The next door neighbours dog has been barking solidly for three hours. Over the last few weeks this dog has started to become an issue, barking more and more, and often just at nothing but the sky for no apparent reason.

What does one do when the dog won’t stop barking? These people must be totally drugged out not to hear it and be out there yelling at the thing. The other half seems to be managing to sleep through it even though the sound of the airconditioner does not cover for the barking at all. I do not know how he’s doing that. When that dog starts up, unless I’m already away with the fairies, there will be no sleep for me. It’s times like those you pray for a *loud* airconditioner because at least that blocks out the noise.

When we were out yesterday there were many city people around and it was hilarious yet scary at the same time. I can’t believe it’s only a year ago that I was a city person myself.

I saw some people with Cocker Spaniel dogs, have you ever known anyone to be bitten by one of those? I haven’t but I guess it can happen with all kinds of dogs.

I’ve played a little of this entropia universe now, it’s kind of fun but I’m not as into it as the other half is.. ;)

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Welcome to 2007

This is going to be my year of telling people what I really think, I think. I’m sick of pretending otherwise. If people don’t like it, they can feel free to fold it up and stick it where the sun does not shine. :)

A few things have occured already this year to make me think I’m not going to keep my mouth shut on things when they bother me. One was the COPS marathon. I have sent two letters already to the tv channel responsible for that absolute disgrace – it lasted less than 24 hours, and they repeated episodes, some up to 5 times in less than 14 hours. COPS has over 650 episodes. That’s 19 500 minutes, or 13 days 13 hours worth of episodes – at 30 mins each including all the ads which was how they were running it. They could have played different episodes for over 13 days!

The second was a fruit purchase. Well, not exactly fruit – mandarin pieces in jelly. When I went to eat one of these tasty looking snacks, it was strangely odd looking, until I realised the use by date was the 4th of December and they were actually growing a white mould on them. I’d bought them on the 24th of December. That’s bad.

I also intend not to keep my mouth shut when things are good – I have been drinking some amazing apple juice which I bought at the good fruit and veg shop on the weekend, and I am sending the manufacturers of the juice an email to let them know :) It’s in these 2 litre big glass bottles which take up heaps of space in the fridge, and I loved it so much I am already plotting Tupperware purchases of jugs that fit nicely in the fridge door. I’ve run out of juice now and I’m sooo thirsty for it, it was icy cold and gorgeous.

The really cool thing about giving good feedback is you often get rewarded for it, so I’m all for that.

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It’s hilarious..

To all scambaiters out there on the planet

My other readers can skip this post, I’ll post something useful and interesting shortly.

Rumours continue to abound that I am secretly plotting against other scambaiters to the point that I feel the need to clarify the following. Please take the time to actually read this post and absorb it, instead of interpreting it to mean something entirely different.

In the past few weeks, I have laughed at the following rumours –

– that I am secretly wanting to take over a site that belongs to a fellow scambaiter – a site which I rarely visit and if I do visit it is only to have a good laugh at the carrots stuck up the rear ends of people who participate there.

– that I am a part of some fictitious group which is plotting to hack and take over sites.

– that I have been goading other baiters into doing things which have caused issues for others.

– that I am a master of puppets, pulling people’s strings from a distance.

I know I am NOT plotting against anyone, and in fact I couldn’t give a shit about any of those people I used to call friends who turned out to be incredibly two faced. You know who you are, if you are reading this. You know what you did.

I have built a bridge, walked over it, and truly am working on MY OWN PROJECTS NOW which have absolutely NOTHING to do with any of you and are IN NO WAY plotting against you. To quote Jane Austen –

You have widely mistaken my character.

Perhaps you need more tinfoil hats? Perhaps you need to stop hanging out on skype chats or secret little boards discussing things and making them into conspiracies that do not exist? And perhaps you need to make sure your secret boards hide their referrers when you link to my blog, because stupidly one of you clicked through to here from your secret website. So it’s not so secret now.

And perhaps I am a master of puppets after all, if me doing nothing at all except for getting on with my life without reference to any person so wholly unconnected with me as these people are can cause such rumours to persist and abound.

It’s been a over a year since I was removed from one site, and almost as long a time since I stepped down from holding any responsibility on other sites. I am not angry, I am not holding any grudges, I’ll be honest and say that when I do occasionally think of you, I think the majority of you are assholes who will find Karma kicking your ass at some point in the future, but that is where it ends.

There’s maybe one or two of you who are decent people but when gathered in a group and something happens, you act like chickens with their heads cut off, and panic, and do stupid things. Remember the advice from the Royal Family?

In a crisis, do nothing.

That’s what you need to do in future.

So instead of saying stuff about me or other people, why don’t you BAIT SOME FUCKING SCAMMERS? This is the second time I have suggested you do that. Why not do something useful? Why not try to be decent people instead of such fuckwits all the time?

And to the decent scambaiters out there, and there are many of you, who don’t participate in these gossip festivals, who don’t wish harm to any fellow scambaiters, who only want to hurt the lads, good on you guys. There are so many baiters who seem to have forgotten it is about hurting the lads and not each other, and baiting the lads and not each other.

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Blah Humbug

Nobody around me is in the Christmas Spirit, at all. Those guys work in retail. By the time Christmas gets here they are exhausted, and they have to work a 13 hour day when they go back to work for the sales.

My Mother is the worst. No christmas tree. No lights. No presents. It’ll just be like any ordinary day, except we will be eating prawns and lobster.

Speaking of which, it is very strange that I actually get fed less seafood at their house now living near the coast than I did when they lived in Tamworth, a 3 hour drive from the sea.

Yesterday we went to the Meat Raffle, and my Mother won twice with the same *number* – out of over 9,000 numbers. How freaky is that? We got us a nice chicken pack and a ham, so roast chicken for dinner today. YAY! Then my ticket won a pack so we got a roast beef and a beef steaks and sausages pack. I cooked the other half sausages, eggs and bacon for dinner.

It’s been raining here for the last 2 days. This is a good thing. When you live in the country you never say anything bad about rain. In fact you enjoy it, you go out and get wet. Yesterday there were people playing golf in a major downpour while we were at the sports club. That’s called nuts, in my opinion. Lucky there was no thunder around.

I was just checking through my emails and a scammer lad sent me this –


Well I don’t know about going to Hail.. :) But I like hail too, almost as much as rain, as long as the car is in the garage..

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