Day 4 – 1200 Calories – Lite N Easy

Today was not an especially organised day. I was meant to work 4:30-10 but they asked me to extend to midnight so I had to throw in my dinner at the last minute. Unfortunately we are missing some photos – one as I rushed out the door, one as I took a very fast break..

Breakfast – Berry Wheat Bites with skim milk*

These are awesome. I am sure these are available on supermarket shelves but I would have to spend more time checking out the cereal aisle to work out what they are.

Breakfast – Multigrain Toast with Marmalade

No photo, sorry. It looked a lot like toast with marmalade on it, lol :) I burned the toast. Me and toasters lately!

Lunch – Pesto Chicken Tender and Tomato on a Round Roll

Sorry no pic of this one either, but it looked a lot like this chicken tender on a round roll. No chutney though, so it was a little dry without anything to spread on the bread.

Dinner – Honey Soy Chicken

This was very tasty. Not breast chicken but it was done so well I didn’t mind. This reminds me of a recipe I used to cook – sticky chicken. Will be re-ordering this.

Snacks – Light Fruit Cake – Mandarin – Peach Fruit Cup

I like the fruit cake – many sultanas and apricot in there. Because I zap it in the microwave to defrost it, this is warm. The only thing missing is custard and it would be like Christmas Pudding.

Swapped the mandarin for an apple – mandarin is too hard to eat at work.

Now I get two days off, in which I can enjoy the US election coverage, Sephy and I are going to catch up and hopefully watch Breaking Bad season 5 episode 3 together (my favourite episode of season 5 – he has not seen it yet) and probably there will be much ER watching.

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Day 3 – 1200 Calories – Lite N Easy

Lunch – Thai Chicken Cakes with Asian Coleslaw and Garlic Lemon Vinaigrette.

This was very tasty, if a little lacking in Thai spices. I find these salads quite filling, and if I’d been at home I would have put the coleslaw back in the fridge for later on once I finished the chicken cakes.

Snacks – Rice Crackers with Salsa Dip – Sweet Pineapple Bites

Added a banana to the corn chips with salsa dip.

Saved the pineapple bites for dessert.

Dinner – Mac N Cheese

Awesome. On the must reorder list.

Breakfast – Egg on a toasted Multigrain Muffin

A little boring, but ok. I boiled the egg.

Missed out on – Green Apple

Swapped it for the banana instead.

Made it to the gym also too! yays. I have to tell you though.. I counted 18 cars in the carpark and one motorbike (compared to the usual 6 or 7 on the weekend) and walking in the door there was absolutely no air in there. Today was a super hot day, and the aircon in the gym seems to suffer.

Also took some spare carefully weighed snacks to work –

2x 45g fruit n bran cereal, 2x 20g rice crackers.

3 days in with 1200 calories, I can say this is the way forward for me. 1500 was just too much food. I’ll be ordering again for next week, for 1200 calories, in the next couple of days.

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Day 2 – 1200 Calories – Lite N Easy

Today, a bad happened! I fell into a trap which, I am certain, happens to anyone doing Lite N Easy at some point. I forgot to take my food to work. :(

So, lucky me, I had one Royal Gala apple in the fridge, and my rice crackers mentioned in this post – in fact the exact two packets pictured. That is all I got to eat until dinner time with a visit to the gym before dinner. I was a little hungry but nowhere near as hungry as I expected.

Breakfast – Cheese and Tomato toasted Wholegrain & Oat Sandwich

Swapped the tomato for avocado, made it into a grill instead of a toasted sandwich.

Lunch – Cheese, Tomato and Mustard Relish Wholegrain & Oat Sandwich

Hmm, same same much? How did I not realise I was essentially ordering the same thing twice? So to make it less same same, and because I happened to cook a roast pork loin for the other half, I swapped the tomato for a couple of slices of pork.

And now let me tell you the story of the stunningness of this sandwich. I’d seen this pork roast at Woolworths – pork loin with sage and onion – and it was $18 and I thought well, that will do one dinner and left over sandwiches for a couple more meals for the other half without too much effort on his part.

The pork was perfectly cooked, very lean (what little fat there was I cut off) and the crust formed on the top with the herbs was *gorgeous*. But team it up with the mustard relish? OMG flavour sensation. Even the plastic cheese slice provided melded in beautifully with the flavours and smooshyness and because the bread was warm from defrosting..

I don’t know how nice this would have been with tomato. Possibly a little weird.

Dinner – Fishermans Pie

As always, this was beautiful. Call me boring if you want to but I intend to eat this for every second dinner this week. It is just fab.

