Television Thursday – Conversatory


Snoskred – My Downton Abbey will not play.

The Other Half – What do you mean it won’t play?

Snoskred – It is just freezing up.

The Other Half – Which episode is it?

Snoskred – Season 5, episode 3.

The Other Half – So when you watched it before, didn’t it work then?

Snoskred – This is a new episode. I haven’t seen it before.

The Other Half – What do you mean it is a new episode?

Snoskred – It is a new season.

The Other Half – But I thought that series was finished, or something.

Snoskred – No, it hasn’t finished, it is a new season.

The Other Half – Oh, ok. I’ll go check it out. Season 3, episode 5?

Snoskred – No, season 5 episode 3. I can’t tell you the name of the episode, or what happens in it, the storylines, or what cast members might appear in it, or any other details like that, because I need to *watch* it to know that stuff.

Snoskred thinks to herself..

wait a minute.. I probably *can* say what happens in it.

Upstairs, Mary (Michelle Dockery) is her usual snooty self, men chase her for her affections, and she might get uppity because she knows things about pig farming, or perhaps another subject she has chosen to become an immediate expert in.

Edith (Laura Carmichael) pines for her man who disappeared to Germany, and stalks her daughter that she sneaked off to have secretly and then palmed off onto some poor neighbours.

Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville) is annoyed and upset about something miniscule and unimportant, and he fights with Cora Crawley (Elizabeth McGovern) about these things, and she will speak in her soft American accent and make everything better with her words and her smile.

Tom Branson (Allen Leech) will be considering whether he should stay at Downton, or leave, given his wife died many moons ago and that was the thing keeping him there.

Isobel Crawley (Penelope Wilton) will still be mourning Matthew – in a fabulously beaded black number of an evening – who died two season ago. Violet (The amazing Maggie Smith) will make amusing remarks many of which when translated to proper English are actually well thought out and delightfully constructed put downs.

Downstairs, Mr Carson (Jim Carter) is upset about something – perhaps progress of some kind, or a newfangled invention, as he likes things exactly the way they have always been. He will make snarky comments in a snooty voice about this to Mrs Hughes (Phyllis Logan), who will tut tut in her Scottish brogue and dispense witty advice and solutions that Mr Carson will totally ignore.

Mr Barrow (Rob James-Collier) will be pining for an attractive boy, or lurking menacingly in corridors, threatening members of staff who he is blackmailing for various reasons.

Mr Bates (Brendan Coyle) will either be committing murder, in jail for murder, suspected of murder, or under suspicion of some other crime. Mrs Bates (Joanne Froggatt) will be dreadfully upset about what is happening to Mr Bates, though Mrs Hughes or Mrs Patmore will have to drag what is upsetting her out of her, with cups of tea and or careful plots.

Mrs Patmore (Lesley Nicol) will be worried or upset about something. Daisy (Sophie Mcshera) will spend the entire episode trying to find out what Mrs Patmore is worried or upset about.

In addition to the above regular storylines, at least one cast member will stick their nose where they should not, and it will cause repercussions of some kind. There will be conversations held in the presence of the larger cast which are amazingly only heard by the two people having the conversation, even though no whispering is involved.

The reality is, none of that stuff matters. Downton Abbey is eye candy for the fans of period costumes and houses. I’d watch it even if they played the same storyline week after week just in different settings with different outfits.

However, it is NOT Emmy award material. I don’t think it ever has been. I think that is just an excuse for the Americans to invite the British cast to the US to party. :)

(oops! This post published as a surprise to me – obviously it is Thursday and I’ve changed the title to suit. I’ll let it stay and apologise for my scheduling boo boo.)

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My Shit List


Sunrise at Sandy Beach in Hawaii – I’ll be using some of my Hawaii images over the next few months, FYI.

Thanks to Boob In A Box – incidentally one of my favourite recent blog finds – for this one. :)

10 – The fact that Breaking Bad is over for good. It was finished with such perfection, it better win some Emmy love next week.

