first 2km and then some sprints – and the second 5km is a bit more leisurely. It was very hot out – almost 30C (86F) so we paced ourselves.

Part of this was through the neighbourhood known as Benton Sands which is a very lovely development. They have a community centre and pool and I believe the plantings were all supposed to be Australian native plants which does make for a more natural environment. It also does mean a bit more hayfever at this time of year, at least for us.

We passed this large group of swans feeding. I’ve never seen this many swans in one place at one moment before.

We ended up at the Boat Ramp on our way back to the car which is always great entertainment on a long weekend. It was absolutely packed with cars and boat trailers. BOATS AKIMBO. Absolute madness!

At home there was much coffee..

And cake.. which made me fit in another 5km run on Monday around our home block, in which I encountered a very large spider just hanging out on the ground for no apparent reason and let out an incredibly loud scream as a surprise to myself and though I did not ask I suspect also as a surprise to the spider. I went back and took a photo, which I suppose is a step in the right direction towards not being quite so terrified of those creatures. I will not share it here because That Is Not How I Roll.

At home there was The Bus at least once a day, AKA Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’m not much into the Marvel universe at the best of times and I couldn’t tell you anything about the movies but I love this show and their bus – aka the massive plane – is super cool.

I also binged Season 5 of Bosch which was deeply excellent, caught a few episodes of various shows which I am watching weekly at the moment in particular Line of Duty, LOVING Project Runway with Christian Siriano as the mentor, 24 Hours in Police Custody, COPS, and my one hate watch, Sister Wives. I like the wives, I just HATE the guy and therefore it is beyond my understanding how he has collected up 4 wives who can stand to spend as much as one minute near him.

Sephyroth and I caught up for a lovely video chat in which he updated me about a work conference he went to, sounds like it was awesome. I caught him up on all our happenings here.

I brought home the work laptop for the weekend so I could try and clear out some extra space on there, deleting useless games and various Windows junk which nobody wants or needs.

I also sat down with the Spreadsheet Maestro AKA The Other Half and we created a couple of things which will make my work life a lot easier. I’m fired up and super excited to get back to work today, then I have a couple of days off in which I will run quite a bit, and then a little more work.

How was your weekend – long or short? :)

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Fitness February Wrap Up

This is the last section of path to be completed in Vincentia, it is one of my favourite parts – this used to be asphalt and poorly laid asphalt at that. They have added a carpark here, too.

Fitness February is done and dusted. I have two walks to add – both of these were with family so not my usual speedy pace.

On Monday afternoon we went down to Vincentia and Huskisson for an afternoon walk and we were planning coffee, but we ended up with pizza and gelato instead at The Cheesy Grin. That added 4.5km to the monthly total.

Tuesday I did 30 minutes of Beat Saber after work and managed a perfect score on my favourite song Escape. I also got a bit better at Gangnam Style and totally failed Rasputin. It is a very hard level, so I switched No Fail on, but I still struggled to make it through the song.

Wednesday I took the day off mostly, until my aunt and my cousin’s wife went for a walk around the block with me. That added 1.3 to the total.

Thursday while you may not see any specific sustained exercise, we did four runs to the dump, which was a bit of a workout in itself.

Mon: 4.5km
Wed: 1.3km

Final February Total – 156.78km

My goal for the month was 140km. so I beat that by 16km.

I’m not sure what goal I want to set for March. At the moment I am setting a weekly goal of 20km per week, and we’ll see how that goes. :) I’d like to do two 5kms and one 10km per week if possible, and add in some shorter nightly walks but we’ll see what happens.

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Fitness February Check In – Almost Done

I don’t have a lot of activity to share with you this week. I managed to injure myself on Monday which put me on the sidelines for the next few days.

We did the bush track and while walking there was the usual ship and helicopter landing activity out in the bay which I find quite fascinating and somehow I managed to step wrongly on a rock and fall over. I bruised my foot and pulled some muscles. Because I’d set a low goal for this week, I decided not to tempt fate and risk making this worse by walking on it until it felt better.

