Is Google The New Terrorist?

Ter-ror-ist – a person who terrorizes or frightens others.

I’ve been doing a bit of thinking, a bit of reading, and a bit of checking my stats. Google provides me with maybe 30-40 traffic hits a week. That’s not a lot when I look at the big picture – which is between 2,000 to 4,000 unique visits per week. It’s maybe 1% of my traffic.

What’s The Big Deal?

So Google have removed the numerical page rank of some websites. So what, I hear some of you say. Big deal. What does it matter? In the grand scheme of things, it probably doesn’t matter so much. However it seems some blogs and sites got slapped without ever having done anything against Google’s rules. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? In the Google court, you don’t even get to see the judge.

Why Does Anyone Care?

Some bloggers and websites won’t be able to ask as much for their advertising because at this stage the online advertising world uses Page Rank as a way of judging websites. This will change for certain. By their actions Google have shown they aren’t a reliable way of rating anything. Therefore, what Google does with Page Rank doesn’t matter so much. However the problem is, many site owners are concerned that this is not the end of the story. They fear more changes are on the way..

Search Engine Removal?

The biggest fear for most website owners is being removed from the Google search, or having their sites rank in the search engine a lot lower than they had been ranking previously. It has happened before – in the most well known case a blogger named John Chow was severely slapped by Google back in June. He was not even ranking for his own name for several search result pages! Many people thought that the slap was deserved. John has always been a controversial blogger and many did not like him. However what those people did not consider was – who would be next? Could it be them?

Some People Rely On Google

There are many bloggers out there who have Google sending anywhere between 30-90% of their traffic. For them, Google IS the new terrorist. They fear being removed from the search engine entirely and losing all that traffic. These people are frightened. These people are terrorized. These people are under a lot of stress because they don’t know what will happen next.

Do Not Negotiate -

Many of these people are so terrified they have made the decision to negotiate with the terrorist – they are removing paid links then admitting they did things wrong and asking for “re-inclusion”. Any law enforcement official would tell you – never negotiate with a terrorist. You need to look for other ways to solve the problem. If Google is the main source of traffic to your blog, you need to spread your wings and find other options.

How Can I Increase Traffic?

There are plenty of ways to get traffic to your blog – that is another post for another day. In the meantime Tay from Super Blogging Tips has written something to get you started on thinking about ways to increase your traffic.

Guest Blog Here!

Note that one of the ideas in Tay’s post is to guest blog on other blogs – I already have a standing invitation for all bloggers to do that. Get Out Of Your Nicheall bloggers are welcome. Just contact me via the Contact Form.

The Creation Of Fear -

Plane Beauty

I’m a plane enthusiast. I have been ever since I was a kid. My parents would take me to the airport and I would watch the planes take off. There is something special about that moment a plane leaves the ground. There is something special about how they glide in so gracefully to land.
Plane Beauty

On 9/11 -

I watched the second plane fly into the World Trade Center live on television on 9/11. My sister had called to tell me the first plane crashed. It was about 10:30 at night here and The Other Half and I sat down and watched the live footage on cable. I was horrified to see that plane fly into the tower right in front of my eyes. I was stunned. So was the rest of the world.

A New Fear Was Born -

A few days later I had volunteered to paint houses for a charity organisation that housed women trying to leave abusive situations. About an hour into the painting I heard a plane approaching and I looked up – not with happiness, not with joy, but in *fear*. The terrorists had achieved what they wanted right there – they wanted to create fear.

Change Can Be Forever

The actions of the terrorists changed things forever – from airport security to the laws of several countries, to creating wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I would suggest some of these changes were not seen in the crystal ball of the terrorists. I’d suggest that the anti-Google feeling and the amount of anger their actions would create was not seen in the crystal ball of Google, either. For some, there will be no going back to how things were.

No Going Back -

I’m one of those people who will never go back to using Google services in the way I used to, ever. I can’t trust them. I can’t believe in them anymore. I can’t support a company that bullies people. A company that takes away the (albeit small in some cases) income of stay at home parents. A company which in my opinion has conflicts of interest when they own a search engine and an advertising company.

