What have I been up to today?

Regular readers of this blog are aware that I have taken up art.
You may remember this painting I did recently, which I totally fell in love with.
I loved it so much that I decided I want to make several versions of it with different colors as the background. I’m doing 5 at once and as you see here four of them already have painted backgrounds, there is a white one you can see off to the side which is going to be red or pink, depending on how the paint mix turns out.

Five at once may sound excessive but it’s not – once each canvas has been painted the background color it is then time for the cardboard dragging. The last time I did that I had a lot of left over paint from the colors I mixed up so this time I want to try and make sure that does not happen so much. If I have 5 backgrounds ready to paint it is more likely I will have somewhere to put any excess paint. Given that I am not using cheap paints anymore I really want to be careful not to waste any.

The little pale green canvas you can see is not going to have paint dragged on it, it’s a new thing I wanted to try which is sticking a lot of sequins onto a canvas. It might turn out well. It might turn out to be a nightmare. We’ll see I guess. ;)
Oh, these arrived during last week – this is what I got in return for The Other Half’s laptop coming to me as a surprise. I just got up to season 4 in my rewatching of the West Wing and I am going to keep watching them in order until I get to season 6. It may be a few weeks before I can unwrap the crispy plastic from these DVD’s to watch them. I want to watch the Desperate Housewives *after* Season 6 of the West Wing.

Hopefully after I am done with all that DVD watching Season 7 will be out. The fabulous news is the release date for season 7 will be August the 8th so it seems my time plan will work out pretty well, I think. As long as I don’t watch most of Desperate Housewives in one day like what happened last time.

Also, we went to my parents house to make pizza and discussed the soon to be arrival of my Dad’s new car. He is very excited. I won’t lie to ya’all – I’m terrified about it. Firstly because it is a collectors type of car, there’s a limited amount of them being made, they are worth a lot of money to begin with and with this kind of car the worth will go up providing it is in excellent condition. If anything happens to the vehicle the likelihood of getting another one is pretty much zero. He’s been lucky to get this one. It has not even been made yet, by the way – it is due to be made sometime in the next two weeks.

Secondly, there has been a recent spate of car jackings in Sydney, so my Mum tells me. I believe this might be due to that STUPID tv show on fox 8 called “Dangerous” where they glamorised this kind of thing. So there’s going to be arguments on whether or not he can drive it there. I’d rather he did not and so would Mum.

Thirdly, you can’t just take this car to the shopping centre and park it there. Someone would ding it or scratch it or damage it in some way and that would be very irritating. So really I’m not sure where he’s going in this car, if anywhere at all.

Fourthly, both Mum and I think he should install some extreme form of car alarm. Preferably something that shouts “F*CK OFF” loudly if anyone walks within two metres of it. Ok, maybe that’s not likely to be on the market (but what a market there would be for it!) but you can get ones that tell people to step away from the vehicle. It might do more harm than good, though. So instead you’d want to install a gps tracker with a kill switch or something.

It’s a shame that when you get something nice, people want to take it away from you, or damage it in some way. I personally think he should hire an armed security guard to drive around in it with him and stand watch over the car wherever he leaves it but that could be because I want to kill, maim, and generally harm the person who put a dent in my door – I wrote this post about it back in November. I thought I was over it, but apparently not. ;(

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Painting day


So this one I started about 2am this morning, painting the base canvas all the same shade of green. Green seems to keep coming back to me as a surprise. The reason I painted this is actually for Mother’s Day, I did another painting which Mum liked a similar color, and this really is her favourite color.

But what happened after that pretty much came as a surprise. I knew I wanted to try painting by cardboard dragging – you basically use cardboard as the brush. Two episodes of the West Wing played in the background from about 4pm-5:30pm, while this painting magically happened.

The yellow, orange and red, which I just can’t stop looking at, was a last minute decision. I was going to stick to all greens, blues and grays (which was silver mixed with white, I was hoping it would be more silver than it turned out) but I’d done some sponge painting with the orange and decided to try a little bit of it, then the lighter orange and yellow happened, and I love it. For now.

I may not love it once it’s dry, but I think Mum will like it.

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Get serious!

Up till now, I have been using fairly cheap art stuff, mainly because you get a lot for a little bit of money.


But yesterday The Other Half and I went to the art shop where I picked up a little something I’ve had my eye on for a few weeks now.


I’m about to crack open the orange cadmium jar because I have a canvas all ready for it. I hope it smells better than the cheap paints do.

Also yesterday we went looking at new places we might want to live. Number one in the running is a sleepy little village where most houses are walking distance to the sea. Number two in the running is the same. And there’s quite a few of these sleepy little villages to choose from, most of them a short drive from where we live now. Of course we would rather have something which has a fairly large block – a buffer zone, if you like.

We found one house which we wanted to look at but when we went to the real estate agents it said no pets. I asked did that mean cats because a lot of times when they say no pets what they mean is, no dogs. However in this case it apparently meant every animal under the sun including goldfish, but the person I was speaking to clarified they didn’t actually know, because they don’t do the rentals. I said, well my cats are my kids, I’m not having any children, and if it said no kids then they’d be in a lot of trouble! They did not even offer to *ask* the landlord for me.

Clearly they must have an awful lot of people queueing up to rent places there – oh hang on, it’s been on the books for a couple of months with nobody living there? Oh, it’s just you real estate agents don’t really care about it and would rather sit on your arse than try to get it rented. Ok then.