Missed out on – Mandarin – Pear Fruit Cup – Cheese & Chive Crackers

I substituted the cheese and chive crackers for the rice crackers – I ate 30 grams of the rice crackers which = 119 calories, 4 calories less than the cheese and chive crackers. I substituted the mandarin for one red apple.

Gym visit –

I did get there yesterday as well, just forgot to mention it. My aim at the gym these days is to try and burn 300 calories, and to push myself in doing so. I’m trying higher levels on the elliptical each time.

Yesterday visit –

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Day 1 – 1200 Calories – Lite N Easy

Lunch – Sliced Turkey with Baby Leaf Salad and Cranberry Sauce in a Wrap.

This was beautiful, lovely and fresh, the cranberry sauce very zingy and flavourful, the turkey excellent, the rocket peppery. It was a lot of food though!

Snacks – Green Apple – Fruit Bun – Mandarin

Obviously this is not a green apple – I swapped it for one of the Royal Gala apples I bought. Not a big fan of green apples.

If I’d been at home, I would have had these two snacks separately, probably an hour or more apart. While at work you only get 2x 10 minute breaks (in a 6 hour shift) so I made these at the same time, it probably took me 45 mins to eat all of it.

The fruit bun was extremely cute. Kind of like a wholemeal hot x bun.

Dinner – Chicken Dijon

Loved the wild rice. Loved the veg with the mustard sauce. Not a great fan of the chicken – was not breast chicken. If this came without chicken I’d keep ordering it, because everything else was beautiful. So, adding this to the list of ones to not re-order.

Breakfast – Pikelets with Strawberry Compote and Honey Yoghurt


I had been looking forward to this as a kind of breakfast dessert all day and it absolutely did not disappoint. Certainly the easiest of the cooked breakfasts I’ve put together so far – 1:45 in the microwave for the compote, 40 seconds for the pikelets, put the pikelets on the plate, put the compote on top of the pikelets and I was supposed to put the yoghurt on top of that, but I liked to eat that separately.

Next time I’d put a sprinkle or few of cinnamon into the compote – there is a lot of apple in there – and that would take it from awesome to superfreakingbrilliant.

While I’ve got you, note that Sephy is doing a bit of blogging about his nutrisystem meals (an American version of Lite N Easy) at Sephy’s Platzish – A bit of an experimentNutrisystem SaturdayNutrisystem Sunday

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How to organise Lite N Easy in the fridge.

Someone got here by searching for the above, so I thought I’d do a post on it..

There would be a lot of different ways, here is how I do it – in fact you are lucky, because I had not yet done this for next week, so there are even photos. :)

When it first arrives, if it has been in the esky for a while what I want to do is get it in the fridge quick. Seeing as mine arrives at 7am and I don’t usually rise until 11 (the perils of shift work) it has been in there for 5 hours. Everything is still cold, the frozen stuff is still frozen. So I put it in the fridge/freezer and tend to leave it until I get time to sort it. So here is how it looks before I organise it.

The freezer stuff –

The freezer stuff is usually sorted into breakfast and lunch when you get it. The dinners are usually together in the one bag. I’ll usually just take out the first day items and each day I’ll take out the next day.

The fridge stuff –

This is all the breakfasts and lunches – I like to sort the fridge stuff into days 2, 3, 4 into one bag, and 5, 6. 7 into the other bag. Day 1 just goes by itself into the fridge next to the bags.

And there you go, all set.

Each day, before going to bed, I’ll pull out the next days food – especially if I am working.

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Friday – Day 7 – Lite N Easy

Lunch – Penne Pesto Pasta.

Hmm. This was not one of the better lunches that I’ve had. I much preferred the chicken and chorizo rice pot. It was very flavourful – very loud in a flavour sense – but not very good otherwise. Not very filling, there was not much to this.

It did have two olives, and let me mention how much I miss olives as an evening snack. I get these great green olives stuffed with almonds from Costco, they are huge and so tasty. And who would have thought to put an almond inside a green olive? But let me tell you it is da bomb. ;)

Snacks – Roasted Almonds – Classic Choc & Oats Bar

I think I liked the cinnamon oats bar better – if this had dark chocolate drizzled over it, I would have preferred that. I could still taste cinnamon in this one – not sure if this was the same bar just with chocolate on it because everything else seemed to be the same.

Not a huge fan of this snack. First of all, it was terribly boring, second these did not taste like almonds I am used to and third they were not the normal colour of almonds, these were an odd shade of reddish brown on the inside. Finally there was not a lot of them!