9 – There is a front end loader constantly running just one street away from me during the day at the moment, and I am losing my marbles. What few marbles I had left, anyway.

8 – My recliner needs welding. If one of the cats sits on top of it, I can’t get balanced right! But to get welded, it has to be carried out into the shed.

7 – Taylor Swift leaving gyms in New York in totally not gym appropriate outfits, with obviously empty handbags on her arm. Tom and Lorenzo (my favourite celebrity fashion bloggers btw) have nicknamed it Taylor Swift’s Empty Bags Tour.

6 – Male movie stars who refuse to groom their eyebrows. Hey, dude, I paid good money to watch you on the big screen, the least you can do is make sure your eyebrows are not taking over your face and/or temples. All of you somehow manage to not have a monobrow, what is so wrong with tidying the rest up? I’m not at the point of naming names but you’re driving me in that direction!


Thanks to Darylisms Tumblr for the gif – I searched high and low for one photo that would do proper justice to the well groomed eyebrows of Christian Slater and none of them did, but this gif image does. :)

5 – People on Facebook when someone they do not know passes away in an accident. I want to bang my head so hard. Here is an example of some recent comments when two people died in a head on collision near where I live. This little example will supply us with numbers 4 and 3 as well.


Why do the beautiful peoples lives have to be taken away from them, indeed? What about the not beautiful people, or is that more ok?

4 – My heart goes out to – I sincerely hope your heart remains in your chest pumping blood around your body which is where it belongs. Since when did this become the new meaningless thing everyone says when they cannot come up with something real to say? Peoples, when you hear a politician say this, remove it from your personal list of things to say to those who are grieving. Your thoughts can go out, your prayers can go out, your internal organs should go nowhere, ever. Unless you are donating them to someone else.

3 – Rip? Rip what? It is R.I.P. – there are dots in between the letters for a REASON, people. You can’t take a moment to put in full stops for this person you are writing a tribute to? You couldn’t maybe use the whole words, like Rest In Peace?

2 – The media and their apparent lack of care for anyone who might not want graphic images on the front page of their newspaper. Yes, some of the papers here in Australia and around the world published unedited images of bodies and body parts after the MH17 tragedy. Disgusting.

Media Watch did a good piece on this and I will put a link to the *transcript* here. If you click through you will NOT see any images but there are links on the page to the graphic images and they are all clearly labelled, and the video itself does contain the images. If you are lame like I am, you can cover your eyes but still listen. :) Link to Media Watch MH17 episode.

1- {rant mode on} Paul Mercurio in those manipulative Insuranceline ads. Sorry people but the ads are so terrible they are not to be found anywhere online. I am very lucky this is the case because if I put the ads here and you watched them, you’d want to dead me.

Seriously Paul, what were you thinking? You were in Strictly Ballroom, dude. You are not wearing a gold sparkly jacket in these commercials – they have you in the most ugly and ill fitting shirts I have seen in a long, long time on a man in the world. Was there a mirror where you filmed this? If so, how did you allow this fashion crime to be committed?

If you had the sparkly gold jacket on, maybe I wouldn’t resent it quite as much.

Okay, that is entirely not true. You could be dressed in sequins from head to toe and I would still be mad as a cut snake.

The levels to which you have sunk – to now be the face of ads trying to convince elderly people not to “be a burden” to their families by purchasing “final expenses insurance” so that their families do not have to find money for their funeral..

Even worse, I know this advertising works amazingly well. :( Those people who buy it would more than likely be better off putting aside the money they’d pay for the premiums each week and leaving that to their kids. But they don’t want to be a burden so they’ll pony up the cash and by the time they do eventually go on to greener pastures they’ll have paid 3x what they would have paid up front for a funeral or via a pre-payment plan with their local funeral company.

I hope they are paying you big money for this, Paul. Any respect the majority of Australians might have once had for you has long since evaporated with us having to sit through these terrible ads over and over and over again.