We found some very nice real estate agents in one of the towns we are looking at, so we might just go in there and say here’s what we need, let us know if and when you get anything like it. And we did find one which we’re wanting to look more closely at, in a quiet street within close walking distance of a very nice river and the ocean.

It’s ok, we’re in no hurry. We’ve got plenty of time, and I have plenty of real estate alerts emailed to me.. ;)

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An art moment.

We interrupt this internet security series to bring you this art moment.

Recently at art class, we had a life model come in to pose. Yes, naked. I spent two hours looking at a naked woman. But she wasn’t a woman, she was a confusing mess of shapes and lines which somehow would not translate to my page very well.

I found it extremely frustrating actually. I ended up throwing out *all* of my sketches, I didn’t like any of them. In fact I only kept one thing from the session which was an experimental paint thing we did. I like it so much I am going to frame it, but it made her look like just a blob. That’s because it was the best way I found to actually get across what I was seeing in the short space of time we had for each pose. It was even worse because I am actually in the middle of a canvas painting at art class right now, and that is what was in my head, that is what I wanted to be working on, but I had to put it aside for this life model instead.

It was a very odd experience. I’d like to try it again when I’m not in the middle of a painting, but I really didn’t enjoy this session, I just felt limited by my lack of talent. Most of the others in the class have had a full year of art class and I have only had one term.

So, as long as you promise not to mock, here is my painting.. and remember it was done in less than 20 minutes. Yes, she has no face, no hands, no feet, but those things are extremely difficult to capture in a short time, and now that it is the way it is I’m not inclined to add them, I just like it as it is.


Of course when I look at this, I see the model and where the details *should* go.

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Opinions Needed


The above is a painting for my Nephew. It is metallic red, not pink as it seems in this photo. He chose the color the last time I saw him, and the rest has been my invention. The stencil is an African art symbol –

DENKYEM = “crocodile” = symbol of adaptability
The crocodile lives in the water, yet breathes the air, demonstrating an ability to adapt to circumstances.

And the dots (which are silver) are inspired by some Aboriginal Art, which I’ve got in my head recently. I love dot paintings.

The question is, do I put more dots on the painting to make it look more like the one below – as in fill in the space between the Denkyem and the border with more dots? Not all silver ones because that would be too much, but maybe graduating shades of silver to white, or silver to black? Can you let me know what you think in the comments?

I really love how it looks now but I think more dots could work really well too.


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Yay I found me an art class.

I was looking online last night at courses at the TAFE here but none of them interested me and the art one they had seemed to mean you had to have serious talent and a portfolio. Which we know I don’t have.

So, I ended up finding a class, it’s a bit of a drive but that can be fun too, and it starts on the 6th of February. I’m pretty happy with myself right now. I won’t lie to you.

I also sent another mail off to the animal shelter as I had not heard back from them yet, but hopefully it won’t be too much longer. I need to get me out of the house more before I really turn into a hermit.

The Other Half left me with a jobs list today and I did most of them. I’ve been a good girl.

I’ve been experimenting with a halogen lamp trying to get photos the way I want them lately. I have also been taking extreme amounts of shell photos. I really must commit to uploading them all to Flickr soon.

Well I better go do another job before he gets here.. :)

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State of the painting.

Here’s an update on the current state of the painting. Sort of like the state of the union thing the US president does from time to time.

1. Peaches [Completed]


This painting is named after the song Peaches by the Presidents of the USA which is about moving to the country and eating peaches.

2. Sunset [Completed]


Well, it’s obviously self evident what this one is?

3. Name It [Completed]


I have no name for it. If you can think of one, comment the name and your thoughts on why it should be called that, and the best one wins. However I will let you know when I look at this I think of Project Runway because that is what I was watching when I painted it, mostly.

4. Flowers [final stage]


I think this will look even better when it is sealed, the colours really come out when you use the sealing stuff on paintings. And no, Anna Falactic, it’s not having anything at the top. ;)

5. Entourage [first stage]


This painting is inspired by a painting I saw in the background on Entourage while waiting for Project Runway to start. When I saw it I finally figured out what to do with all the extra brown paint I seemed to be accumulating. I really like it but I have to fix it.

There you have it, now I’m off, I got some work to do ;)

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That’s better.. ;)

It’s like meditation or something, sooo peace inspiring. I think I need to be painting every day. No wonder people are artists. I completely get it now.

I’ve been thinking of how to achieve the effect I want to get with the following painting for some time. This is steps one and two so far – I used a stamp to make the flower shapes because I had no idea how to do it otherwise yeah I’m completely unco but remember they kicked me out of art? ;)



Then I filled in the petals with a pale yellow. This is just the start for these flowers because I’m going to fill them in with other colors – they need like a layering effect with the paint. It’s kind of a copy of a painting I’ve seen. So they won’t all be yellow, they’ll be red and orange and pink and various other combinations.

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Pretzel Mind.

I feel a little like my mind is being bent into a pretzel at the moment. ;) There’s a lot of stuff on my to do list, and things are getting a little overwhelming and out of hand. So what better time than to finish my paintings? I’m going to seal this one today – click for a larger image –


Do you see how I put some red over the top of the darker purple? That was an experiment that worked, I like it. I don’t love the black over the blue at the top, but next time I’ll know better. That’s what it’s about, trying stuff to see if it works. I was going to paint over it and also two little brushes that got stuck in the peachy orange, but the other half said no, don’t be such a perfectionist. Accept what is. :)

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