I did not get back out on the track until Friday, but I did do some Berry walking on the Thursday, I didn’t bother to count that. At some point during the Friday walk I believe I met my February goal of 140kms, while dodging the event set up for the Husky Triathlon Festival. I ran the first km of this, but took it easy after that.

Saturday I decided to walk near to home so you don’t get a map today. This walk met my 20km goal for the week.

Mon: 05.07
Fri: 11.68
Sat: 03.51

Total – 20.26

February total thus far 150.98

On Friday there was a low flying helicopter, I managed to grab a photo. :)

With only three days left of February to go, I’m not setting any goals for these three days but I will be setting some goals for March. I believe if I did not set goals it would be far too easy to not go walking or running – there are so many things that I could do which are not that, and a lot of things this month have been set aside in order to hit my February goal.

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Fitness February Check in – Halfway There.

A little more than halfway.. there are only 10 days left in February. Unfortunately for me, I am working 5 of those days and three of those days are a long day, not my usual short and sweet 5 hour shift. So those days are probably going to be 2kms max, and knowing this was coming I tried to stretch my walks over the past week.

Monday – I headed out after work for a quick 5km. As I’d had a little argument before leaving work, I was a touch angry which meant I was in the mood to run and push myself hard.

So this was a speedy 5km in lovely but quite windy weather, about 25C (F). I was expecting to experience muscle soreness the next day but I did not, which is a sign to me I can start to push even harder if I want to.

Tuesday – Another quick after work 5km, this one took slightly longer because it was super hot – 39C (f) – and windy. I did a few sprints but mostly walking.

Wednesday – Last week I said it wasn’t realistic for me to expect to do a 10km on a work day and to be fair it probably is not most of the time, unless all the stars align in the correct pattern. Today they did – I got out on time, the weather was perfect with no thunderstorms on the horizon, and by the time I got to the starting point I realised I had enough time to walk a 10km if I wanted to and still get home at a reasonable hour to make dinner.

Strangely this was the quickest 10km I have done yet, coming in at just over an hour and a half and that was even with 5 minutes spent stood still watching helicopters land on a navy boat out in the bay. Hard to get a good photo of it though.

Thursday – I decided to really stretch out my walk today and planned a 15km walk. I did kick off with a quick 1st kilometer. After that I did throw in a few 100m sprints here and there. But somehow my maths was wrong, and when I hit 15kms I was still quite some distance from the car. Just under one and a half kilometers away to be precise.

That last 1.5km I had a very sore left calf and I was worried that this might become a longer term problem but that afternoon I had a pedicure with a massage and that helped to fix it. Just recovery walking tomorrow, though.

It was so beautiful out there, 24C slightly on the cooler side for me but a few sprints warmed me up nicely.

Friday – I did two walks today – one in the morning which was a run/walk, and a second walk in the afternoon which was more a shopping walk but I got in 1.65km in the process by parking further away and walking quite a long way between shops.

The morning walk was a sweaty event as there was not much breeze today and thus I became quite warm. I ran a fair bit of the first two KMs then just kept up a high pace with a few 100m sprints. This was a very good time for a 10km for me, I was very happy with that. Especially as I felt like it was a struggle while doing it, and I thought I was going to take half an hour longer than I had hoped.

The afternoon walk was in Berry heading to a shop that is in the process of closing. It happens to be one of my Aunt’s favourite shops and I got some super specially priced yarns for her as a surprise. She arrives here next week on the Wednesday.

Saturday – we did the bush track and a bit of the path today. I knew anything more than 6km I would hit my goal, but we kept going a bit further as it was so lovely out.

I mean, does it really get any better than this? Spending so much time out walking the bay is my favourite thing. :)

Sunday I took a day off from walking but not a day off from exercise – see this video. This is a far different form of it than I am used to, but essentially this is what is happening in the man cave right now.. :) my arms are like jelly, I can hardly type. It is a virtual reality game called Beat Saber and it is super fun. In fact I believe this is exactly what virtual reality was designed for.