{end rant} – Sorry that was long but those ads have been irritating me for a very, very long time now. Even worse they are on Foxtel which I am PAYING for. Like Pay TV! Why are there ads – very long and obtrusive ads – on my Pay TV?

Well, that feels better.. anyone else want to play?

If yes leave me a link in the comments. ;)

And pop over to Boob In A Box – and leave a comment with a link to your shit list post as well. :)

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A little bit of scheduling error!

So, I scheduled 2 posts for one day a couple days ago, well done me. :)

I’m having a really tough time at work at the moment. As far as I am concerned, I am going in for my second to last shift ever tonight. And just by doing that, I am giving management bullets for their gun with every single call I take.

By the time you read this, I’ll have been there for a good couple of hours, and I’ll be counting down the minutes till I can leave.

It is an awful way to feel. It is an awful place to be. It takes every last millimeter of willpower within me to drive there, get out of the car, and go inside.

I’ve taken pretty much everything I own home already.

There is a meeting set for next week during which I fully expect to be fired, perhaps for making a joke, or for doing my job correctly but having that mis-interpreted by someone who has never ever done my job.

Imagine – whatever field you might work in – me, who has never done your job and knowing nothing about your job, coming in to sit in judgment of you. Or not me. Imagine it is some random you pass in the street.

The one good thing about todays shift is – it will be the last time I ever work with someone (possibly 2 someones) I truly despise. This time, I might even say some of the things which have been festering inside me out loud, in front of other people who know those things I have been thinking. That might feel good.

I’m just letting myself wing it now – not making any plans and not really caring much about the outcome because I’ve already made my decision. I don’t want to work there anymore. I’m ok with not working there anymore.

After six months of being a fake shell of who I am, too scared to say anything for fear I would be fired, I’ve come to terms with the fact that it *will* happen. Now, I’m gonna be me, whether people like it or not.

I’ll have more to say about this here, once the meeting is over. Or maybe I will just make one post, let it all out, and then move on. We’ll see. Play it by ear. Wing it. :)

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This happened.


So. We went out.

Shopping. At a shopping centre which one will not name.

As one does, one needed to use the facilities.

One entered the stall to find the following written on the back of the door –


Jesus Christ is Lord. God sent Jesus to die for you

This was disturbing to ones mind. As one sat and considered the meaning of life as one is wont to do when one is peeing, one wished that one of the ten commandments was one shalt not graffiti.

Then again, one knows that interpretation is everything when it comes to the Bible. One could likely twist any random bible quote to suit.

Having the internet presently at hand and not currently on the throne, one has found this random bible verse generator with which one is certain you will get a verse that taken at its core and broken down truly means one must spread the word of God all over the back of toilet cubicles with a purple Texta.

One got the one about thou shalt not covet thy neighbours wife, or his ass. One would have to work really hard to twist that one into it is fine to graffiti as long as it is the word of God and not the work of the devil, though one does not doubt there are religious nuts who can manage it.

Previous to completing ones tinkle, one remembered that one had a sharpie in ones handbag. One forgets why twas there. One is sure one had a good and decent reason and not criminal intent.

Obviously this did not end well.

One has never in ones lifetime done a graffiti but Jesus or whatever deity inspired one this time.

So, one wrote “God does not approve of your GRAFITI. You are going to HELL.”

You know what they say. Photos, or it didn’t happen.

Well, either because one was now a criminal and on the run, or just sheer lack of talent, ones photos of the end result are either blurry or with a huge flash in the middle. Here’s the best one could do with what one took while on the lam.



It happened, all right. One certainly cannot explain *how* it happened or how one suddenly chose to become a Not Good Person Who Writes On Things With A Sharpie at the ripe age of nearly 40. Something just grabbed one and made one do it.

One is inclined to blame this one squarely on Jesus. He made me see red, your honour. One does not wish to be tele-marketed to in large purple letters whilst on the throne. This interrupts ones happy and random toilet thoughts.

