People who have arrived here looking for the Brltney Cr0tch Sh0ts that all of you are so desperately searching for, I do not have them here on my site. You can find them on What Would Tyler Durden Do – an excellent blog. Please visit there ASAP. I don’t have what you’re looking for, but I’ve told you where to find it, so please now go away! ;)

To all my normal readers, whoa, that was pretty scary. I’m number 15 on google searches for Brltney Cr0tch Sh0ts. I’m number 7 on comcast searches for Brltney Cr0tch Sh0ts. Over the last 24 hours there has been over 3,000 unique hits from people who are searching for that. Someone remind me not to post about cr0tch sh0ts again, will ya’all? :) But if you’re looking for some traffic, probably teenage boys with meat in hand raring to go, this might be something you want to post about on your site.. ;) I have over 100 people viewing this site as I type.

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6 thoughts on “Crikey!

  1. Thanks guys.. it’s a bit of a nightmare really, this is not the audience I have been looking for! ;) and it doesn’t seem to show any signs of stopping. :(

  2. OK, I know I was laughing earlier, but I just checked my sitemeter (as you do) and discovered about 20 hits today on variations of Britney sans dacks. What’s the matter with people?!

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