21 Jumpstreet

Fans of the original 21 Jumpstreet will be interested to hear that a movie version has been announced, set for release sometime in 2010. The movie has not been cast as yet but here’s hoping some of the original cast will be involved with the project. It is doubtful that Johnny Depp will be involved but one can dream, right?

I personally credit 21 Jumpstreet and Degrassi with teaching me to be a sane and decent person – ie no drugs, no teenage pregnancy, no bad behaviour in general. I just got seasons 1-4 of 21 Jumpstreet on DVD this week.

One thing that I adored about this show was how they always took on a character when they went into the schools, so it was basically an actor playing a cop playing a character to arrest people. This allowed them to have a lot of fun with clothes and hair and stuff.

If not for the 80’s outfits and hair, this show could easily be put on tv shows today and still work. The storylines were always excellent.

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