Jesus also made me mis-spell Graffiti, your honour.

One would normally have spell checked it on ones phone, but in the heat of the moment and all that, Snoskred committed crimes against spelling as well as crimes against toilet cubicle walls.

The moral of the story, I believe, is simple.

Do not carry a sharpie in your handbag.

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Shit Bitch

In our family, when someone acts shitty for no apparent reason, we have a word for that.

Shit bitch.

Well a pretty shitty thing happened to me today and the person who did it is now, in my opinion, a certified shit bitch..

Two days ago, I spent an evening wrapping 30+ presents for fellow staff at work as well as 8 team leader/manager presents.

For the 30+ presents, I made a Xmas lolly bag. It had chocolate and various other lollies in there. Each gift had a tag with the name of who it was for, and that it was from me.

There is one person at work who I do not have a problem with, but she does not like me. I have no clue as to why. I have only ever worked in her presence three times for an hour each time, and nothing happened during those shifts which explained her anger, bullying behaviour, and nastiness towards me during those shifts. I barely know her, and she barely knows me.

I did raise her behaviour with my manager because it was not ok, we have to work as a team, and it was supposedly “handled” but to be honest on the one shift I worked with her since then her actions towards me had not changed, so rather than complaining about her behaviour I just have avoided being placed on shifts with her up to and including swapping shifts or saying no to shifts when I could easily have worked them.

I could have – and briefly did consider – leaving her out of the gift giving. But my thought is if you do it for one, you do it for all. You don’t leave someone out. It isn’t cool, in my opinion. And I thought how she would have felt to see everyone else with my gifts and not to get one herself – this is not something I would be happy about and I would never do that to anyone else. It is not who I am.

So yesterday I took the stuff to work. Everyone who was not there, I placed the item in their pigeon-hole.

When I arrived today, I found that this person had put their gift into my pigeon hole.

I honestly can’t believe that a grown woman (she is in her late 50’s maybe early 60’s) would act in this childish and immature manner. If she did not want my gift, she could have thrown it in the bin and I would have been none the wiser. But to deliberately reject it in this way.. and make such a big point of it..

I have no words.

I will keep taking the high road on this. BUT.

There is a but. And it coincides with an announcement I have not yet made here on the blog. About 2013, and me, and work, and stuff in general.

I am declaring 2013 the year of *me*

I’m not going to do anything which interferes with my happiness, mental health, wellbeing, fitness, or me in general.

I am going to focus on the things I enjoy, the things I love, the things that keep me healthy and well both mentally and physically.

So in this situation it means, I am going to make some changes at work. And you know what? People might not like that. I have always been flexible and bent over backwards to help out when people were sick or they needed extra hands for whatever reason. For the majority of the time all it has earned me is the occasional good work.

And yet, when they “handled” this problem I was essentially told they are running a business and they cannot make sure that I am never rostered on with this person, and we have to be professional yada yada yada. Which I always was, and this person never has been yet!

Well guess what? This person works a specific regular shift on specific days. Our times on shift would only ever overlap by an hour. To make sure we are not rostered on together *is* something I can do, and it *is* something I will choose to do in 2013 though it will mean being less flexible with my shift times.

Because 2013 is going to be a year in which I do not put myself in positions that cause me angst and rob me of sleep.

I’m saying no to it. ;)

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Back to hating on WordPress

Did I ever stop? Not really, no. I have upgraded to 2.7.1 and I find it annoying, clunky, and irritating. And warning, I am going to swear. You will see the F word if you read this post. There will also be some SHOUTING. I wish I could apologise but I need to vent! I am in quite a mood having spent the past 3 hours absolutely fuming.

For the past 2 weeks, I have been trying to figure out a way to solve a problem. We have a new blog that we want to be able to allow guest posting on.