Wait A Minute –

Before you misinterpret that to say “Snoskred is suggesting what Google is doing is as bad as 9/11″ please note I did not say that. I said that 9/11 changed things for the world forever – the terrorists used fear to do that. Google are trying to change the blogosphere forever and they are using fear to do it. That is the comparison I am making.

Fear And Uncertainty

My opinion is that Google is doing exactly the same thing as terrorists do – frightening people. The uncertainty about what is going on, nobody coming out to speak and make a statement to say what the situation is or why page ranks have dropped, and worst of all the suspicion that this is not the end of it – the suspicion that people who have sold text link ads or done pay per post before might be dropped out of the search index entirely – all of this is creating fear in the minds of bloggers and webmasters.

The Question Is -

If Google want to solve the problem there is an easy and simple solution. Google could just stop telling people what their page rank is. It is dead simple. So why haven’t they done that – why have they chosen to take this path? Why would any company who had a good reputation and was as respected as Google was take the risk of becoming the next most hated by alienating webmasters and bloggers in this manner?

The Unofficial Spokesman?

Matt Cutts, self proclaimed unofficial spokesman for Google, we’d like an answer to that question. Why don’t you take a moment to give us one? Perhaps you can explain why a company with a motto of “Do No Evil” is taking lessons in how to create fear and influence people from terrorists?

I’m Sorry Google -

Your campaign of fear is not going to work on me. You give me 1% of my traffic and you want to try and scare me into behaving the way you want? Ever since I moved to WordPress I have had a note on my advertise page that links to advertisers would be no follow, and if advertisers were ok with that then they could feel free to contact me and advertise here. On the old blog they were do follow.

Bullying Doesn’t Work -

By the time this post is posted, I will have removed that note from the advertise page. If I want to link to any site on the internet at any time regardless of whether they have paid me for a review or not I will do so, even if it loses me my paltry 1% of traffic from Google.

What Will Change Here?

The disclosure policy on this blog has now changed – I rewrote it. I used to always let ya’all know when I’d been paid to do a review. Unfortunately that could now cause an advertiser to lose their page rank. I don’t want to see advertisers and sponsors punished for supporting my blog and supporting my right to stay at home and earn money. If you wonder if a post has been paid for you can always contact me and ask.

But remember -

I won’t review a product at all – with or without being paid – unless I have used it myself, I like it, and I think it will benefit my readers to know about it. I will review blogs and websites for payment whether I like them or not because the blogger or site owner is paying for my honest opinion – not for a link. And they will get my honest opinion. I’m not shy to say what I think, as regular readers already know. ;)

Celebrate My Page Rank Drop -

Now don’t forget, I have A Little Competition To Celebrate My Page Rank Drop going on, so leave a comment and be in it to win it! ;)

What Did Snoskred Do To Deserve That Drop?

It seems that if you mentioned certain words on your website you lost your page rank. Again I am only guessing because there is dead silence from Google on this topic – however this blog post from Ted Murphy who owns PayPerPost – Google Goes after the Everyday Blogger claims that someone on the inside of Google has told him that Google are looking for certain words. I mentioned Pay Per Post and Text Link Ads in this post ONLY. I believe that is what has caused my penalty. But who can say for sure? Nobody from Google will tell anyone what they did wrong. Nobody from Google is saying what is going on. We’re all in the dark and forced to make assumptions and guess.

What About Text Link Ads?

I did run Text Link Ads on the old blogger blog until early September when I noticed that they were paying me for one link but displaying three links. I tried to speak to their service department but they couldn’t even find my blog in the system. I was so dismayed by the lack of customer service I decided to resign effective the end of September. But it seemed I couldn’t even do that, because they could not find my blog in their system! I personally contacted the advertiser to let them know I had resigned and they should not pay for the link from then on, and left it at that.

But That Was Not All.

A few weeks later I got an email from some customer service drone to say that they could not find the links on my blog and that I would not be paid. I replied saying that was fine, I didn’t want to be paid because I had in fact resigned but they kept telling me they could not find my blog in the system. I said that seeing as he found my blog in the system could he please remove it immediately. But it seemed this was not a real person – I got the same computer generated email telling me I would not be paid three more times. Each time I responded saying I had resigned and to please remove me. I still don’t know if they did, but I do know I removed their links from my old blog on the last day of September. They did not get moved over here to the new blog.

