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Somewhere within a 50km radius of where I live, there is a town known as Sussex Inlet. When I was working, customers from that place were always.. how can I put this nicely.. trouble. For example – a lady wanted to return an item she bought from us because it did not match her curtains. The item? An LCD tv set. Now I don’t know about you, but I rarely try to match my electrical appliances with my curtains.

So the other half and I avoided the place because we thought it was a haven for lunatics. Then one day, we took a wrong turn, and somehow ended up there. I have to say once you’ve been there you know why everyone is so loony – the place is amazingly incredible. I go loony just driving around the place. To any Adelaideians reading this – imagine West Lakes, but with crystal clear green colored water. Most of the houses there are waterfront, somehow.


Of course, like all places in NSW, they have an RSL club, and a bowling club. Soon one of the two will be having an AC/DC tribute band drop past to visit, and all day long today while we were driving, every second song turned out to be an AC/DC song. I think there is some higher force at work, and it wants us to go to the AC/DC tribute show. However it is on a weekend when family will be here to visit so we might not be able to make it. :(

It’s been a long day, more when I have got some decent sleep!

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Today we go out..

For a little drive. We went to some beaches! YAY!


First we went to Murray’s Beach, where you may hike, sightsee, bicycle and fall off cliffs. You may not light fires, camp, or stick spear things with ropes attached into fish, as you can see in this picture.

drive01 We walked through a little forest (300 metres, according to the sign) and the forest was quite pretty and possibly a little scary.


Then we ended up here.


We started walking down the beach this way


but soon after the other half was surprised by a naked man venturing out of the bushes and into the ocean. He promptly suggested we go the other way. I did not even notice they were naked, I was too busy taking photos of shells.


He was most disturbed as there were children on the beach and felt it was very inappropriate. I disagreed, hey, if they want to let it all hang out, and nobody’s arresting them, and it doesn’t say on the sign you can’t take off your clothes, I don’t mind them wandering around in their birthday suits. I would be much more offended by a dog on a beach than a naked person. Then he said he was worried they might think we were trying to take photos of them, as we have such a huge lens and all. I said, well as long as I am pointing it at the sand and shells, I don’t think they’ll be worried about that, but hey, there’s rock pools over there, lets go that way.


It’s lucky we did go that way, because we made a new friend.


After a nice long beach walk, we decide to leave.


Other half was not happy because I had sandy foot (both were sandy but this is a photo of one of them and the only photo of me ever on this blog as yet so enjoy it) and no place to wash off sand. I said not to worry, I will vacuum the car. And I will, one day, probably right before we sell it. ;)

So we get back in the car and venture off to other beaches. We drive to Jervis Bay (the entire bay is named that but there is also a town named that) and I cannot show you a photo of a wallaby standing right beside the road because I apparently do not point very well. I’m yelling “Look over there, look over there!” and pointing wildly at the side of the road at this rather large brown creature, and the other half was unable to see what on earth all the fuss was about. We drove back around the block to see if we could see it again, but it must have crossed the road.

And now here is a photo of the beach that belongs to the Navy. In an interesting change of procedure, they have actually something that resembles a port nearby. *near* WATER! I have always found it hilarious that there is a Navy base in Canberra, with only a manmade lake nearby and nowhere to launch ships within a 100km drive. But they do have all those handy helicopters and jets and stuff.


All the places above are a part of Booderee National Park. All this less than 50kms from my doorstep. Wow, I’s lucky. :)

Tomorrow, I may show you more pics from this lovely drive! Except we loved this place so much today, first thing in the morning we’re going to check out snorkelling gear and wetsuits. Well, a wetsuit for me at least, there’s jellyfish in those waters, and it’s a little cool. :)

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I’m so lame..

I can get addicted to reality tv so easily.. there’s this lame show on late night pay tv called “High School Reunion” and just one episode last week when I couldn’t sleep, I’m suckered in. Trouble is, it’s on at 3am.

must… learn… to…. use… dvd… recorder… thingy… soon…

Today the other half had to work till 10pm. A 13 hour sale. Life in retail is no fun. However, it did mean I got to eat a frozen meal for dinner and icecream with ice magic and sprinkles. yay!

Here’s a pic from the trip down the coast on the weekend..


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I can’t decide..

… whether I’m annoyed or not. The internet was down, so I SMS’d the other half asking him to call me. By the time he rang, I’d already fixed it (Yes, I am a GENIUS!) but that was not why he was calling me..

OH – Would you like to go for a drive about 290kms south tomorrow?

Me – I thought we were going to Wollongong with my parents. (Wollongong is north)

OH – Well, I have to deliver about $15,000 worth of stuff to a customer. I can either pay $600 to get the truck driver to do it, or we hire a truck for $390 and do it ourselves, or we have a very unhappy customer.

Grrr. GRRRRR. I would not mind if we could go in our own car, but obviously the stuff won’t fit in there. However, we do get to go past a number of incredibly gorgeous places, so I’ll take the camera and try to make the most of it. But it is really REALLY annoying, because it will take ages to do this in the truck.

One of the places we will pass through is Narooma, it’s just the most beautiful place. I can’t describe the peace of it to you. Photos won’t even do it justice, and the only pics I have are from the one time we drove through there just about as the sun was setting. Even though it was getting dark, when I got close to the water I could tell it was the most incredible shade of green. There’s this inlet, and the water is going past at a decent speed, so you can just sit there on this little jetty and watch the water go by. So I’ll see if I can get some good pics for you tomorrow.


Edit to add – no, now I am annoyed. The other half forgot he’d already arranged to have our airconditioner installed tomorrow. He’d done a deal with the guy because he was going to be at home so he would work as the laborer and it would cost us less. And now, not. :(

Another update – now he has arranged the airconditioner man to install on Sunday instead. This means no trip to Wollongong this weekend. It’s not meant to be, clearly. But I can have me another watermelon candle from Batemans Bay..

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I got some email..

A scammer I am baiting sent me some photos. I’ve posted them on the scambaiter blog. You can see them here but be warned, he’s in his underwear.

Speaking of half naked, when we went down to Pebbly Beach there was this chick kneeling down on the ground taking photos of the birds landing on her relatives, showing us enough of her crack that I felt like I could see what she had for breakfast. I am serious! It was a very inappropriate amount of crack to be showing. Inches and inches of crack!

My uncle says to me.. Don’t forget to post that letter… and it took me a minute or two to get what he meant, and then I could not stop laughing. And he kept going, he was saying to my parents “Have you got any letters you need posted?”

I am tempted to get a supply of small coins this summer, and anytime I see a crack I should put a coin in it, see if I can do it without the crack-shower noticing.. ;)

I’m a bit busy today so in the meantime here’s a pic of a lady (not the crack shower) being attacked by birds at Pebbly Beach..


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St Georges Basin


This is within 30kms of my house, and it is the most tranquil and pleasant place you could spend an afternoon. It’s actually sea water, as you see by the pic the of jellyfish and seaweed in there, too.


I am hoping we can go boating there this summer – I also have an automatic mailing anytime a house in the area goes up for rent, because I’d love to live there. Click on the pics for a bigger image.

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