We also had the just-upgraded to 2.7.1 Aussie Bloggers blog, which used the role manager plugin so that I could configure what people did or did not have access to. That worked a treat. Unfortunately this plugin does not seem to be compatible with 2.7.1 at all. People have had problems and the plugin developer seems to have vanished.

So ok, need to find another option. How about what is built in to wordpress? I check out the options. Contributors cannot upload images. Why not, you ask? Some kind of completely fucked up logic somewhere if you ask me. Authors can upload images, but they can apparently also delete everyone elses  images when I visit the image screen. I don’t want people deleting stuff by accident (or even on purpose!) that does not belong to them.

So. What plugins? We upload role scoper. It puts a password on the blog – nobody can access any posts! And we’d uploaded this right before going to bed, I planned to configure it in the morning after a good sleep and because we were logged in we thought everything was working fine, but for people not logged in, they were being asked for their username and password.

Yep, thanks a lot, that annoyed everyone trying to view the blog plenty but when I found out that all night while I slept peacefully people had been unable to access the blog? I was ready to Dexter people!

So we get rid of that idiot plugin. Note to the people making it – perhaps not setting that as a default setting might be a good idea – or at least letting people know that all of a sudden nobody will be able to access the blog until you change the settings! FFS!

I do a lot of searching. I find other things that might do, but they never seem to *actually* do when we install them. So after two weeks of outright fucking about trying to fix this fucking problem with people waiting for me to send them user logins, I decide enough is enough – we’re going to find a solution to this problem today, even if it means uploading role manager to see if it will actually work on our blog, or somehow hacking wordpress, or deading people, or something.

Welcome to the last three hours, in which we tried role scoper again hoping maybe we could configure it to do what we wanted – no go, it is just far too complicated and does not explain things very well, and it adds extra screens to even the basic users screen which is the last thing I want to do to people who are not exactly computer literate. I want to make things as simple as possible.

We try uploading role manager to see if it will work. It does not even appear in the list of plugins. Yes, it is there, but it is NOT there. As in, you cannot activate the plugin because you cannot see it. This seems to be one of a multitude of problems the plugin has in the current build of wordpress.

I search the interwebs – not with google but with scroogle because I hate google for many reasons past mentioned here on the blog. I find a lot of threads on the support forums without any kind of answer to the issue of I want to allow contributors to post images, or answers that say “Use role manager”. Yeah, IT WOULD HELP IF IT ACTUALLY WORKED WITH THE CURRENT VERSION OF WORDPRESS YOU IDIOTS TELLING PEOPLE TO DO THAT OUGHT TO FREAKING QUIT ALREADY!

I can understand everyone wanting to use Role Manager, because it was oh so simple, and wonderful. It was like a piece of heaven dropped out of the sky and into your wordpress dashboard. You had a bunch of buttons – red was the default, green was if you allowed the user to do something. It was utter simplicity. AND IT WORKED which is a bonus these days, apparently.

This plugin may not work as a surprise to you, kthxbai!

I find a plugin which actually allows me to *remove* stuff from the screen for all users below admins, but nothing that allows me to *add* in the upload images button.

I then stumble upon a post somewhere that suggests authors cannot actually delete everyone elses images. Hmm.

Would the delete button be there in the media screen if people could not delete? In a logical world, no. But wait, this is WORDPRESS we are talking about, which is not a logical world. It is a world of fucking insanity. I should have KNOWN this would happen. I should have uploaded an image and tested the delete.

So, I log in as an author, and I try to delete someone elses image. Gold, guys. Absolute gold. Love your work, NOT. When you try to delete someone else’s image, what do you see?

You are not allowed to delete this post.

ORLY? Let us not get into the fact that this is an image, not a post, and focus on the fact that IF PEOPLE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DELETE WHY THE HECK DO THEY HAVE ACCESS TO THIS, HUH?


Why allow authors to even see that drop down box if they cannot delete anything? WHY?

You know, I am a calm person usually. I don’t get tense about much. I don’t usually hate. But I do hate wordpress right now. Things should just work. End of story.