Final Thought -

Robyn Tippins at Practical Blogging posted this modified version of Niemoller’s poem in her post Google Makes More Enemies. I asked for permission to put it here. Thanks for saying yes, Robyn!

They came first for the text link sellers, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a seller of text links;

And then they came for the blog networks, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t in a blog network;

And then they came for the Posties, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Postie;

And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up.

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  1. (Trackback), 20. November 2007, 13:02
  2. Kin, 20. November 2007, 13:02

    Great post – I love the collection of links. And I agree with just about eveything you said :)

  3. cerebralmum, 20. November 2007, 13:26

    Did you say controversial?

  4. Sephyroth, 20. November 2007, 13:32

    Excellent post :)

    Just a thought about what Google was looking for, but I wonder if it wasn’t people who had posted one of the disclosure policies. Obviously this based in nothing other than speculation, but that’s what I’m thinking is what happened with this whole thing. I know that I’ve mentioned at least Payperpost on my site, and I hadn’t been penalized, and it seems that a lot of the sites that have been hit with penalties did have the disclosure policy on there.

    Either way, I think the best suggestion is right in your article – just stop publishing pagerank. That way nobody has to fret over it. Also, and I know that the chances of my words getting back to Google are small, but they need to be more open about why they do this kind of junk.

    One last thing – those are some awesome pictures! ;)


  5. Snoskred, 20. November 2007, 13:46

    Sorry everyone the site is running a little bit slow right now – a lot of people visiting. ;) If you want to post a comment feel free, just be patient, it will work eventually.

    Kin – I’ve been collecting links for the past few days, it’s been a big task but worth it to show just how loud the echo chamber is getting on this issue.

    Cerebralmum – Absolutely!

    Sephy – it could easily be that – an interesting theory. As I said in my post the solution is so simple – could it be that the big brains at Google couldn’t work that one out because they are so used to thinking in complex ways? ;)

    The pics are ours – I love that first one with all the motion blur. It was taken about 6am at Sydney Airport with the runway lights still on and you could see them because it was a little dark still. The second one, the Air Pacific plane – that is a huge sticker on the side of the plane. But you can’t just put a sticker onto a plane and take off, the sticker has to be specially designed to cope with the freezing cold temperatures up there. I must write a post about that one day. ;)

    Thanks for the comments! ;)

  6. JC Carvill, 20. November 2007, 13:57

    What a great ode to Google. Everyone is voicing their opinions to them, I hope soon they will begin listening. Thanks for the great post…you have me thinking!

  7. Julie Pippert, 20. November 2007, 14:56

    Snoskred, this is very compelling.

    Using My Words

  8. helen, 20. November 2007, 16:50

    Snoskred, I do agree Google should not keep silent. Silence will only create more void to fuel more speculations and suspicions. It is never healthy. As the most influential SE around, they should come right out and give some answers.

    I’ve read alot of comments from other blogs who supported Google’s move. They said it’s Google’s PR therefore it’s their right to do what they want. I have to disagree on the basis, most people (myself included) do not even know what they want. They did not make an official stance of paidposts or links. How can I violate something that is not make known to public?

  9. Tay, 20. November 2007, 21:02

    Thanks for linking to my article, 75 Ways to Increase Your Site’s Traffic. :)

    I agree with you – Google has become a bully. They’re unjust and don’t treat people like they should. Without us, Google would be nothing anyway. Like you, I can’t trust them like I used to.

  10. Tad Chef, 20. November 2007, 22:16
  11. Clement, 21. November 2007, 0:07

    Snoskred you write: It has happened before – in the most well known case a blogger named John Chow was severely slapped by Google back in June. He was not even ranking for his own name for several search result pages!

    Surprisngly, I saw adsense ad unit containing John Chow’s link on a friend’s blog. So Google can afford to penalize him and then accept him as a customer. This world of ours !!!!

  12. SomeUseless.Info, 21. November 2007, 2:26

    Only high traffic blogs can afford to stick it to Google over Pagerank. Like it or not, PR is still a major factor when it comes to being able to charge higher for advertising, reviews, links or whatever.

