100th blog!

Yay, that was fast. The blog is only a month and a half or so old. You may not get Quality here folks but you sure get Quantity. :)Speaking of Q words, I believe the following explains precisely why some scambaiters have found it difficult to cope with me. A quote from the book Black Box

“This exaggerated respect for a pilot is greater in a hierarchical society, or.. when the junior member of the crew has been schooled in automatic obedience to his superiors in the course of military training. I believe that Qantas’s success in remaining virtually accident free throughout the years owes a lot to a peculiarly Australian factor: the willingness of Australians to stand up to their bosses. In their non-hierarchical society subordinates are culturally encouraged to feel free to challenge their superiors. In airline management terms this leads to a healthy tension between air crew and management, who cannot impose their ideas as easily as they can among more obedient races. If an Aussie crew member thinks a plane is potentially unsafe he will not hesitate to say so, loudly and frequently. This could do more than any conditioning to save lives”

I believe this is why a few (and a very few at that) people had issues with me. I have strong beliefs, and I do speak them, loudly and frequently. If I believe something is wrong, I do not hesitate to say so. But you know, it’s their loss. I don’t see anyone stepping up to do much these days – it’s all talk and no action and many of the people I recruited to work as a part of a team are back to working on their own with no help or team to back them up.

Even worse than that, there’s little training for any new people coming onto the scene, to the extent that people are now worse off than they were when I got into scambaiting originally. No mentoring in dealing with victims and their issues, not even given the tools to do the job with, right down to email accounts that are safe for them to warn from. If people make mistakes, they then get slapped hard and/or kicked in the teeth for it. It’s no wonder people aren’t putting up their hand to help victims. I would not – in fact I am one of those people back to working on my own.

I have a bit of a blog burning inside me that’s going to come out sooner or later. Have patience, it will get here. :)

In other news, my attempt to have the longest sidebar in the history of blogging seems to be stalling somewhat. I need to find more things to put there. If you’re a blogger reading this and you have something in your sidebar on your blog, please throw me a comment. :)

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I’m not an artist. As you read in this post here I got kicked out of art class. However when I moved here there is this restaurant we often go to and on the walls they have these paintings that are for sale. There is this one which is just blue (the ocean) with a white sort of line across the middle of it (a breaking wave) and I kept saying to the other half – I reckon I could paint that. It’s selling for $350 but I don’t think anyone is buying. ;)

However if I could paint something similar I’d like to put it on my wall and if I enjoy doing it and can manage it a lot cheaper then heck, maybe I’ll take up painting. There’s another one that is just completely black and about halfway down it has red, orange, and yellow blobs meant to be representing flowers. That one I’m pretty sure I can make a painting like it.


But always for me when I am painting it seems like some kind of psychological test. Probably because of my art class issues. When I started painting this today the voice in my head just kept saying “How do you feel about this” “Are you enjoying this” “If you’re not enjoying this why are you doing this” you know, that negative little voice that tries to tell you to quit before you’ve even really started. That continued the whole time I was painting the blue – then I painted the black at the top, and then…

I had purple and I wanted to try to blend the blue into the black with a line of purple, you know how it happens at sunset sometimes. I was mixing the purple and blue together and it made that darker color you see just below the black and somehow I got lost in what I was doing.

No more asking questions, no more negativity, just kind of like when I used to color in those squares and see what colors the pencils were. Then once I had met the darker purple with the blue, I went back over with a lighter purple where the horizon would probably be, to lighten it up a bit. It just started to look really good to me.

I don’t know anything about art, I don’t even know how to use the materials I have actually. I just kind of make it up as I go along. But I ended up enjoying this. I’m not done with this painting, there’s more work to do when it dries and I think I will let it dry overnight and then take another look at it because the blue part probably needs going over again, and I have never seen a black sky so I want to try and put some dark blue over that to lighten it up a little bit.

But for a first effort it isn’t bad and maybe if I get some classes and find out what the heck I should be doing, I might enjoy painting as a new hobby. As long as they don’t kick me out. ;)

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Black or White

“I can’t see the point of painting everything black or white” – lyric from A-ha’s The Sun Never Shone That Day.

Well I really love A-ha. This lyric makes me think. I really do think of everything in terms of black or white. Good or bad. Hero or Zero. Love or Hate. Right or Wrong. For me there really are no in betweens. I do not think this is a bad thing for the most part but I know other people find it difficult to deal with when they are dealing with me – especially when they disagree with me.

On the other hand, people always know where they stand with me – if they bother to ask. I make no bones about it. I don’t go around behind peoples backs – I’ll say it to your face. Unlike a lot of people people in life.

However, I am happy to agree to disagree – it won’t stop me believing what I believe, it won’t change my opinion or way of doing things. I believe regardless of how compatible two people might be, they will never agree on everything.

Tomorrow I plan to get up early and watch a couple of movies. I haven’t seen Romeo + Juliet in a bit too long now, I bought Priscilla Queen Of The Desert ages ago but haven’t sat down to watch it on DVD yet, there’s a few others I may consider as well.

Last weekend I watched Grease with the commentary track – I got it on DVD, it’s a 2 disc version with a cute little leather jacket over it. They cleaned up the movie a fair bit digitally and it looks incredible on my TV. So good I want to watch it again a few more times. ;) Commentary tracks are always fascinating to me and this was no exception. Well worth watching.

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The meaning of Snøskred?

snøskred = avalanche

From the Norwegian – American Dictionary

So many people ask me, why did I choose it? Well, I wanted a letter at the opposite end of the alphabet, and I wanted something Norwegian, with a nice meaning. However there’s other words I could have gone with.. I mostly just wanted a special letter, and a nice meaning. I like it, it’s very cool.. haha get it, cool, snow, avalanche, ;)

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