Mon: 05.31
Tue: 05.51
Wed: 10.56
Thu: 16.49
Fri: 11.81
Sat: 07.51

This weeks total 57.19 (to Fri)
February total thus far 130.72

To complete my goal I only need one more 10km walk and I will definitely manage that in the next 10 days. I’m going to take my foot off the pedal slightly and focus on shorter faster run/walks, setting a quite low goal for this week of 20km. The Other Half has two weeks holidays now and we want to get some decluttering done around the house so that will be my main focus once I’ve hit that goal. Other than trying to master Gangnam Style in Beat Saber.

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Fitness February Check In

Monday – I had an appointment in Nowra on Monday 4th February so I did a 5km wander around town while I was there. I figure take the chance to get my walk in wherever I can! Though I did get held up by traffic lights more often than I would like, the terrain was different as was the wildlife – I never see ducks on my walks down at the bay.

We did have a plan to go walking after The Other Half got home from work but I wasn’t sure how the weather would be. At least this way I got my 5km in for the day, anything extra is bonus distance. It was pretty warm out there, 31C (87.8F) and super humid, so this first walk was a sweaty adventure.

We did end up getting out for a second walk, and that one was down at Vincentia with a sea breeze, much nicer, zero traffic lights and not so humid. We did some running too. This brings the distance for Monday to 10.78km.

Tuesday – was pretty crazy. There was a large yacht in the bay which distracted me once I spotted it. Maybe I have watched a little too much Below Deck. ;)

I thought I was way off the pace for the first 5km so I pushed really hard and it turned out I was actually spot on with the pace. Not sure why the maths in my head wasn’t working, but I am feeling this workout in my thighs right now.

As I finished the 5km it began to lightly rain. I’m not going to let some rain get in my way, so I kept going. However I decided to just slow down and enjoy the walk, and somehow lost track of my distance. So I ended up doing an extra KM as a surprise.

Wednesday – was a work day and I have to be realistic about this – there is no way I can fit in a 10km on a work day. I actually took this as a rest day as I had done 3 solid days of exercise in a row. But it was the worst I have felt on any day yet! I was so tired. I found myself falling asleep in my recliner while dinner was in the oven and I went to bed early. I am going to make more of an effort and try to work in a 5km on work days but even 1km is better than nothing. At the moment with daylight savings it is do-able, I just have to plan it well.

Thursday – I had a dentist appointment, but right after that I headed out. I did not set any pace goals, I just walked for distance today.

It was very windy and wavy out there so there were a bunch of kite surfers enjoying the conditions. It felt great to be out there walking but I am feeling it in the backs of my lower legs today.

Friday – we got out for a quick 5km after work. I did not even take a photo, we were so focused on getting this 5km done fast as thunder clouds were threatening from a distance.. And fast it was. Mostly 100m sprinting, then 100m walking. I wanted to push myself hard today, do a recovery 10km on Saturday, and then I have 4 days of work in a row so I will need to walk at the usual pace on those days.

When we got home the thunderstorm hit, and wow did it ever hit. The Other Half went out to his car to get his phone just as it kicked off, and he wasn’t able to make it back to the house for some time, he was stuck out by the shed where he watched all the water not go into the rainwater tank – because it is full. Meanwhile I was watching a leak develop in the Delicate Nirvana, which will need sorting before the next storm.

Saturday – The Other Half and I took the bush track to Hyams and back, then a bit of the normal track to make up a 10km.

It was a gorgeous day about 28C (82.4F) with plenty of sea breezes to cool us off.

Sunday – I had to work, so once I was done we did the bush track again to make a 5km. It was 26C (78.8F) and gorgeous out, so while we kicked off with some sprinting runs, after we got to 2.5km we slowed right down and just enjoyed the bush track.

The totals for this week –

Mon: 10.78
Tue: 11.00
Wed: 00.00
Thu: 10.31
Fri: 05:03
Sat: 10:31
Sun: 05.02

Previous week total : 21.08
This week total : 52.45
February Total: 73.53

Overall it has been an excellent week even with my weird one day on one day off work schedule I’m not sure if I really liked it. I’m more of a work all my days in a row and then have time off. Next week I work the first 3 days, so those will be 5km days, the remaining days will be 10km weather permitting on all of those walks, of course. I will walk in rain no problems but not a thunderstorm and we’ve been having a lot of them just lately. The distance goal for next week is 55km.

exercise, Fitness February 2019