    The only way to counter a 0 PR is to have phenonmenal traffic stats. But how many of us do?

    I agree that Google is the new cyber terrorist. They are doing what they do just because they can. They should change their motto “Do No Evil” – to Dr. Evil.

  13. Matt Ellsworth, 21. November 2007, 3:35

    Interesting analogy. I’ve sure noticed a lot more anti google stuff since the pr whacking that went on in the last 1.5 months.

  14. Igor The Troll, 21. November 2007, 3:43

    Yes Google’s Anti-Social pratices are nothing less than Terorism -Alcaeda
    Google is a Totalitarian Monopoly in Search Engines spreading Fear to users and Webmasters to control information same as USA Goverment inducing fear about Alcaeda to control Electoral.

    Google is becoming an increasingly dangerous and destructive entity.

  15. CyberCelt, 21. November 2007, 3:53

    I guess you missed my boycott Google post back in October: Boycotting Certain Search Engine. I have been calling for a ban on Google since 10/28.

    Give me some linky love, or not. I have relaxed my feelings about Google. I wrote some damn fine haikus for a contest about Google and won an $80 prize. Perked me right up. LOL

  16. CyberCelt, 21. November 2007, 4:08

    I make your URL clickable on the PPP forum. It will be read more easily that way.

  17. cugat, 21. November 2007, 4:14

    I heard this about British Air, but it could also be Google’s motto: “We’re not happy until you’re not happy.”

  18. maggie, 21. November 2007, 4:50

    Wow – my head just exploded. I’ll have to come back and reread this with more coffee in the system.

  19. Lizzie, 21. November 2007, 7:44

    The actions of the terrorists changed things forever – from airport security to the laws of several countries, to creating wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I would suggest some of these changes were not seen in the crystal ball of the terrorists. I’d suggest that the anti-Google feeling and the amount of anger their actions would create was not seen in the crystal ball of Google, either. For some, there will be no going back to how things were.

    Did you seriously equate the Google Smackdown with what happened Sept. 11 and the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan? Do you honestly believe that Google removing pagerank is equal somehow to lost lives? Would you actually look a survivor of 9/11 or a surviving family member in the eye and compare losing pagerank to what happened to them? What about a war widow?


    Just wow.

    Good on you for creating “controversy” and driving traffic, though. Shoot, if Giulani can campaign on the graves of the dead, why shouldn’t someone else compare their lost lives to lost pagerank?

    You know, I would poke my own eyes out before I would support my own president in his ongoing “war”, but I have to say that I am deeply offended by your comparison.

    Please remove the link to my site from your list. Thanks.

  20. Judy Andrews, 21. November 2007, 7:53

    I loved this post and gave it a digg and stumble and was surprised because they asked me to submit this post. I was under the impression that people had already stumbled this. Maybe it was a mix up. I enjoy reading you because you just simply make sense.

  21. Jason, 21. November 2007, 8:14

    Yeah, I agree with Lizzie on a few things. You had me right up until you started talking about airplanes…

    Seriously, there’s no comparison.

    Please remove the link to Google Gone Ga Ga too.

  22. Veronica, 21. November 2007, 9:18

    I honestly didn’t realise it was so widespread.

    Google just de-activated my adsense account because I was posing a financial risk to their advertisers. I am so upset, I had $80 in my adsense account and Google won’t respond to my emails.

  23. Snoskred, 21. November 2007, 9:56

    Lizzie – you got it wrong.
    I was actually trying to illustrate the point that fear changes how people look at things. There’s no going back now.

    Me, I’ll never look at a plane in the same way again. Nor will I ever look at Google in the same way again. When people use fear to try and control others, it can truly have effects that were not foreseen at all.

    I wasn’t comparing what they are *doing* to 9/11. Do not get me wrong, I never intended to claim that 9/11 is as bad as what Google are doing. 9/11 was a horrible thing.

    I thought the article made that fairly clear.

    This is purely misinterpretation. And it isn’t the first time you have misinterpreted something I have written.

    May I suggest that in future you could contact me so that I can clarify before you go off the deep end? It’s only polite to do so.