So now, I have a lot of creating users work to do, which I put off for the last 2 weeks until I had an actual solution. Little did I know, I had the actual solution all along. ROLL EYES AT WORDPRESS.

And you guys know, I don’t usually use the roll eyes. :)

I did find a couple of nice new plugins to test, though. More on that when I know that they actually work. ;)

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Only one thing spoiled it.

My wonderful lunch today, which is pictured in the below post. Yes, those noisy kids from across the road. *sigh*

Actually my day started off not brilliantly to begin with. At just after 9am (I went to bed after 3am) the lawnmower man started up his lawnmower right outside my window. I thought right, there’s no point trying to go back to sleep here, so I got up and stumbled out to the computer, where I found unpleasantness I don’t even want to speak about. Someone showing their ass, yet again. And to be honest, they don’t have that great an ass. I mean, I wouldn’t mind if it looked like a male model or something. And the lawnmower man wasn’t the cute buff one but the older string beany type one, so there wasn’t an ass around to make up for the terrible ass I had to look at.

So then I stumble back to bed, wanting to get some more sleep, but none arrived. And the alarm my other half set without telling me went off, so I figured I might as well get up.

Then, as I am sitting here, I can hear those noisy kids. They’re outside running around screaming and shouting. Sure, it’s great exercise, but there is a *park* not very far away and I’d prefer they take it there where it’s not in my face. Then I sit down with my excellent lunch to watch episode one of season 3 of the west wing, and it’s noticeable, I can hear it above the noise of the surround sound system. I turn the volume up. I can still hear it.

Then I venture to the front door to notice that they have actually moved over to MY lawn to play on. Hello? Do I live here? Then they start to play cricket on my driveway. I try the Metallica trick. *IT DOES NOT WORK*. I think because their parents were not at home to drag them to their bibles. AND WHAT KIND OF PARENTS ARE LEAVING KIDS OF THIS AGE AT HOME ALONE? We’re talking all under the age of 7. Cricket balls are bouncing off fences randomly making a hell of a racket. I need peace!

Not only that, these kids clearly not having any intelligence, they decide to play cricket *across* the road. AND NO PARENT TO STOP THEM!

So I’m in a pretty bad mood today, despite my wonderful lunch. They went on all afternoon. Please, end the school holidays early. I can’t take anymore!

So someone tell me, what am I supposed to do about this?

1. Confront the across the road neighbours about their noisy kids. Hmm, not likely to end well.
2. Call the police each time they are being noisy. Hmm, waste of police resources.
3. Start looking for somewhere else to live, somewhere peaceful, quiet, out in the country.
4. Put a note in their letterbox asking them to please have more consideration for the people who live nearby and not allow their children to run amok like wild animals, and also point out they may get run over if they are not more careful of that road. Suggest they use the park, a safe place to play, instead.
Any other options?

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I need a nap..

Grr kids across the road woke me up this morning, shouting, yelling and screaming while waiting for the school bus. I’d had maybe 5 hours sleep. I wasn’t going to get up but then I did, and now it’s almost 5pm and I have chores to do but am having trouble staying awake. I certainly am not up to writing anything intelligent, so check back tomorrow for more Internet Safety. Maybe I will have a nap, but the trouble is once I go to sleep there’s no waking me up until I’m done sleeping. Maybe I can get those kids to start shouting and screaming a couple of hours from now, which would wake me up. Maybe.

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I just ordered pizza for dinner and I feel like I got shafted, they charged me $2 extra for anchovies and then asked me if this was allright. Actually, no, it’s not allright, but I want the anchovies, and if you’re not going to give them to me for *free* as should be the way, it was always an optional extra and now you want to make me pay? Grrr.

Why is it that when people are talking about you behind your back, other people feel like it’s the right thing to do to let you know what is being said? This happened to me recently, and now people are trying to make me feel like it’s my fault that I know what was said! My advice to the people talking about me behind my back – get some balls and say it to my face, because it will come to me as a surprise anyway, so if you have something to say either don’t do it, or cut out the middle man and say it directly to me.