Dinner – Chicken Tikka Masala

This was *incredible* and there was a lot of it after the small lunch and snacks this afternoon. I was uncomfortably full. There were huge sweet sultanas in there which balanced beautifully against the other savoury spices and veg. I am probably 89% sure this was breast chicken and it was so tender, it fell apart when you tried to pick it up with the fork. Gorgeous. Adding this one to the must order again list.

Breakfast – Bacon, Two Eggs and Tomato on a toasted Multigrain Muffin

Swapped out the tomato for avocado, put on a little cheese so the egg and avocado wouldn’t slide off, and grilled it under the grill. Of course this was awesome. I love the bacon they use, it is so lean. There are little crispy bits of cheese next to it, they’re so tasty.

Missed out on – Red Apple – Peach Fruit Cup

Swapped the red apple for an orange, which I put into my soda water.

Good news on the snack front, I have managed to find the rice crackers they use at the supermarket.

They give you a 20g serve which is 82 calories. Compared to todays snack – roasted almonds which is also a 20g serve, which has 123 calories. So all I have to do is weigh some out and put them into ziploc bags.

Then when I get a snack I am not a fan of or maybe if I forget to take one to work or I am out and about, I can swap it out. I’ll just put a couple of them into my handbag. :) Pls to note, the round green things are wasabi peas which I had never tried before – I had one and it was soooo spicy! Loved it.

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1200 Calorie Delivery – it arrived!

So how do the deliveries work?

When you make your order, you can put in some instructions for the driver. You are limited to 200 characters which is not enough to be honest, and so my first delivery ended up being placed on the back outdoor table at 7am. Had I not been home, and had I not gone out to get it right away, it probably would have ended up in full sun within an hour. My instructions tried to say to put it under the verandah attached to the garage but apparently epic fail..

The second time I taped a note to the gate and left the old esky where I wanted the new one to be placed. That worked out great. The deliveries arrive so early in the morning, all I ever hear is the gate open and gravel crunching. I don’t know if it is the same person every week so I don’t know if I can take the note down, I guess for now I’ll leave it there. :)

So they don’t give you an approximate time or even morning or afternoon – it is best to plan to start eating Lite N Easy the day after it is delivered.

It arrives in a massive esky and there is dry ice in there to keep it cold if it has to be outside all day.




So what will I be eating this week? Sorry not the greatest pics –

The ones circled in maroon are what I’ll be eating – eg pikelets for breakfast then sliced turkey wrap for lunch.

Dinners –
54 Homestyle Macaroni x1
68 Fettucine Provincale x1
70 Fishermans Pie x3
57 Tortilla Stack x1
72 Tortellini x1

Mostly these are vegetarian except for the fishermans pie – I still have some chicken stuff left from the last 2 weeks I can substitute if I get bored.

So there you have it – my food arrived, yay! There is less food than last week for obvious reasons – dropping 300 calories will do that. There is one less snack a day which is a good thing.

I do think it was a good idea (for me at least) to do at least one week of 1500 calories first, to get used to eating less at meals but not feeling hungry.

Later today – day 7 :)

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Thursday Menu – Day 6 – Lite N Easy

Three things –

– because family were here and I got out of bed at the ungodly hour of 8:30am, I actually had breakfast for breakfast, but not until about 11am. Could not eat anything before that, just not hungry.

– because family were here, and I forgot to take a dinner with me, I ended up eating non lite n easy.

– because I was distracted and busy, I forgot to take a lot of photos. I do still have a couple, though.

Breakfast – Cheesy Ham & Tomato Omelette
Two slices of Wholegrain & Oat Toast with Spread and Marmalade

This is the second week I have had the cheesy ham and tomato omelette. It is frozen, and you put it in the microwave for 2 minutes 30 seconds, and you would never know it was frozen. It kinda inspires me to try freezing an omelette of my own. It is one of my top picks, I like it a lot.

I’m not so sure about the marmalade. I think I might like to substitute my own flavour of jam sometimes. I have a blueberry one from Ikea that I like.

Lunch – Sliced Turkey and Cranberry Sauce Wholegrain & Oat Sandwich

This was nice but missing something, in my opinion. Needs avocado or something green, baby leaf salad maybe.

Snacks – Cinnamon Oat Bar – Ricotta Spinach Cake

OMG the cinnamon oat bar. I cannot tell you how awesome that was. I did not think I was going to like it, and I was looking forward to it like a trip to the dentist, but WOWZA that was incredible.