    Most other people did not misinterpret it. Most other people got what I was trying to say.

    I also didn’t see you shying away from traffic – your misinterpretation of my blog post ended up on bloggingzoom, did you submit it elsewhere too?

    I’ll happily remove the link to your site. Which one was it? There’s about 70 there.


  24. Babyamore (Trish), 21. November 2007, 10:32

    wow – I can’t get my head around it either. I have so much to learn about advertising/page ranks/ reviews and pay per post gigs.
    This is certainly controversial.

  25. A little link love - Week 28 » Things By Mike (Pingback), 21. November 2007, 11:20
  26. Jason, 21. November 2007, 11:43

    Ok, I read it again. I read you response in the comments. I can see what you were going for. While I think it might not be the best comparison, I understand the point you were trying to make. You can leave my link up there if you like.

    I’d hate to do what Google is doing. Telling people who they can and can’t link to. Ugh.

  27. Snoskred, 21. November 2007, 12:08

    Jason – Whew, that’s a relief! Thank you for doing that, I appreciate it.

    Perhaps it was not the best comparison but it was an honest one – it is what happened to me. I could have tried to talk about the stories I heard of people running when they saw a plane approaching but it has been a few years and those stories aren’t as clear in my head as the actual experience I had.


  28. hari, 21. November 2007, 14:53

    To be honest (and especially coming from you), I was slightly jolted that you could even mention this in the same breath as a nightmarish terrorist attack that changed the world since…

    I understand that your recent posts about google have become increasingly emotionally driven and unfortunately the facts have got buried in the process. That comes across as quite immature (if I might say so, with due apologies).

    Let me make one thing clear: google’s actions can hardly be compared, either in magnitude/scale or in nature… comparing google and microsoft is one thing and makes sense, but brining up the google issue and 9/11 just does not seem acceptable or appropriate. However remote the comparison is…

    I also think you’re reducing the effectiveness of your arguments against google by indulging in such comparisons. I think let the facts speak for themselves. Unfortunately by the single mention of 9/11, I couldn’t bring myself to read the whole post and I suspect that’s going to take away the focus of your article seriously…

    Sorry if I’ve hurt your feelings in the process. But where i find something wrong, I feel it is my duty to point it out in a honest, unflattering way.

  29. Infamy! Infamy! They’ve All Got It In For Me… (Pingback), 21. November 2007, 15:22
  30. Pony, 21. November 2007, 15:23

    Nice post, and you have certainly stirred up some emotions there. The question, for some of the articles you’re linking to, is whether its viable to target other search engines or does google have a stranglehold we won’t be able to break. Love the poem.

  32. Bruce, 21. November 2007, 15:50

    I commented on the other post about page rank drop that I had a blog post in me on this topic. I may have ranted a bit, but this type of practice out of Google has been increasing the last couple of years. If we all just sit back and take it then nothing will happen. Thanks for the inspiration. The post is at incase you are interested in reading my rants.

  33. Mark, 21. November 2007, 17:13

    Wow, you write so well. What a unique and creative way to approach this topic. Thank you!

  34. Snoskred, 21. November 2007, 17:13

    Hari –

    I respect your opinion. You’ve been a reader of this blog for some time now, and I am used to your ways of saying things. I don’t take offense or get hurt feelings easily, so don’t worry about that.

    Because you didn’t read the post, you would have missed the bit of the post where I said this -

    ****Before you misinterpret that to say “Snoskred is suggesting what Google is doing is as bad as 9/11? please note I did not say that. I said that 9/11 changed things for the world forever – the terrorists used fear to do that. Google are trying to change the blogosphere forever and they are using fear to do it. That is the comparison I am making.****

    I am angry, Hari. I am angry that Google would resort to what I consider terrorist tactics rather than choose the easiest way to solve the problem.

    What hurts the most is that I have been loyal to Google. You can look back on this blog and see where I have posted about their services, where I have encouraged readers to use google products, where I’ve said positive and happy things about them. And yet they choose to try to make me fearful of what they’re going to do to me next?