It used to be that you would know, when you said something to someone, that is as far as it went. A funny thing happened – some people got everyone to tell them everything that was going on, but what they didn’t realise is when they broke down the walls of confidentiality, they put themselves in a position where people would not keep what *they* said confidential either. And now everyone is just telling each other everything, chat logs are flying in all directions, and no matter how many people you exclude from the chats in your state of panic and drama, they are still coming to me, how’s that for not knowing who you can trust? So if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything, is my advice.

Coming over the next day or few, some info on what art I’m up to lately. I feel the need to focus on that more and more recently, that’s why I’m not around so much.

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The Idiocy

You know what I love?

When someone pretends to be all nice to you to your face, and says all the right things, you think they are a friend of yours.. and then you find out the real truth about what they say about you when you’re not around.

I think most scambaiters would tell you this. Don’t take on Snoskred head to head, because you will lose. Especially if you’re not smart with computers. She’s not smart with computers either, not for the most part, but she has a “group of one” as her partner that IS smart with computers.

But me, and my “group of seven”, are not going to roll over, so why don’t you just quit while you’re ahead? Because we’re miles ahead of you. ;) We’ll leave you alone as long as you don’t fuck with us. Fuck with us? You’re fucked before you even start.

This is actually so freaking hilarious and completely sarcastic and ironic, to those who aren’t baiters reading this. There is no group of seven. A sad old man in Queensland who has mental issues and a grudge against some people who run two different websites which (wisely, it turns out) kicked and banned him from their boards, has been going around making threats and saying stupid things. One of the things he said was that there was this group of seven, and he liked to tell people I was one of the group of seven!

Well, I’m not. I was nice to him, a couple of times. I helped him out with a technical thing. When he had run ins with people, I simply gave him some advice when I thought he could use it – as in, stop holding this grudge. It’s no good for you, and it’s no good for them. Why not use your energy more usefully? Build a bridge. Do some work. Learn how to use some of the stuff we have. In fact learn how to use your computer, and stop freaking out and thinking people are hacking into yours all the time. They’re not. They have no interest in your computer, or you. They just want you to stop harassing them.

So back in December, he was going on holidays and he *swore* to me before he left that when he came back, he would have built the bridge, and he wouldn’t be holding the grudge anymore, and he’d be ready to help with some serious work. I’m not kidding, I have a lot of stuff on my plate that needs doing, and I’ll take any help I can get, even if it is someone who doesn’t know how to cut and paste or use a computer, though they’ll have to work that out to do most of the stuff I have that needs doing. Of course, no help came to me as a surprise. What did come to me as a surprise was the news, received just a few days ago, that the little old man was actually still harassing the people he had a grudge with.

So I have a little message for that little old man. Get help. You need it. I’m serious. And keep me out of your conspiracies, because I’ve got serious stuff that needs doing, and I don’t need to waste time on your insane bullshit. Ok? And it’s real adult behaviour to kick someone off your skype contacts. You’re an old man, act like a mature adult, would ya?

In closing, for anyone wondering if the group of seven exists, get it right here from the horse’s mouth – or from my skype chat history.

Little Old Man: 00:12:27 : first part true second as i have said the group of seven do not exist so the second part is false

And here ends the myth of the group of seven. Okie dokie then?

What serious stuff am I doing? At the moment I am baiting over 1,000 love scammers. When they send me a picture, I put it here along with the email they sent. I’m hoping I can put a list of love scammer telephone numbers there, too. In the hope that victims might google that kind of thing and find out it is a scam before they pay any money. Yes little old man, I could have used your help with this. But not now, because now I wouldn’t allow you to cut and paste anything, anywhere. So I’ll have to do it all myself though Sephy will help me, and I have ooh gosh, 814 unread love scam emails which I have to try and go through to drag out the info I need. And that’s not all, not by a long shot.

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