I love these ricotta spinach cakes, I have no idea what they make them out of – it isnt like an omelette, it isnt like a cake cake.

Dinner – Non Lite N Easy – grilled chicken, baked potato, avocado salad.

Again this proved an opportunity to see just how little I can eat in one sitting now. In days of old because dinner was my major meal of the day I would have gone back for seconds, and maybe even thirds of veg or salad. This time the one small serve I gave myself I was so massively full, I could not have fit in anything else.

Missed out on – Mandarin – Green Apple

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Wednesday Menu – Day 5 – Lite N Easy

Snacks – Vanilla Yoghurt – Citrus Sultana Oat Biscuit.

Very tasty – the yogurt is excellent, one of the better ones I have ever tried. The biscuit could have done with more sultanas. It was frozen and it said to let it defrost naturally but I zapped it in the microwave for 20 seconds, very tasty warm.

Lunch – Chicken & Chorizo Rice Pot (mild)

Again with the breast chicken, this was beautiful. A lot of veg, carrots, corn, lovely Chorizo and rice at the bottom. 4 mins in the microwave and it was way too hot to eat, had to let it cool for a bit.

Snacks – Cheese & Chive Crackers

The cheese and chive crackers are very dry, they need maybe a tomato salsa or something. Because I forgot to put my sodastream bottles in the fridge I had run out of cold liquids – I ended up adding one cup of pink lemonade (cranberry juice & apple juice) which was just under 99 calories.

The snacks come with the lunch or dinner meals. I choose for the meal, not the snacks. However next time, I’d probably consider choosing the other option if this were the snack, just not a great fan of it.

Dinner – Fragrant Thai Chicken

This is now second on my list of awesome. First it was breast chicken not leg or thigh. Second, it tasted brilliant and had plenty of spice without being too hot. Will definitely re-order this one. You can perhaps tell I forgot to take the photo until I’d eaten half of it – it smelled so good and it was so tasty, I nearly forgot!

Breakfast – Two slices of Fruit n’ Muesli Toast with Spread

I am a big fan of these fruity toasty things, but only when using my own toaster. And if that thing ever splodes I may give up on toast permanently. Today there were no toaster incidents. Yays! But, I still forgot about the photo. Oops!

Missed out on – Mandarin – Pear Fruit Cup

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Tuesday Menu – Day 4 – Lite N Easy

Day 4 has been a day of oops. As in oops, I forgot to take a photo of that thing I just ate! But then there was an even bigger oops – as in oops, that toaster nearly electrocuted me..

Breakfast – 4 grain cinnamon cereal –

This was ok, not as good as the fruit n bran or berry bites. I like cinnamon a lot but this was oddly not cinnamony enough for me.

Lunch – cottage pie with chicken –

No photo, sorry! :(

This seemed to have breast chicken in it instead of the usual thigh and was very tasty, I quite liked it. There was carrot, peas, and mashed potato on the top of the pie.

Snack – Crackers with nuts –

Again, no photo, sorry! :(

I love these rice cracker things. I can’t describe how they taste – this is something I’d never eaten before and is something I will be adding to my diet as a snack. In fact this might be preferred over potato chips in the future.

This is one of the things I like about Lite N Easy – the seemingly constant discovery of new things I like – also the discovery of things I enjoy as a snack that I never would have thought of previously.

Breakfast – Toasted fruit muffin with spread and marmalade (minus marmalade)

Again, no photo, sorry! :(

I was a bit too shocked from nearly asploding myself and cutting off all the power to the entire call centre just by making toast. I was using the toaster and the muffin was not very tall and when I went to use the high lift, there were sparks and possibly flames, a huge bang, and everything went dark. It killed everyones computer, all the phones, everything. And that took an hour and a half to sort out.


But on the other hand, this was extremely yummy, I liked it enormously.

Dinner – Fishermans Pie.

This is by far the most incredible and amazing thing on the entire menu. It is cheesy, the potato rosti is crispy in some places, soft in others. The fish is large and chunky and extremely tasty but not too fishy. If you like fish, you should absolutely order this. For next week, I have ordered 3 of them. I could easily eat this for dinner every day.

Snack – Apple

There were two apples – one for lunch and one for breakfast – I only got to eat one.

Missed out on – Marmalade – Light fruit cake

I forgot to put the marmalade on my muffin after the scary moment, and I completely forgot to bring home the light fruit cake I never got a chance to eat at work.

I will try to remember better tomorrow. :)

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