    I feel like they are trying to blackmail me into doing what they want, can you see how I feel that way? It is like they are saying “Well Snoskred, if you don’t stop trying to earn money from your blog by writing reviews, we’re just going to stop sending traffic to you.” It didn’t work with me but it has worked with other bloggers.

    At first it did scare me. In fact there was a moment there where I seriously thought about just deleting the whole blog. I’m not kidding. But then I began to get angry about what they are doing.

    What I wrote is exactly how I feel. It may sound emotional, it may come across that way. That’s because it is coming from the heart.

    I’m sorry you feel it is immature for me to express how I feel. :) It’s ok though.

    Maybe you can try and read the post again and actually try to see what I am saying instead of judging it based on the one mention of 9/11.


  35. hari, 21. November 2007, 19:16

    I did read that bit, Snoskred and I understand your anger – it’s a lot like I feel myself except I don’t usually publish my innermost feelings online. And thanks for the long explanation.

    I just felt that it takes away a lot of focus from your article. The mere mention of 9/11 has that effect – that’s what I criticized since most people will just read that and think “here she goes – indulging in hyperbolic comparisons” even when you didn’t. Readers get as emotional as that too and so their perception will be distorted. It’s not just you or me though – it’s everybody who feel so heated up that they perceive or write about things in the heat of the moment.

    Another minor criticism: linking to too many articles is way too distracting and makes reading quite tough. It would be far more effective to state the facts of the case. Actually I’ve done this (or attempted to do this) on UntwistedVortex now. You can read the full article there. I think it says a lot about what google are doing currently.

    I always believe that facts speak for themselves. And ultimately if google have to be brought to court over their monopolistic practices, we need concrete evidence of what they’ve been up to; not just emotions.

  37. Michael Lodispoto, 24. November 2007, 17:05

    Google does indeed terrorize webmasters. As many now know they are basically telling us all to do things their way, or their search engine will not be nice to our sites. I am of the opinion that enough is enough with any company that tells webmasters how to design their sites, who to link to and even who may link to you or who you can sell links to. The seem to be having a grand ball selling links and they treat sites in not a fair manner at all. So let’s all ask ourselves is Google really the best search engine? Do we all want to live under the yoke of pagerank and their supposed Democratic way of ranking sites. We know this is all bull crap so maybe it’s time we all stopped, took a look around and said enough is enough already. Let’t try out or the new MSN, or even new search engines like No matter what you all know that in internet time, there will be another site just as popular or even more popular maybe even within a year or so. I even have my own developers working on an alternative to Google and pagerank and I know I’m not alone.
    I love the analogy with terrorism by the way. I remember back just 3 years ago how scared I was to lose Google or even Yahoo rankings. One of my sites is in the top 3 for their search terms on both. I found that one was thrown out of Google for a period and the other Yahoo for these very things. Doing what both Yahoo and Google are doing, which was selling links.
    I also noted that opposing webmasters would be the ones to turn your site in – as if this were Nazi Germany and your site was of an inferior race that needed to be expunged. These very same competitors still play this game – so rather than webmasters continue fighting each other in this manner, how about we all just stop cutting each others throats and say enough with kowtowing to the big bad companies. It doesn’t matter if it is Google, or MSN or Yahoo or in the future maybe Once they become the bully, say goodnight and move on.

  38. » The Week In Review (18/11 - 24/11) (Pingback), 25. November 2007, 18:43
  39. This was the Week that Was, Vol. 23 | Sephy's Platzish (Pingback), 27. November 2007, 9:18
  40. boris, 27. November 2007, 13:12

    Wow… As a business that provides a free service, search results, Google can make and change the rules, and we can either live with it or live life without the benefits that Google provides.

    I have learned not to depend on Google, to promote my blog and web site, However, 40% of all traffic is generated by Google for my sites. As far as search engine traffic goes, Google provides 90% of that traffic… So I am not ready to diss Google.

    However, I have nothing good to say about all those link buyers and sellers. They corrupt the system, and Google has finally said enough. I am very new to SEO, but from the beginning I have seen paid links as wrong. They give an unfair advantage to link sellers and buyer. I consider paid link the old drug of choice for the SEO subculture. Try using it, and then try giving it up and see what happens… SEO’s will now actually have to work!