Little Known Snoskred Facts #1


Just for fun, it is April Fools Day, so one of these facts is a complete and total lie. Can you guess which one?

1. My favourite scented plastic bin bag flavour is Blueberry, followed by Lime, followed by Vanilla.

2. My favourite perfume is Spicebomb by Viktor and Rolf which is actually a mens fragrance.

3. My favourite chocolate is Cadbury – they are much better than fancy schmancy Lindt!

4. My favourite cheese is Mersey Valley Classic Cheddar. My second favourite is the Aldi vintage cheese.

5. My favourite icecream topping is ice magic with sherbet over the top – eg Wizz Fizz. Wendys used to make a choc top icecream dipped in sherbet which they called a choc fizz. It is almost impossible to eat without covering yourself in pink sherbet, so I strongly recommend hiding in a corner somewhere while you eat it, but it is so worth the mess.. :)

Want to play?

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9 thoughts on “Little Known Snoskred Facts #1

  1. 1/ So implausible, it must be true
    2/ True
    3/ Palpably untrue
    4/ Untrue. I seem to recall you waxing lyrical about Aldi cheese
    5/ Very descriptive, so I think true

    • The scent of the blueberry bin bags is somewhat spectacular, but they also are almost *exactly* the shade of cobalt blue I most love, the one you see here as the background. Put these two things together and it is like epic win. :)

      With #4 – I love both these cheeses, the Aldi one is priced well so I will only buy the Mersey Valley if it is on special.

      #5 – do yourself a flavour and try one of these choc fizzes. :) It is still on some of the menus and you might strike a staff member who has never heard of it, so you have to explain how to make it. :)

  2. #3 is the lie. Cadbury chocolate is nowhere near the yummy deliciousness that is Lindt. Their quality standard has sunk so low they’d need a post hole digger to retrieve it.

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